ZZZippy's Guy Tips5 Things A Guy Can Do To Look Better Going Out Tonight

ZZZippy gives you 5 tips every man should know before the next time they hit the town! Everyone wants to look better. Actually we want to look our best... and sometimes we even want to look better than our best (who doesn’t want more)? But for now let’s focus on just looking great.

There are countless things that we can do to improve our appearance, but if you’re going out tonight and you wanna look good for the lady/ladies here are 5 things that you can do that are relatively quick and painless.

1. Pluck The Nose Hairs

It may sound silly to you, however it isn’t in the least bit silly to your partner or date. Just because they don’t say anything about them doesn’t mean they like them, I assure you.

Grab some tweezers, get real friendly with the mirror and go to town. Yes I know it hurts like hell, but it will be worth it.

Wait, we’re not done yet. Lets move on to the ears, the eyebrows, And then the sides of the neck and around the ears. Don't forget any other places that those unsightly little hairs maybe distracting from your Brad Pitt like image.

2. Use A Good Quality Oil

To Moisturize Your Face

We all know that once we are in our 20's and 30's our skin begins to lose it's glow. You begin to notice the effects of facial aging and start to see progressive changes when you look in the mirror, including: sagging skin, frown lines and crow’s-feet. Fear not! It’s not the end of the world!

Here’s a quick trick that can make a noticable difference. Simply work a little high quality oil into your skin. More often than not this will visually reduce wrinkles, add a nice glow to your skin and collectively make you appear more youthful. Just make sure you don’t get a cheap oil or the effect will simply be an oily face.

Use this tip each night before you go to bed to keep your skin moisturized and looking youthful.

3. Dump The Baggy Clothes

Most guys seem to have trouble picking clothes that fit. While it’s true that you don’t want to wear clothes that are too tight, you also don’t want clothes that are too big or baggy. Guys (especially you guys who are on the heavy side) typically wear clothes that are too big which makes you look sloppy, and in fact will often make you look even heavier. Oddly enough baggy clothes will make skinny guys look scrawny.

So what is a guy to do?! The answer is simple; find clothes that fit “right”. Pants should feel good around the waist but not so tight that they leave marks for 2 weeks after you take them off. They should also fit the butt relatively snug (women like butts too). When choosing shirts, the placket on button downs should lie flat against your skin. If the placket is pulled and the buttons look like they’re going to fly off and injure an innocent bystander, your shirt is too tight. If that placket wrinkles then the shirt is too loose.

Pullover shirts (Ts and polos) should not look like a dress. If so they’re too big. But if you can see your belly when you scratch your head you need to get a size larger. If you're having trouble finding shirts and pants that fit properly, consider a tailor (which you can likely find in the ZZZippy Directory). Regardless, find the “right fit” and look sharp!

4. Get In A Good Quick Pump Before Going Out

Two or three hours before you head out for your evening on the town, get to the gym. If you can’t get there, grab some free weights and do a little home routine that gives you a good solid pump. Focus on your arms (especially biceps and triceps), chest, shoulders and upper back. If you get a good strong pump in there will be a noticable difference in your bod... and she will see it (unless she has no interest in you in the first place and in that case you might want to start looking for another date).

Your quick pump will give some nice definition (especially in your arms and shoulders). Oh, by the way, there is an added benefit- it will give you some additional confidence which means a double shot of looking good.

5. Bring Your Confidence

Okay. Now for the psychological part. Put on a little dab of confidence. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Make sure that you don’t confuse confidence with arrogance (which is really insecurity - the opposite of confidence). All you have to do is follow some basic rules: Be good to people, be kind, be happy with yourself and learn to be secure with who you are. As simple as it might seem there is nothing that will add to your appearance more than confidence. By the way, some of the most attractive people on the planet are not really physically that good-looking, Yet their confidence can make them irresistable.



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