• Dave Cloutier, Among the Best and Most Respected Personal Injury Attorneys in the State
    Helping Injured people in the Michiana area for over 25 years!

    Dave Cloutier is a respected personal injury attorney in the Michiana area and has invested his years as a lawyer in helping people who have been injured, or the families of those who have been killed due to the negligence of others. Dave has assisted people in throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan by providing them good counsel, advice and direction. He has also fought diligently for his client's rights to ensure that they receive the very best representation and settlements for their damages and injuries.

    Dave Cloutier is considered by many the best personal injury attorney in the state and certainly one of the best in the entire region. His goal is to protect his clients and attempt to deliver them the highest settlements possible for their cases.


    Dave Cloutier is considered an expert in the field of personal injury law. From Slips & Falls, Auto Accidents and Premise Liability Cases to Defective Products that cause injuries and wrongful death cases. Dave Cloutier and his staff are experts in the Personal Injury Field. Dave thoroughly understands personal injury cases and all the steps necessary to make a good case for his clients. He has tried and settled many cases and received verdicts and settlements that often far outweigh what other lawyers might achieve. Dave is known as a professional, extremely kind and caring with his clients but he is also known as a fierce fighter and competitor when he is fighting for his clients rights... or for the best verdict or settlement possible.

    When it comes to experience and reputation combined with knowledge and integrity, Dave Cloutier is in a league of his own!

    Dave Cloutier has vast experience as an auto accident attorney and is considered by many as one of the very best auto accident personal injury attorneys in the state. When it comes to auto accident injuries Dave is well versed and well prepared to go to battle for you. He understand the subtleties of auto accident cases and he knows how to handle them from the beginning until the case is complete... and you get the best, most reasonable recovery possible.

    MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY ATTORNEY If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident then Dave Cloutier should be your first consideration for representation. Dave has handled, tried and or settled many accidents involving motorcycle personal injuries. Motorcycle accidents can be quite different than car accidents and often need to be handled differently. The Law offices of Cloutier understand motorcycle accident injuries and are here to help you.

    WRONGFUL DEATH CASES ATTORNEYAt Cloutier Law Office we have invested many years fighting for the the rights of families who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death situation. These cases are not only heart-breaking, they need very special attention.
    Although wrongful death lawsuits are a similar to personal injury cases in many ways, they are also significantly different in other ways. First a wrongful death lawsuit can be more difficult to fight because the potential for damages can be much higher. Needless to say, “the other side” often fights much harder in an attempt not to pay out a large settlement or heavy verdict. However, when a wrongful death case is handled properly, by the right lawyer (one experienced and knowledgable and willing to prepare and fight hard) the outcome can be very positive. Furthermore, wrongful death lawsuits are typically more tragic than a regular personal injury lawsuits therefore juries tend to award much higher damages… if you have the right attorney trying the case. That’s where Dave Cloutier and his firm’s experience with wrongful death cases make all of the difference.


    Law Offices and Staff of David Cloutier
    At Cloutier Law Offices we are proud of our professional staff. They are courteous, caring, considerate and experienced. It is with this type of team directed by Dave Cloutier which helps bring personal injury claims to successful conclusion. We work with our clients to ensure that their personal injury cases move along as smoothly and as quickly as possible. At Cloutier Law Offices we know that bringing the right team together ensures that you will get the most reasonable settlement possible
    . A great team like ours will make it happen!

    There is a dramatic difference from one personal injury attorney or personal injury law firm to the next. So what makes Cloutier different?


    An Attorney You Will Trust and Believe In
    First consider that your Personal Injury Case or Wrongful Death Case will take time to settle. A lot goes into preparing to try and/or settle a personal injury case or a wrongful death case. So needless to say you want an attorney that you are going to like, have confidence in and work with hand-in-hand along the way to make sure that your goals and objectives are met. That is just one area where Dave Cloutier shines. Dave Cloutier’s clients like him, they believe in him and they trust him.

    An Attorney That Cares About You and Your Case
    Dave Cloutier and his staff don’t treat you or your case like a number. In fact, the Cloutier Law Office intentionally handles fewer cases than the large firms so that they can give their clients the time and attention that they deserve. When you become a client of Dave’s you quickly find that you are considered very important. We take your calls. We take time to explain each process along the way. We care about you and your case… and we fight as smart and as hard as we can to get you the verdict you deserve and/or the settlement you deserve.

    An Attorney That Wins
    Dave Cloutier believes in winning. He works hard and thinks hard, he plans carefully and prepares intensely for cases… and that is exactly why he wins. Plus Dave is an extremely intelligent and experienced attorney. He knows his way around the courthouse! If you are looking for a personal injury attorney that wins… you need to contact Dave Cloutier.

  • DAVE CLOUTIERMy name is Dave Cloutier. I’ve been fighting for the rights of injured people and for the rights of families who have lost loved ones in a wrongful death situation for over 25 year.
    I enjoy fighting for the right of my clients. While I could handle many more cases than I do, I prefer instead to handle a smaller case load so I can give attention to the people that come to me for help.
    If you are in need of advice, consultation and/or a professional that will fight for your rights, and to get you the best verdict or settlement, please feel free to contact me. My consultation is always free and you will not pay a penny unless I win your case for you.


    Dave Cloutier Law Office
    17150 IN-23, South Bend, IN 46635

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