• Dave Cloutier Helping Injured People Get The Assistance They DeserveHow One of Michiana's Best Personal Injury Attorneys, Dave Cloutier, Has Dedicated His Life To Helping Others.

    South Bend personal injury lawyer, Dave Cloutier is about as soft spoken and mild mannered as one could imagine. However make no mistake about it, Cloutier is a solid
    contender when it comes to fighting for people that have been injured. Cloutier, who has an office in South Bend, assists injured people throughout the entire area including South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart and Goshen. In addition he and his staff also help people in the southern Michigan area and outside the general Michiana region.

    Dave began his practice several years ago and worked as a clerk for a local judge so that he could get some good solid experience under his belt. He garnered an exceptional amount of knowledge of the the law during his tenure with the court. He discovered the way personal injury law works and how to effectively maneuver around the courthouse. David quickly became well-liked and made many helpful contacts with professionals in the field of personal injury and wrongful death. Before long David's desire to help others led him to work for a very well-known South Bend personal injury firm. Again while sharpening his skills he began to master various aspects of accident and injury law focusing on auto accidents, slips and fall cases, wrongful death cases and a myriad of other PI cases. After a few years Cloutier set out on his own so that he could handle his clients and their cases exactly the way he felt they should be managed. His goal was to manage cases helping injured people by getting the people he fought for the highest level of success for their individual cases. It wasn't long before Cloutier began to develop a reputation as one of the very best personal injury attorneys in the Indiana and Michigan area.

  • When I first met David he was young, exceptionally intelligent and very approachable, but at the same time he had the passion of an explorer on a personal quest. If he took an interest in a person or conversation he would hang on every word as if his life depended on it. He was (and continues to be) the consummate student.

    After David put his name on his own door he seemed to take his work even more personal (which is a big feat since he always took his client's cases to heart). He seemed to become even more involved and determined to help his clients get the results he felt they deserved. He continued to grow his practice but made a concentrated and very specific pledge that he was not going to become a personal injury machine, churning cases and barely knowing the names of those who came to you for help.

    I admired his philosophy because I felt it was genuine. After a while one of my friends came to me and asked about some of our customers who handled auto related accidents and injuries; without hesitation I recommended a couple including Cloutier. A few months afterward my customer came back to me and related how Dave had settled the case for him and was surprised that he ended up getting more compensation than was originally anticipated. Moe importantly he expressed that he felt they had been treated with dignity and honesty throughout the episode and stated that Dave always talked to he and his family in a manner that made them all feel comfortable.

    A couple of years later my daughter stepped in a pothole at an area supermarket. The incident did some relatively significant damage to some of the bones and tendons in her leg. My first reaction was to deal with the incident myself, however after we started getting medical bills and her leg was more serious than we originally anticipated I pondered calling Dave. I felt that it might be in the family's best interest to get a professional involved since I have seen first hand how insurance companies can take serious advantage of people hurt or injured in accidents. So without wasting much more time I called Cloutier Law Office and ask to speak with Dave. He was sympathetic to the situation and in my opinion advised us accordingly. A few months later he settled the case in the manner he said he would. While I was satisfied with the results I was even more happy with the way he worked with my daughter and made her comfortable the entire time (she was very young at the time).

    In fact, I was so satisfied with the manner in which Dave handled my daughter's situation that when another accident injured two other family members a couple of years later, I immediately called David... and this time without hesitation. It was my 95 year old grandmother and my aunt who were victims in a very serious auto accident. They asked me to advise or help direct them since they had never experienced anything quite like this which was very traumatic for both of them. Once Dave was involved he visited my grandmother at the hospital and both of them at their homes. Even though the insurance company wanted to give my grandmother virtually nothing because of her age (I guess once we get older our lives have less value) Dave ended up negotiating a very reasonable settlement for both of them. Most important to me is that in the end my grandmother and my aunt were delighted with the representation and results that Cloutier worked so hard for.

    While some folks look down on attorneys that do personal injury or wrongful death claims, my question is, where would we be if insurance companies ran the entire legal show? They already have the laws stacked in their favors due to PACs (Political Action Committees) and "friends" within the workings of the system. Who would be there to counter-balance those so called scales of justice? The answer is "no one".

    And while there may be a handful of "snakes" in the industry, there are also many good guys like Dave Cloutier who are fighting to protect and assist those who need it the most.

    When ask what keeps him coming back for the next round he doesn't even hesitate. "The toughest part of my job is making sure that the people I represent get everything they deserve... all in all that's what keeps me going!"

    Hopefully you don't find yourself in a situation where you need the services of a personal injury or wrongful death attorney. But if you do I hope you find someone like Dave Cloutier. Then you'll realize the serious need our society has for fair, hard-fighting, lawyers that properly represent their clients.
    Find out more about Dave Cloutier, South Bend personal injury attorney:

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