• THE GREATER MISHAWAKA AUTO AUCTIONIf You're Buying Cars From Auction... This Is The Place To Be!

    For nearly 40 years the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction has impressed auto dealers all across the country with a new and exciting approach to Auto Auctions. They have a true handle on what dealers want, as well as what they expect when it comes to auto auctions. Whether it's the first time you visit the facility, or the first time you browse the GMAA website you get that "Wow, First Impression". However that's just the beginning. The real "wow factor" comes from the "total customer experience" that these folks have developed over the years. The GMAA facilities are truly state-of-the-art, the GMAA unique Customer Service approach is unsurpassed compared to other vehicle auctions, anywhere in the country; furthermore the company puts an emphasis on "Value over Volume". Probably what's most rewarding for auto dealers is that, as a team (company), the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction folks make doing business not only profitable for auto dealers... but fun as well.

    That is why when it comes to auto auctions, the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction is in a league of their own.

  • It Comes Down
    To The Way You Feel
    About Your Business
    and Your Customers.

    I'm very proud to say that we have become successful by making our customers successful. Our goal has always been to ensure that doing business with GMAA is easy, enjoyable and profitable for the auto dealers we work with. While making money has to be the cornerstone of any business, our philosophy of building partnerships is what has helped GMAA become one of the most respected auto auctions in the country.

    We believe that everyone is someone special and that we must always do "the right things" to maintain someone's business.

    We believe that everyone should be treated equal regardless of size. That's why all of our auto dealers, both large and small, enjoy significant value and substantial benefits when partnering with GMAA.
    Karen Smith-Mancewicz
    Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction

    Is there really a difference between auto auction companies? Like night and day. In fact, more like the difference between a pitch black night and a bright, no clouds in the sky, sunny day. Let's face it, every business is ran differently and its those differences that define a business. While most auto auctions are very similar, the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction is that sharp, refreshing contrast that car dealers appreciate. The GMAA differences start with attitude and philosophy and are built on that foundation. They have defined what they believe to be the "Right Sized" Auto Auction, they believe in being a Value Driven Company, they always deliver a Complete and Versatile Inventory of vehicles for their dealers to choose from and they believe in offering Lower Fees to their customers.
    All of this, as well as some other very attractive competitive advantages, add up to making what they call the GMAA Difference.

  • GMAA Is The “Right Sized” Auto Auction

    Greater Mishawaka Auto auction is one of the most efficient in the country. Large enough to give great deals and offer an impressive selection of vehicles… yet small enough to deliver personal service and attention to each and every customer. Dealers see everything they want to without wasting their time on excessive inventories that are meaningless to them.

    GMAA Is Value Driven

    Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction delivers their customers value over volume. They aggressively compete with the price each unit sells for by running fewer vehicles per day which ultimately drives more attention to each and every unit. They always promote good revenue for sellers and great value for buyers. As their slogan says... It’s The Way We Roll!

    GMAA Delivers a Complete & Versatile Inventory

    GMAA Takes pride in maintaining a comprehensive inventory of vehicles ranging from salvage to the latest models. And when it comes to quality, they simply focus on better cars. The quality of their vehicles alone makes it worth attending GMAA auctions. Of course there is so much more to GMAA than just an exceptional selection and a high quality, vast inventory.

    GMAA Services Are Exceptional, Competitively Priced and Easy to Access

    Free Transportation for Drivable Units (Minimums Apply)
    Transport Carrier Service For a Reasonable Fee
    Reconditioning and Detailing Options
    On-Site Body and Mechanical Work Based on Estimates from Dependable Vendors
    Reasonable Fees (and No Fees For Some Services)

    GMAA Customers Are Treated Right… All The Time

    The GMAA sales staff is trained to be honest and fair with customers. They realize that their customers’ long-term best interest is their own long-term best interest. They also know that relationships are not about the one time sale, but instead, the ongoing partnership. GMAA takes a team approach when it comes to solving customer problems and addressing their concerns. While they do not profess to be perfect, they do always seem to find solutions for their customers, so that they continue to be pleased with GMAA and the services they provide.

    the most experienced in the industry!


    Everyone of the GMAA Administrative staff has over 5 years experience... and some of the team have as much as 40 years in the industry. This kind of experience and knowledge is priceless in any industry, especially one as complex as the auto auction industry. These people understand the intricacies of the business which makes them a valuable aid to GMAA Customers.

    This experience, knowledge and history certainly makes the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction one of a kind. Just that puts them in a leader position when it comes to the used vehicle auction business.


    The Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction Sales staff is carefully trained and directed to "always be fair and honest" with customers, regardless of the outcome. After many years in the field they realize that GMAA Customers' long-term, best interest is the company's best interest.

    In addition, the sales team realizes that are not about the one time sale, but instead, the ongoing partnership.


    In addition to outstanding administrative and sales teams, the GMAA Auctioneers are among the best-of-the-best.. These award-winning professionals range from best-in-state to national champions. Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction puts an emphasis on hiring only the best. As the best dealers know and want, great auctioneers bring the best prices. They understand quality vehicles and they know exactly where to start the bidding. There is no wasted time, no games, they get right to the point of where the vehicles should start and when they drop the hammer the vehicle sells for what it's worth.


    At the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction Customer Service is taken to a knew level. For this company Customer Service is all about a Team approach. Whether it comes to solving a problem that a customer might encounter or addressing a concern, several heads are sometimes better than one.

    The ultimate goal for GMAA is Customer Service. While many companies say those words, the GMAA Customer Service Team lives by them. The best testimony to that rests with the dealers themselves. The customer service at this company isn't just the talk... its the walk. See the Customer Testimonials below or talk with a GMAA customer directly and you'll see for yourself what Customer Service at GMAA is really all about.


    Arbitrators for the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction are also considered the best in the business. With a reputation for being fair and impartial, and nearly 50 years of combined experience, GMAA arbitrators get to the bottom of any issue, cause, and/or effect related to vehicles. It is indeed resolution made simple. This keeps the auction out of it and keeps it independent; making for fair and equitable resolution for all parties. This is just one more competitive advantage that seems to delight GMAA customers.


    When it comes to support – and at some point it always does – the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction shines again. With skilled mechanics and towing operators, as well as other support staff, GMAA is able to provide their customers with what they need, when they need it.

    This support certainly rounds out an already veratile and talented team which is obviously a significant advantage to GMAA Customers. It gives them the edge they need to be even more successful.


    When it comes to facilities we Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction makes a huge statement, let your facilities reflect who you are! And that's exactly what they do. From the moment you walk in, or even pull up, you recognize that no expense was spared in providing GMAA customers the highest quality facilities in the industry. You immediately feel important... or at the very least you feel like you are appreciated. This is part of a formula that has made and kept the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction so successful.


    When it comes to an industry like the automotive industry, ensuring that you are on the leading edge is vital. It not only helps you as a company, but it also helps your customers. At Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction they seem to realize that instinctively. Their facilities are designed in a manner that customers can easily access the areas they need, get the visual and audible references that they must have and can realize the technological advantages of a state-of-the-art facility. While it certainly isn't cold and technical looking, it does provide all of the useful technology and gadgets that offer dealers an edge.


    The GMAA facilities were designed for ease and efficiency for customers. With six operating lanes, they deliver dealers attractive options and an extensive selection of vehicles. Plus, due to the "staggered start times" the lanes operate at the ultimate efficiency rate.

    Another efficiency is the new "Dealer Only" lane. One lane, and one lane only, that is dedicated to new car stores. One more reason that "Right-Sized" means efficiency.


    Guests of Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction are provided with a little bit of everything. The outdoor fountains are attractive and calming, the foyer is large and inviting, the administrative areas are clean and exceptionally functional and that's just the start.

    The entire facility is appointed in a manner that makes you feel comfortable, especially if you are an auto dealer due to the abundance of auto related paraphernalia that adorn the walls, shelves and lobby.

    GMAA even provides customers with a very cool little cafe' where the food is as good as everything else they do... homemade and delicious.


    The GMAA facilities are virtually spotless which seems to be part of their character. That pride carries over into how they do business. The facilities are also very spacious offering room for customers who never feel that "crammed-in" feeling that you might experience at other auctions. When you visit the auction in Mishawaka, you feel like they care about you, your opinion and your comfort.


    When it comes to security, all of the inventory is well protected. GMAA has impressive inventory control and are considered one of the most secure auction houses in the country. They have not just one, but two fences, a high-technology video monitoring system that is absolutely reliable and effective, 24 hours a day... every day.

    It's this kind of security that gives GMAA customers piece of mind and makes the overall experience just that much more enjoyable.


    See what some of Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction's customers say about their relationship with GMAA:

  • “The Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction is very special and it starts with the owner. She’s improved the auto auction dramatically over the years. She actually cares about her dealers. Coming from an independent owner, there’s none better.”

    Kenn Cmelo

    The Auto Store

    Griffith, IN

    “For 10 years I’ve been coming to GMAA. They offer the entire package; they’re fair, honest and have competitive fees. It’s always a worthwhile trip for me.”

    Jim Ellison

    Summit City Chevrolet

    Fort Wayne, IN

    “I’ve been coming here for many, many years. They have a reputation for treating people right, both buyer & seller. Though I’ve moved to Florida, I keep coming back here.”

    David Gdairi

    Auto Sails

    Coral Springs, FL

    “They make doing business a pleasure. The auction is run exceptionally well, which is important to a buyer like me. There are a lot of good reasons we’ve been doing business here since 2009.”

    Gina Howard

    Howard’s Auto Sales

    Mishawaka, IN

    “I keep coming back to GMAA because these folks run it like an auction should be run. Plus it’s a pleasure doing business here because of how friendly everyone is. They’re just really good people... even the customers. From the owner to all of the girls in the office. They’re just wonderful. I do a lot of business in Chicago; not friendly. Here it’s about the personality, the people. It‘s what always draws me back.”

    Tad Klopak

    Skyline Motors

    Camdenton, MO

    “This is one auction house you’ll feel good about visiting. To the people here you’re not just another number… you’re #1. It’s like a family. They treat you with respect, and to me that’s a big deal.”

    Zakkery Reschner

    Legacy Auto Sales

    Battle Creek, MI



    PHONE: 574.256.5625

    LOCATION: 55920 Maplehurst Ave. Mishawaka, IN 46545

    HOURS: Office: 9AM - 5PM Mon - Fri Wednesday Auction: 9AM Start

    EMAIL US: ksmith@greatermaa.com

    WEBSITE: greatermaa.com




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