TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show 2024

Showcasing the Top Haunt Vendors, Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Haunted House Industry.

It's happening again in St. Louis, Missouri this March! The largest and most significant Haunted House Convention on the entire planet, the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show (brought to you by TransWorld Trade Shows LLC). Once again this year, the TransWorld Halloween Show will be held at the America’s Center (downtown St. Louis), the perfect venue for a show such as this. The TransWorld Halloween Show will kick off festivities Thursday, March 7th and run through Sunday, March 10th, 2024.

TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show


TransWorld's Halloween & Attraction Show is the most unique Haunt and Halloween Trade Show anywhere. With vendors and visitors attending from several states and countries, TransWorld is the most talked about, most anticipated Halloween convention of the year. According to Jennifer Thaler, president of TransWorld Trade Shows, LLC and the mastermind behind the show each year, the TransWorld Show delivers more vendors, more haunted house products and more creative ideas than any other haunt show anywhere. "The TransWorld Halloween and Attraction Show" is the largest, most anticipated convention in the haunted house industry. While there are many reasons for our success, the single most significant factor is the enthusiasm that our great vendors and attendees bring to the show each year. They come together as an industry and the result is incredible, the ideas, the creativity, it's unbelievable."

Thaler says that the show is a MUST-ATTEND for any haunted house owners, actors and suppliers (it is also open to those considering starting their own haunted house). Jennifer says that the TransWorld Halloween Show is also perfect for owners of Corn Mazes, AgriScare Organizations, Pumpkin Patches, FECs (Family Entertainment Centers), Amusement Parks, Zoos and Aquariums. In addition, it is open to Escape Room owners and employees. "We are not open to the public because we want the focus to be on the haunts and the suppliers to the haunted house industry.

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TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show


If you are a Haunted House Prop Maker, Animatronic Manufacturer, Set Designer or Special Effects Company, you have to be at TransWorld according to many of the haunted house vendors and suppliers. That's also true for the Makeup Companies, the Mask Makers and the Costume Makers. "This is a MUST SEE but it's also a MUST BE at if you're a haunted house supplier or vendor," says Bert Zelten, co-owner of, a Wisconsin special effects and lighting company. "We are here every year and the show definitely pays dividends for us. We like the people, we really appreciate the TransWorld folks and we love the sales that we do at TransWorld each year. Without TransWorld, we couldn't make it in the business."

Kevin Alvey, president of Gore Galore (a southern Indiana company that creates giant props and animatronics) agrees. "This is our biggest show of the year and quite frankly, most years it's our only show. We start writing business almost immediately the day the show opens and we don't quit until the show closes. Typically, our book of business is full before the show closes. That pretty much keeps us wrapped up producing what we sold at TransWorld the entire season."

New Jersey's, Jeremy Delessandro, president and founder of CreepyCollection sings a very similar song. "We usually sell out the entire year's production at the TransWorld show. It's just that big... it's just that powerful. We've been an exhibitor here for years and we plan to keep coming, I assure you."

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TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show


TransWorld's Halloween & Attraction Show is certainly worth the price of admission (check prices here), but as always, the TransWorld team delivers you more than you might expect. In fact, once again the TransWorld Christmas Show will be co-located with the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show. And you can experience that show for no extra admission fee! There will be several exhibitors that cater to the Christmas holiday.

The TransWorld Christmas Show is another one-of-a-kind show. There is no show that spotlights as many Christmas and holiday-related products. If you operate or own any type of Christmas related event, the TransWorld Christmas Show is for you!

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But wait, there's more! There will also be...Escape Rooms, Virtual Reality, Ax Throwing and so much more!

Learning & Business Growth Opportunities


If you are in the industry and are serious about your business then you need to check out the vast number of TransWorld Seminars. From Safety and Insurance to Ticketing and Managing Customer Flow, from Building Props and Effectively Lighting a Scene to Set Design and How to Train Actors... it's all at TransWorld and the experts are waiting to share their experience and knowledge.

Build, Grow and/or Protect your business, check out - TransWorld Seminars

One of the greatest aspects of the TransWorld Halloween Show happens off of the show floor.
It's the networking that takes place at and after seminars and at the many other TransWorld events.
It's exciting to watch the industry come together this way!

Jennifer Thaler
TransWorld Trade Shows, LLC

  • TransWorld's Halloween & Attraction Show 2024 (HAA Show)

  • TransWorld Schedule

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    Kevin Alvey's Gore Galore is always a hit at the Transworld Shows. Kevin and his Gore Galore Team have an in-depth understanding of what the market demands and what works in the Haunt industry. The Gore Team has made a name for themselves in "over-the-top" giant puppet costumes including such notables as: Freakenstein, Squeaker the Clown and Scare "O" Jack. These oversize costumes get plenty of attention with haunted house guests. In addition, this imaginative crew also produces a myriad of other haunt products that are unusual and effective.

    HAUNT VISIONS & CREATIVE VISIONSCreative Visions is the brainchild of Mark McDonough, a thirty-three year veteran of the amusement industry. Mark leads these two outstanding companies and their talented team to bring your ideas to life for haunted houses owners and theme/amusement park managers and directors.Both Creative Visions and Haunt Visions are well-respected in their respective industries as "Monsters" for creativity and the products they produce.

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