Some of the best Burgers in the entire country are featured in ZZZippy's 100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles Contest

  • Best Burger in 100 Miles

    Best Burger in 100 Miles, Best in South Bend or the Top in Elkhart County... if you're looking for award- winning, top-notch burgers you've come to the right place- ZZZippy's 100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles

  • Quest for the Perfect Burger.
    Our Journey began over six months ago as our team gathered candidates from a geographic area that spans just over 100 miles in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. The area includes more than 1,000 restaurants which offer burgers to their fortunate patrons. (making ZZZippy’s “100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles” the largest burger competition in the region… and one of the largest in the country).

    Upon gathering information on a massive number of establishments including: restaurants, cafés, bars, taverns and clubs (any enterprise providing burgers to their patrons were eligible), we put our judges to work on narrowing the field to those whom they believed created the top 100 Burgers.

    After countless hours (and an enormous number of calories) our judges scored the top 100 finalists to determine the winners. So without further ado, we are proud to introduce to you the burger aficionado’s burger contest… the 2016 ZZZippy 100 Best Burger in 100 miles.

    Hope you brought your appetite and an open mind!

    Here is the #1 Best Burger and its 99 top contenders.

    #1 Yesterday’s
    Great Scott
    Granger, IN

    Yesterday’s is known for great food, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their Great Scott Burger was a serious contender for ZZZippy’s 2016 Best Burger in 100 Miles. This burger has just about everything you could ask of a champion burger: the bun is soft and pillowy, the tomato and lettuce are very fresh and the sweet Vidalia onion compliments the other produce perfectly. The meat, a whopping 16 ounces of delicious beef (two 8 ounce patties), ground daily from fresh filet mignon (yes filet mignon).

    Finally, the award-winner is finished with aged cheddar cheese melted on both patties.

    Taste, Value and Presentation combined have earned Yesterday’s Great Scott ZZZippy’s #1 spot for the Best Burger in 100 miles!

    Voted: #1 Best Burger in 100 Miles
    #1 Best Burger in Michaina
    #1 Best Burger in St. Joe County, Indiana

    #2 Lakehouse Grille
    Hawaiian Burger
    Culver, IN

    The Hawaiian Burger from Lakehouse Grille was a very serious contender in this contest. Amazingly, Lakehouse had three burgers nominated for ZZZippy’s 100 Best Burgers. After judging, the Hawaiian burger found its way into 2nd Place to beat out over a thousand other burgers! The ingredients meld together to bring this burger to near perfection. Lakehouse starts your burger by choosing the right bun, keeping it simple so as not to overpower the other significant flavors. Next they carefully prepare the high quality ground beef and grill a fresh pineapple slice and gently ladle it with a homemade teriyaki sauce that you won’t believe. Fresh tomato and Bibb lettuce is added, and finally they brand the bun with their logo... so you never forget where this baby came from!

    Voted #1 Burger in Marshall County

    #3 Redamak’s
    Velveeta Cheeseburger
    New Buffalo, MI

    How about a big bite of famous? That’s right, the next burger on our list of the 100 best is the popular Redamak’s Burger from New Buffalo. Not only did this burger make the number three spot in ZZZippy’s 100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles, it was also voted one of ZZZippy’s Best Burgers in Michigan. The burger is a bit on the smaller size compared to many of this year’s other contenders. However, they serve it up with a nice thick, juicy patty on a bun that can hardly contain the other elements. Get the double with bacon and melted chedder cheese that drowns the rest of the sandwich. When you eat a Redamak’s Velveeta Cheesburger you will soon understand why it’s famous. Oh by the way, bring cash. They don’t accept credit. But who cares?!

    Voted ZZZippy's #1 Burger Berrien County, Michigan

    #4 Ruth’s Chris steak house
    Ruth’s Burger
    Granger, In

    When you think of high quality steaks and prime cuts of meat, most people immediately think ”Ruth’s Chris”. Well, next time you consider this fabulous restaurant contemplate a Ruth’s Burger.

    This delectable burger is made up from 10 ounces of USDA Prime Beef, masterfully prepared to succulent excellence. Havarti Cheese is then melted over the patty and smoked onion Aioli is spread on the brioche bun. Beefsteak Tomato, shredded Romaine and crispy onion straws complete this top-rated burger. May we suggest a dirty martini with blue cheese olives as the perfect complement to this delightful dish.

    #5 American Legion Post 253
    Hoe Burger
    North Webster, In

    The American Legion is probably one of the last places that you might think to go to find the perfect burger. However, you may want to reconsider. The Hoe Burger from Post 253 is among the Best Burgers in 100 Miles.

    Making its way into the #5 spot this delightful burger is simply... different. The Hoe begins with a choice ground beef patty placed on a warm, toasted bun.

    Sweet shaved ham, a fried egg and a combination of melted American, Swiss and Pepper Jack cheese are all added to the art piece. Now you have a burger that will keep you visiting North Webster often!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Kosciusko County, Indiana

    #6 523 Tap & Grille
    The Main Street

    This mountain high sandwich is not for the faint at heart.

    The chef begins creating your masterpiece by using a soft browned bun as a foundation. Made with half a pound of fresh ground, Certified Angus Beef chuck, flame broiled over a char grill... and smothered with cheddar cheese.

    Fresh tomato, lettuce and grilled mushrooms are carefully added. This beauty is topped off with applewood smoked bacon, and fried onion strings. Finally it’s drizzled with a special house barbecue ranch sauce. Oh yeah, just like Lakehouse, 523 brands your buns... at no extra charge!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Elkhart County, Indiana

    #7 Riegling's Coppertop Tavern
    Banana Peanut Butter Burger
    wolcottville, In

    Yes you read it right... Banana Peanut Butter Burger.

    This unusual combination of burger and fruit (and peanut butter) is like no other on ZZZippy’s List.

    But don’t knock it until you consume it because this little monster will blow your tastebuds away. Made with an 8 oz Angus patty, topped with caramelized bananas, sautéed bacon & onion, house-made peanut butter, cheddar cheese and spring mix. All on a toasted brioche bun. It’s down-right Delicious!!!

    Wash it all down with a good bottle of adult (alcohol) root beer and off you go!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Lagrange County, Indiana

    #8 uptown kitchen
    Kobe Burger Johnny Style
    granger, In

    We know, Uptown Kitchen is not known for their burgers... but we couldn't leave this one out. The

    Kobe Burger Johnny Style is a half pound Kobe beef patty cooked on an open fire grill with thick cut bacon, melted bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions, making this burger unbelievable... even without the fixings. The seasoning is kept simple… salt, pepper & steak seasoning. Uptown spreads it all on a Challah Roll… and bam!

    This burger really is uptown, baby!

    #9 Shoreline Brewery
    Grecian Lamb Burger
    michigan city, In

    This unusual burger stands on its own when it comes to great taste and presentation. Shoreline starts with domestic ground lamb seared to perfection (medium rare) in a cast iron skillet. The burger is then placed on a harmonious combination of organic arugula, shaved cucumber and red onion, but not before a nice smothering of a special, house blend sauce is spread on the hearth baked, butter toasted bun. The sauce is a blend of fresh dill and roasted Tzatziki.

    This bad boy is finished with fresh garlic, oregano and cracked pepper. Feta cheese cubes and sliced tomato bring it to perfection!

    Voted #1 Best Burger LaPorte County, Indiana

    #10 Franklin House
    House Burger
    valparaiso, In

    Franklin House actually butchers their own top-butt sirloin and chuck eye. Then they grind it extra lean.

    These delightful burgers are prepared on a flat-top grill keeping the natural juices inside so they are never dry. The House Burger is served on a pretzel roll with bacon that’s woven into its own patty.

    Then an egg is added, sunny-side up, Swiss cheese is melted on the patty and the masterpiece is finished with peanut butter and mayo. Just try it. Wow!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Porter County, Indiana

    #11 cj’s pub
    Super Pub Burger
    south bend, In

    This burger is anything and everything you want it to be. You pick your size (5, 10 or 20 ounces). Pick your cheese, pick your produce and pick your toppings... Finally you pick exactly how you want the cook to prepare it.

    It’s all about you. We can only make suggestions, which we will be happy to do, so here goes: Start with the 10 ounce (perfect size for a big appetite). Have it cooked medium to medium rare. In this case, do the Swiss cheese. Add both mushrooms and green olives, red onion slices and a small tear of lettuce... and don’t forget the bacon. Finish your burger with either CJ’s Pub Sauce or bleu cheese dressing.

    This is the exact combination that landed CJ’s Pub in ZZZippy’s Best 100 Burgers in 100 miles!

    Voted #1 Best Burger South Bend, Indiana

    #12 Octave Grill
    Hot Pants
    chesterton, In

    This Tallgrass Beef Burger starts with Fair Oak Farms Habanero Havarti and crispy bacon. Add to that a house-made Giardanera, as well as house-made Tabasco Aioli. Toss on fried-to-perfection beer battered onion rings and you have the beginnings of an incredible burger.

    That’s when you top it with fresh greens and nice ripe tomato slices. Place it high on a Brioche Bun and what do you get? Hot Pants... one of ZZZippy’s Best Burgers in 100 Miles and certainly an original that has earned its place in this contest.

    This is a great burger that is a great big burger!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Chesterton, Indiana

    #13 Five Star Dive Bar
    Smoke House Burger
    elkhart, In

    The Five Star Dive Bar makes its way into the top 25 with its Smoke House Burger. They begin with delicious hand pattied Certified Angus, 100% Ground Chuck beef, cooked to order. They then slap it on a Brioche Bun (baked fresh from Gonella Bakery in Chicago) and add bacon. Finally your cook melts a symphony of cheeses (provolone, cheddar, mozzarella and smoked gouda) onto the patty and tops it with house-spun smokehouse sauce.

    This ain’t no ordinary dive bar... and it certainly ain’t no ordinary burger.

    #14 B-Macs On Buffalo
    B-Mac Burger
    warsaw, In

    This mountain of a burger is a full 1 pound, with 6 strips of bacon, American cheese, a fried egg and onion rings piled on top. This huge sandwich (we suggest the triple patty simply for the experience) is topped with tomato, lettuce, mayo, onion and pickle slices, then drizzled with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. This burger ain’t just huge and gimmicky... it’s yummy!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Warsaw, Indiana

    #15 Roc's Cafe
    Montana Burger
    mishawaka, In

    So, just how important is the bun? Roc’s Cafe is a small sports bar downtown Mishawaka. The burgers there are fantastic and there are plenty on the menu to chose from. However, your burger will be prepared one way and one way only (medium). Roc, the owner insists, that’s the only way they’ll do it. Roc’s uses quality meat and cheese to make their burgers, the produce is fresh... but it may very well be the bun that sets this burger apart from others. This may be the #1 bun in our contest. Try this burger once and you’ll be back... again and again.

    Voted #1 Best Burger Mishawaka, Indiana

    #16 Buck Burgers & Brew
    Stuffed Bleu Cheese Bacon Perfection
    saint joseph, mi

    This burger is relatively simple and at the same time simply delicious! Made up of an Angus beef patty stuffed with bleu cheese (there’s the key) and grilled on a seasoned flat top griddle. Lettuce, tomato and Buck bacon is added and then seasoned with kosher salt and a 14 mesh black pepper (as well as a special Buck seasoning). Then the kicker... it’s served on a brioche bun with a side of house-made Archie sauce (sour cream, bleu cheese, cream cheese, horse radish and dijon).

    Voted #1 Best Burger St. Joe, Michigan

    #17 wings etc.
    Loaded Cowboy Burger
    south Bend, in

    There’s a reason for the Etc. When a company that is known for their wings makes a burger that is voted in the top 100 Burgers in 100 miles (especially way up to #17), they must know what they’re doing. Wings’ Loaded Cowboy Burger stole that accolade this year by using seven ounces of fresh beef (an 80/20 blend) to make this burger. Then they chargrilled it to achieve that flame broiled flavor. It’s seasoned with Wing’s house spice blend, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon strips and their popular house BBQ sauce. Lastly, the savory burger is laid in a buttered roll and grilled on a flat-top grill. Now that is the definition of a Loaded Cowboy!

    #18 evil czech
    PB & J Burger
    mishawaka, in

    Evil Czech also brings a peanut butter topped burger to our contest. However, their’s has a little twist… moms-made jalapeño/cherry jelly! This evil little burger is made with a half pound patty of Certified Angus Beef, or locally raised Bison (your choice), prepared on the grill and never pressed. The base of the ciabatta bun is covered with creamy peanut butter and the patty is added and topped with Pepper Jack cheese, locally sourced red onion, tomato and Bibb lettuce. To conclude this great burger it’s covered with cherry peppers and the special jelly.
    So “bad” it’s Evil!

    #19 Flippin’ cow
    Stella Moo Burger
    elkhart , in

    Already an award winning burger, the Stella Moo from Flippin‘ Cow has really earned its stripes in ZZZippy’s Best 100 Burgers Contest. Placing #19 from well over a thousand burgers is no small feat. So what makes the Stella special? How about the fact that it’s made with double steak burger patties, topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon, a quality Pepper Jack cheese, smoked bisque and house-made Ale BBQ sauce. That is a really good start, however it’s when they throw on the onion straws that this thing really MOOS… now that makes for an award-winning burger!

    #20 Bob’s 19th Hole
    Big Bob Burger
    south bend, in

    This gigantic burger stands tall in the ZZZippy Best Burger Contest. It includes “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a”… wait there’s more; the Big Bob also has tomato and bacon. And their special sauce is a delicious 1000 island dressing. The beef is brought in daily from a local meat market and hand pattied.

    This burger is so good it’s bad! {n fact, we think
    they should name it the Big, Bad, Bob Burger!

    #21 scotty’s brewhouse
    Shewman Special
    mishawaka , in

    Hand pattied blend of Scotty’s Brewhouse signature ground chuck spiced with garlic, black pepper and kosher salt and charbroiled to a mouthwatering conclusion. Topped with sautéed fresh jalapeños, melted cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, peanut butter, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and pickles. Peanut butter is the signature sauce that ties everything together. Served on a lightly toasted and golden brown buttery bun.

    #22 skip’s
    Skip’s Signature Steak Burger
    New Buffalo, MI

    It’s all about the meat and the seasoning when your’e talking about Skip’s Signature Steak Burger. Skip’s always uses a combination of freshly ground filet mignon, ribeye and New York strip for their patties. They season the meat with their special custom blended seasoning salt which make these tasty burgers burst with fabulous flavor. They grill this fine combination on an open flame broiler. We recommend that you top it off with one of their aged cheeses, bacon and mushrooms. Ahhh, burger heaven.

    #23 J's Pub
    Memphis Burger
    Argos, IN

    This is one of the most interesting tasting burgers in our contest. J’s has figured out a way to perfectly combine key ingredients so that they meld together in a fashion that they burst with flavor, without any one of the fixin’s being too dominant. A half pound hand pattied burger (with just the right seasonings), Hickory Smoked Pork and Grandma’s Cole Slaw. Add the homemade house BBQ sauce and you have a burger that Grandma wished she could make!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Argos, Indiana

    #24 The Game In Blue Chip
    PB & J Burger
    Michigan City, IN


    Yes, it’s another Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger, but it’s good.

    If you’re in the mood to do a little gambling (or just for a great burger) head to The Game in Michigan City.

    Ask for their PB&J and you won’t be sorry (unless you’re allergic to peanuts). This yummy burger is made with10 ounces of mouth-watering beef grilled to excellence,and topped with (yes) peanut butter and their outstanding house-made bacon jam. Then the grand finalé: bacon and fried pickles are added to the brioche bun.

    #25 Heinnie's Back Barn
    The Claybaugh
    elkhart, IN

    Rounding out our Top 25 Best Burgers is Heinnie’s Claybaugh Burger. This twin 1/3 pound burger with bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, four different cheeses and all its condiments may not be great for you… but it sure is delicious.

    Heinnie's named the burger after ex-Elkhart Police Officer Scott Claybaugh because…

    Well, you’ll have to ask them why.

    #26 channel marker restaurant
    syracuse, IN

    The Channel Marker is a great little place tucked away in the small town of Syracuse, Indiana. But if you go there once and have their Outrigger, you will certainly be back.

    A half pound of Angus burger, char-broiled and topped with smoked Gouda, Asian slaw and “bang bang” shrimp… all on a Brioche Bun. But what makes it stand out? All these amazing flavors are combined with their special secret spread.

    Our judges agree, if you live anywhere in the region, this burger is worth the drive!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Syracuse, Indiana

    #27 the mark dine & tap
    Big Jake’s Longhorn
    south Bend, IN

    Unfortunately this fantastic burger has been taken off of the menu but according to the management it has been replaced by an even better burger. Can that be true? We 're not sure yet but we will certainly keep you informed.

    Regarding the award-winning burger- it was made from a half of pound blend of sirloin tip and rib meat topped with a slice of Vermont cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, fried onion rings and house made barbeque sauce. Served on either a pretzel bun or challah roll.

    Goodbye, Big Jake... we will miss you!

    #28 industrial revolution
    The Risk-Taker Burger
    valparaiso, IN

    Another really big, really great burger.

    The Industrial Revolution builds their reputation on great food like the Risk-Taker. This yuge, burger is made up of four stories of patties totaling 2 lbs! Built for the challenging appetite with their special Risk-Taker sauce and layered with not one, not two, but four different cheeses (American, pepper jack, cheddar and provolone cheese). Finally lettuce and onion strings are added to their firm and tasty patio bun.

    You say you want a revolution, you know you can count me in!

    #29 eddie’s steak shed
    Fat Boy Burger
    granger, IN

    Here is yet another example of quantity and quality.

    We all love Eddie's steak but if you know anything about their burgers you'll be in love all over again!. The Eddie's Fat Boy Burger is a one and a half pound steakburger with onions, mushrooms, chipotle mayonnaise and American cheese on a bed of lettuce, tomato and pickles.

    #30 tj’s sportsbar
    The Big Mother
    watervliet, mi

    If you find yourself in Watervliet, Michigan you need to jog over to TJ's Sportsbar where you'll find the largest burger in ZZZippy's 2016 Best Burger Contest.This 20-ounce fresh beef patty is ground daily and served deluxe with lettuce, tomato, mayo, green olives and American Cheese on a GIANT bun.

    If what we've just described isn't quite enough to suppress your appetite then order the double (pictured here). Crazy!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Watervliet, Michigan

    #31 mccarthy’s on the riverwalk
    Big Irish Burger
    elkhart, IN

    McCarthy's on the Riverwalk in Elkhart is a nicely appointed restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere... but the good doesn't end there. Just order one of their delicious menu entrees and you'll be pleasently pleased. Or better yet their Big Irish Burger. Yes!
    A 6.5 oz. beef patty with bleu cheese ,fries, bacon, fried egg, coleslaw, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and red onion served on a pretzel bun.
    Certainly one of ZZZippy's favorite burgers this year.

    #32 Third Shift Grill
    Blackthorn Burger
    south bend, in

    You’re finishing your first round of golf at South Bend's scenic Blackthorn Golf Club. It’s 11:30 and everyone’s hungry. What next, head to 10? No way. Instead head on over to the Third Shift Grill and order the Blackthorn Burger.

    The 1/3 pound pattie of USDA choice Ground Chuck is served with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion slices and pickle chips with cheddar cheese on a Kaiser bun.

    Just the right fuel for the second round.

    #33 the view
    The Becky Burger
    south bend, IN

    The View's Becky Burger is no stranger to winning awards. In fact it was named best burger in a multi-county burger contest just a couple of years ago.

    The Becky Burger is made by melting American and Swiss cheeses onto two beef patties. Then BBQ sauce, grilled onion and bacon are added to a sesame bun. For a twist, try the Becky Burger with raw onion, and no bacon. The flavor of the beef and cheese explodes with this combination.

    #34 burgerhaus
    The Salamanca
    valparaiso, IN

    The Burgerhaus in Valpo is the perfect place to go if you want to try a really different, really delicious burger. They start with a custom-ground premium blend of brisket and chuck,. Then this half pound beef patty is topped with Chorizo, verde salsa, pepper jack cheese, avocado, chipotle mayo, butter lettuce, & crunchy tortilla strips on a pretzel bun.

    There ain't nothin else like it in this year's ZZZippy Best Burger Contest.

    #35 south side soda shop
    New England Cheeseburger
    goshen, IN

    You want a little nostalgic feel and a lot of great food? Just take a little trip to Goshen and drop into the South Side Soda Shop. Order the New England Cheeseburger for an absolutely unique burger experience!
    This incredible sandwich begins with a quarter pound burger, combined with melted cheddar cheese on grilled English muffin bread… so much better than a standard burger bun. Then these fine folks add some lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, onions, pickles, bacon, ketchup, mustard and egg or mushrooms.
    Oh my! So good I think I'll have two!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Goshen, Indiana

    #36 carriage house
    Carriage House Burger
    south bend, IN

    Okay. We all know that Carriage House is one of the finest, most upscale dining establishments in the state. However what many of you might not realize is that they also have a burger (yes a burger) that will knock you on you Sunday best.
    The Carriage House Burger begins with a 100% custom blend prime beef patty which is topped with a blend of Cipollini onions and pecan wood smoked bacon on a slice of two year aged Gouda cheese.
    It might just be time to get back to Carriage House.

    #37 five guys burgers & fries
    Double Cheeseburger
    mishawaka, IN

    You already know that Five Guys offers simply great burgers however, did you know that there are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys?
    This is the place to go if you’re looking for a fresh, juicy burger with all the toppings you can stuff between fresh-baked buns. Oh yea, and don’t forget to order some of their handcrafted fries.

    Coming in at #37 in this year's 100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles is Five Guys' Double Cheeseburger!

    #38 tony’s famous grill
    The Godfather
    goshen, IN

    Everybody that tries Tony's loves Tony's and it's no wonder when they serve up outstanding menu items like the Godfather.

    This half-pound lean ground beef pattie grilled to perfection and served just the way you like it, plus cheese and bacon options! Furthermore, the price is right. So go to Goshen and check out Tony's. We guarantee you, they'll make you a burger you can't refuse.

    #39 schoop’s
    Schoop’s Burger with Cheese
    valparaiso, IN

    Schoops is "almost famous". Actually as far as we are concerned it's very famous. Especially their burgers.
    Schoop’s hamburgers have been a part of the Calumet region of Indiana and Illinois since 1948. Fresh and never frozen, sizzled on a grill to crispy perfection, a Schoop's burger spills out of a freshly toasted bun. The cheese is melted just perfectly. The tomato and lettuce... always fresh. Man oh man.
    As soon as you bite into this burger you get that feeling; you know what I'm talking about. It's like- ahhh, I'm really happy right now.

    #40 Tabor Hill winery
    Mushroom Burger
    Buchanan, mi

    Obviously, Tabor Hill has an outstanding reputation for their wine, but they also have a little gem that stands in a spotlight all its own. That just happens to be the Tabor Hill Mushroom Burger.

    This burger is carefully constructed with two house-blended ground beef patties topped with sautéed Chanterelle mushrooms, green onion mayo and Emmentaler cheese on a pretzel bun.

    If you think it looks good just wait until you bite it!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Buchanan, Michigan

    #41 Hensell's Oaken Bucket
    Hensell Burger
    south bend, IN

    The Oaken Bucket has been a South Bend hangout for many, many years. And the regulars already know how good their burgers really are including the Hensell Burger.

    This old standby has been the highlight of the Oaken Bucket menu for years. The ingredients (beef, bun, grilled onion and cheese) blend well and make for a tasty burger treat.

    Another Burger you just gotta taste to appreciate.

    #42 The Friendly Tavern
    The Smokehouse Burger
    coloma, mi

    The Friendly Tavern knocked it out of the ballpark with this tasty sandwich. A delicious Angus Burger, topped with smoked ham, melted cheddar jack cheese and smothered with their famous BBQ sauce. Served with shredded lettuce, tomato and Friendly Pub Fries.

    The ham is the perfect addition to this award-winner.

    Voted #1 Best Burger Coloma, Michigan

    #43 Olympia Candy Kitchen
    The Burger
    goshen, IN

    Seriously? They make great burgers too? That was our first thought when we heard that the poular candy store also served up delightful burgers. We were still skeptical until we tasted one ourselves.
    Now we suggest that you take a trip back to a time when a soda fountain hamburger was created from locally raised beef, freshly ground and grilled on a seasoned grill – to perfection. Then served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onions (raw or grilled), pickles, olives, bacon and homemade mayonnaise, with your choice of American or Swiss cheese. This burgers is your time machine.

    #44 Corndance Tavern
    Monster Bison Burger
    Mishawaka, IN

    Another great burger from an establishment that focuses more on the finer side of dining.The Monster Bison burger from Corndance is served on a toasted pretzel bun, trader’s point aged cheddar cheese, onion rings, chipotle aioli, corndance fries, smoked ketchup, giardiniera.

    Go there, eat it, thank us.

    #45 Bar Louie
    Chicago Stockyard
    mishawaka, IN

    Tucked away in a heavy trafficked mall is the last place that you might expect to find an award-winning burger. Well, surprise! Bar Louie's Chicago Stockyard made ZZZippy's best of the best burgers this year and for very good reason.

    This large, peppercorn encrusted, grilled burger comes topped with sauteed mushrooms and a melted parmesan-bleu cheese sauce. The tangy Worcestershire sauce and earthy mushroom combination is well-balanced and complemented nicely by the cheese mix, tomato, romaine and onion. It's good. Really good.

    #46 Farmers Country Club
    Garbage Burger
    benton harbor, mi

    If you're on a burger tour of your own, don't forget to stop into Farmer's Country Club in Benton Harbor and try their Garbage Burger. It’s a half pound ground chuck burger with cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle, olives, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun. And it delivers flavor bite after bite after bite until you finally suck the juices of the tips of your fingers (c'mon, admit it, we do).
    Check out the burger from Benton Harbor that made its way into ZZZippy's Best 50 Burgers!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Benton Harbor, Michigan

    #47 scoobies
    The Hangover
    mishawaka, IN

    Just a little sandwich shop as you enter downtown Mishawaka, Scoobie's is pouring it on. They started by garnering a reputation for great subs but quickly won over their patrons with equally as good (we say even better) burgers. And it all starts with the Hangover Burger which helped to land them in ZZZippy's Top 50 Burgers in this year's contest.
    The Hangover is made up of 1/3 lb. of fresh Angus steak burger with ham, bacon and an over-easy egg. Then Swiss & American cheeses are melted all over this messy baby. Finally it's topped off with lettuce, onion and tomato… and piled on a pretzel bun.

    Scoobie Doobie Do... Not Miss this Burger!

    #48 coach’s bar & Grill
    The Olive Izzo Burger
    stevensville, mi

    The olives blended wit the delicious mayo make this burger another totally unique taste treat.
    Coach's piles on the sliced green olives as the build this flavorful burger. Add a juicy beef patty, some crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and a generous portion of homemade Olive Mayo. Holy Cow this burger is good!

    Voted #1 Best Burger Stevensville, Michigan

    #49 Between The Buns
    Angry Knight Burger
    elkhart, IN

    This burger is as unique as the name of the joint itself. Between the Buns developed a reputation for fun and good food many years ago... and the fun and food continue as the Angry Knight Burger impressed Zippy judges enough to land it in ZZZippy's Best 50 Burgers.
    This hot-headed burger gets heated up with Cajun seasoning, zingy Boom-Boom sauce, crisp bacon and pepperjack cheese. And if that’s not volatile enough, it’s topped off with frizzled onions and jalapeno peppers!
    If you wanna spice things up a little bit go to Between the Buns and take a bite!

    #50 constant spring
    Pesto Burger
    goshen, IN

    Another great burger coming from Goshen this year is the Pesto Burger from Constant Spring. If you like pesto you're going to love this burger. While the sandwich itself is outstanding, its the wonderful medley of fresh basil pesto, smoked mozzarella, and tomato that make it shine. Add the grilled beef patty and it all makes for a burger you will want to return for... again and again.

    #51 round barn brewery
    Butternut Squash Veggie Burger
    baroda, mi

    #52 Laura’s little burger joint
    The Chapman
    decatur, mi

    #53 221 main
    Build A Burger
    saint joeseph, mi

    #54 new paradigm brewing co.
    Rockin’ West
    elkhart, in

    #55 river’s edge
    Bubba Burger
    benton harbor, mi

    #56 doc pierce’s
    Doc’s Cheeseburger
    mishawaka, IN

    #57 matey’s
    Matey’s Burger
    michigan city, in

    #58 roxy’s hamburgers
    Double Cheeseburger
    st. joseph, mi

    #59 hard rock in four winds
    Original Legendary® Burger
    new buffalo, mi

    #60 bacon hill kitchen & pub
    Bacon Hill Burger
    elkhart, in

    #61 Smokestack Brew
    The Stack Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #62 main street grill
    Char Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #63 miles lab
    Black Jack Burger
    elkhart, in

    #64 neon grille
    Old Fashioned Cheeseburger
    Saint joseph, mi

    #65 fire rock café
    Fire Rock Burger
    south bend, in

    #66 cheers
    Jalapeno Burger
    South Bend, in

    #67 blue gate café
    Blue Gate Classic
    shipshewana, in

    #68 bonefish grill
    American Kobe Beef Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #69 The Brass Rail
    Blue Cheese Pretzel Burger
    Plymouth, in

    #70 fireside tap & grill
    Eddy Burger
    edwardsburg, mi

    #71 tgi Friday’s
    Jack Daniel’s® Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #72 granite city food & brewery
    Bedda Chedda
    mishawaka, in

    #73 Dickie’s at swan lake
    SLR Burger
    culver, in

    #74 Welcome inn
    Bar Burger
    stevensville, mi

    Big 10 Burger

    #76 barnaby’s
    Black Angus Pub Burger
    south bend, in

    #77 fiddler’s hearth
    Scottish Burger
    south bend, in

    #78 ritz klub
    Garlic Blue Cheeseburger
    michigan city, in

    #79 steak & shake
    Double Cheeseburger
    mishawaka, in

    #80 grand crossing
    Deluxe with Olives
    benton harbor, mi

    #81 christo’s
    Famous Half Pound Christo Burger
    plymouth, in

    #82 sports time family pub
    The Western Burger
    elkhart, in

    #83 blue top drive-in
    Big Ben
    highland, in

    #84 logan’s roadhouse
    Fried Cheese & Bacon Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #85 downtown eatery
    American Cheeseburger
    warsaw, in

    #86 the legendary skillet
    The Skillet Burger
    South bend, in

    #87 pumpkin vine café
    One Pound Hoosier Daddy
    shipshewana, in

    #88 casey’s bar & Grill
    Casey’s Burger with Cheddar
    new buffalo, mi

    #89 simonton lake drive-in
    Olive Burger
    elkhart, in

    #90 north shore inn
    North Shore Hamburger
    benton harbor, mi

    #91 culver’s
    Butter Burger “The Original”
    valparaiso, in

    #92 holly’s restaurant
    The Monster Burger
    michigan city, in

    #93 Cheddar’s
    Jalopena Cheeseburger
    elkhart, in

    #94 castaways
    Castaways Burger
    plymouth, in

    #95 hunter’s hideaway
    Buffalo Burger
    nappanee, in

    #96 Morgan’s & Little black dog tavern
    1/4 lb. Triple Be
    ef Steak Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #97 texas road house
    Smokehouse Burger
    mishawaka, in

    #98 fat cam’s at garver lake
    The Fatty
    edwardsburg, mi

    #99 the nugget
    Guacamole Burger
    niles, mi

    #100 rozzela ford golf club
    Big Blue
    warsaw, in



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