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    Mark Hamilton, How the South Bend Area's Best Golf Instructor Turns Bad Golfers Into Good Golfers and Good Golfers Into Great Golfers!

    When it Comes to Golf Lessons and Golf Instructors in the South Bend Area…
    Here's the Guy that Can Keep Your Shots on the Long and Narrow.

    Mark Hamilton has been helping people golf better in Michiana for decades now. Considered by many to be the best golf instructor in the area, Mark is respected and appreciated by students of all ages… and skill levels alike. If you're a golfer, then you already know that three of the things 'we golfers' quest for are to smash those long drives, to hit those great approach shots and to sink those long putts. However, we all need some great golf instruction and a great golf instructor to help us achieve those wonderful goals.

    Golfers know that spending the day on the golf course can be both fun and relaxing… or it can be extremely frustrating. If you’re like me, you might have found yourself throwing a club instead of hitting the ball at one point or another. Let’s face it; everyone… and I do mean everyone… enjoys golf a LOT more when they’re playing well. We all love smashing that little ball right down the middle of the fairway, or making that long approach shot and putting it right near the pin. And who doesn’t love sinking a 40 foot putt on a green that undulates from one end to the other?

  • THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME... QUICK AND EASY!According to Hamilton, good golf starts with properly executing your shots. Furthermore, even when you do not hit a great shot you need to know what went wrong. “It’s just as important to realize what you did wrong when hitting a poor shot as it is to hit a good shot. That way you can quickly adjust and you’re right back in the game,” says Hamilton. “And that makes all of the difference between a decent round and a horrific round. Simply knowing why you hit a bad shot gives you the confidence not to repeat it. There is nothing more frustrating than to have your shots going all over the place and not knowing why.” Mark claims that simply by knowing what you’re doing wrong, stepping back for a moment and making an adjustment, can quickly turn a frustrating day of golf into an enjoyable and rewarding day on the course.


    “I’m not going to tell you that you will never be frustrated on the golf course. That’s part of what makes golf such a great and challenging game. You always want to play better, regardless of what skill level you attain. However, even though golf is going to be frustrating every once in a while, my mission is to help my students create frustration with enthusiasm.” states Hamilton, who has been teaching the game for over 30 years. Many of the best golfers in Michiana recommend Mark Hamilton, who is considered a trusted golf instructor in Granger, Indiana for over 30 years.

    “What I do different is I teach a system, a system that allows you to understand why the ball is flying in the direction it is. You understand how each of your body parts affect your swing. My goal is for you to make a big change in how your ball flies with a minimal change in how you swing the club. When that happens people feel like its magic”

    So how exactly does Hamilton accomplish this? He starts by asking questions. “It’s really relatively simple. I start sessions by asking specific questions about your game. Then I spend a little time watching you hit balls and analyzing your swing. I use high speed video to isolate and prioritize the weakest fundamentals. I also look at your strengths, obviously. You need to know what you’re doing right as much as what you’re doing wrong. Then, once I have a clear understanding of what’s going on I explain the concept and find the quickest way to improve your ball flight and shot accuracy.

  • Mark Hamilton golf instruction Granger Indiana


    Let’s take a look at golf fundamentals. If you have ever taken a golf lesson or picked up a golf magazine you have invariably been told the fundamentals of the golf swing are posture, grip and alignment. Although they have some bearing on performance, they are not the primary source of success in golf according to Hamilton. “The best players in the world have different postures, grips and alignments. These are not the components you should be working on if you want quick and long term results.” Mark states with certainty. “What fundamentals do all great players demonstrate? Three simple things listed in order of importance are consistent contact, consistent distance and consistent direction. These are the significant fundamentals that all golfers need to master if they want to drastically improve their games.”

    Mark offers a modern approach to golf lessons and instruction at his indoor SwingLab. With the Flight Simulator, a Doppler based machine, Hamilton helps his students achieve these three ‘significant fundamentals’. For Hamilton’s students fourteen variables are measured on every shot they hit. These include such important issues as angle of attack, the club path, loft angle, spin rate, ball speed and distance (accurate within 1-foot at 300 yards!). These are just a few of the variables that Hamilton measures when instructing for each and every student. According to Mark (and many of his students) he can actually tell more about your shot indoors than outdoors. "There is simply no more guessing when it comes to ball flight. I work with students and by using specific techniques and equipment I can now get extremely accurate feedback and that is everything. You need to gather all of the necessary intelligence before you can give intelligent direction.”

  • One of Mark’s newest tools, the 4D Motion Golf System, morphs the student into an avatar which allows him to measure the angles and speed of various body parts in real time. Using sensors smaller than a poker chip, the software provides 3D visualization of the student’s setup and swing, data, graphs and even an overlay comparison of swings.


    “On the golf course, it’s more about coaching,” Mark says with confidence. “Teaching people how to dissect a course, understanding the golf ball, basically understanding how to play. Instructing outside helps me access tendencies and golf swings in general. Inside, using the right equipment and approach, gives me a much more accurate understanding of what the underlying issues are.”

    So why is Mark so passionate (and successful) when it comes to golf instruction? “It changes people on the course. Again, if people play better they are certainly less frustrated and there is nothing like playing your best on a beautiful day on a golf course. For me, providing the very best level of golf instruction and coaching to golfers of all levels and ages, it’s rewarding."

    When you look at the diversity in the players that Hamilton coaches you get a much better feel for who he is. He has students that are attempting to go professional and play on the professional tour. He coaches younger kids that are trying to raise their game to a higher level so that they can get a college scholarship. He teaches club champions, league champions and of course your everyday golfer that simply has the desire to improve their golf game.

    So regardless of your age, your skill level, or your experience, if you are a golfer and want to improve your golf game you might just want to check out Mark Hamilton. He can help you cut some serious strokes and put the enjoyment right back into your golf game!

    What people are saying about Mark Hamilton, Golf Instructor, Michiana:

    "Mark Hamilton searches for the most efficient and effective, yet simplest, golf swing that will build the three most vital factors in a golf swing: A consistent strike; power through leverage; control of the golf ball's flight.

    I've studied with many renowned American golf instructors. I believe that Mark has found the most logical, easy to learn and effective system I've seen… by far.

    Most importantly, he will take your input and magnify it into a better output, better scores and greater joy in playing this great game of golf; and, you will understand why and how to self correct. One stipulation: Don't apply if you are not serious about getting better."

    David J. Krizman, MD, South Bend, IN

    “Choosing to work with Mark was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for my golf game. As a freshman in high school with little golf experience, I really had no idea what I was doing. After starting with Mark however, my entire game completely transformed. Now a Division 1 college golfer on a scholarship, I can honestly say I owe much of my success to Mark and his extensive golf knowledge and experience.”

    Haley K., Colorado State University Women’s Golf

    “I have been receiving golf instructions from Mark since I was ten years old. My older brother (Ben) was also fortunate enough to have Mark as a golf instructor for a number of years. Mark has become extremely close to us and essentially a part of our family. To play golf at a high level, it takes dedication, mental toughness and excellent instruction in order to succeed. With Mark's assistance I have not only been able to set goals, but also achieve my dreams. Throughout my golf career, I have accomplished multiple top finishes in AJGA events, 7 FCWT career titles, and a "North and South Junior" victory (shooting 64 on Course #4). I owe much of my success to Mark Hamilton.”

    Kari B., Granger, IN, Committed to University of Notre Dame for 2014

  • For more information on Mark Hamilton or Golf Lessons in South Bend, Indiana (and surrounding area) visit http://swingfixer.uschedule.com/

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