Oil for Your Skin. . . Is It

Horrible or Wonderful?

For years people (especially women) have had it drilled into our pretty little heads that we should stay clear of oil. Hold Everything! Lately there has been a lot of attention given to oil. Not the negative attention that it got when we were growing up, oh no, positive attention, the kind that makes common sense.

ZZZippy tells us why:

Let’s start with the fact that most cleansers simply don’t work, and all of those body lotions and creams that we smear onto our skin, yuck! Have you ever left cream or lotion open overnight? If you have then you know what I’m talking about. That lotion hardens or at best turns gooey, even some of the top selling facial creams.

However, if you use a quality oil, that’s not the case and in fact the opposite is true. Most often oil holds its own natural states for days (or longer) even if it is exposed to the elements. Today more and more beauty companies are turning to oils and introducing them as part of their beauty lineup. Some are even offering oil products as cleansers. While the idea of actually washing your face with oil initially seems a bit contradictory to your beauty objectives, the fact is that good oils will more than likely help you meet those objectives. Even leading dermatologists today are beginning to recommend oils to their patients.

Oils have been used almost since beauty products were developed. It’s believed that ancient Greeks bathed in oils to soften and beautify their skin. There is evidence that Cleopatra used exotic oils everyday to keep her skin young and subtle.

So why don’t we know this? It’s because that information was likely overshadowed by the massive advertising that has been done promoting beauty creams and other similar products. It’s about the money baby, not your health!

Today however, we may be getting just a touch smarter as there is somewhat of a resurgence of more natural products including oils. What’s nice about oils for cleansing is they are really not that expensive (certainly not as expensive as most beauty creams and cleansers) and they are readily available. The reality is you can find many great oils in your kitchen including coconut oil and olive oil. Yes, I said olive oil. So before you go smearing costly beauty creams all over your face and body, consider a natural (and likely much more effective) beauty solution, oil. And as always, let us know how that works for you.

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