If you're headed to St. Louis you need to check out ZZZippy's Guide of fun and exciting things to do when you visit the Gateway to the Midwest. You'll find St. Louis Parks, St. Louis Museums, Theaters, Music, Sports and even Amusement Parks. They're all right here just waiting for you in ZZZippy's Fun Things To Do in St. Louis, Missouri!

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    From The Saint Louis Art Museum and the Saint Louis Zoo to the world-renowned Flegel Falls, Forest Park has fun for the whole family! Over 20 statues and monuments, 8 dining stops and 5 cultural institutions, this is your one stop shop for some natural, good-time-fun! Reel in your wildest hiking adventures at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest or play some handball and tennis over in their recreational areas!

    Ice skating in the winter and fishing at the lake in the summer, birdwatching for mom and even a golf course for dad! If you're looking for some fun in Saint Louis, Forest Park is the place for you!



    Welcome to the Budweiser Brewery Experience where all five of your senses will be tested! With many different attractions to wander through, you will find yourself being transported in time, gaining knowledge in rich history and technology!

    You can also experience the Biergarten which is a unique space for private events and special occasions. Dining packages that include beer and anything else you need to satisfy yourself and your guests ... Beautiful on the outside, making you feel good on the inside ... What Budweiser has done since 1785!



    You can journey to the top of the Saint Louis Arch and overlook the entire city including the Mississippi River or you can experience the Old Courthouse and the Riverboat Cruise right underneath it! This iconic monument stands at 630 feet makes it the tallest Man-Made Monument in all of the United States ... and the highest point of Saint Louis!

    You can step inside one of the legs, riding a tram from the ground all the way to the Observation Deck! Discover for yourself what all of the Arch-Mazement is about!


    Who would have thought that you could explore an underground cave, ride a 30-foot high ferris wheel and play in a giant ball pit all at the same place? At City Museum, you can do all that... and more! There is absolutely no explaining this place to someone who hasn't been there yet! Ride the 10-story slide on the inside of the building or crawl through the enterior of 2 different airplanes hanging in the air, one being formerly owned by Wayne Newton.
    This is one place in Saint Louis that you do not want to miss out on! Next time that you're in the neighborhood, slide on down to The Saint Louis, Missouri, City Museum!


    Next time you're in the Saint Louis area head over to the Saint Louis Zoo, home to over 18,000 animals, over 600 species and almost 90 acres. Voted one of the top attractions in America- walk alongside the flamingos, red pandas, penguins, gorillas and even fly into the bugs life among beetles and other interesting insects! Imagine the possibilities as you step into this mysterious living-park... fun for the entire family! Ride on the Zooline Railroad or dive into the Sea Lion show; Don't get stung swimming with stingrays but check out the 4D Theater to see all the movies you love and know! There is not enough time in a day to explore this magnificent world of animalistic wonders...unless you visit the Saint Louis Zoo!


    Take a Trip to General Ulysses S. Grant’s Farm
    Take a walk through 19th Century American History at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, the 18th President of the United State of America also known for being the victorious Civil War general who salvaged the Union. Tour White Haven, the home to Grant and his family, the Dents and enslaved African-Americans. This historical monument offers tours throughout the days and includes an introductory film, a full-fledged museum inside of the home and an exhibit highlighting on the lives of Ulysses and Julia Grant from 1854-1859.
    Explore this historical world at any time of the year, always experiencing new events including quilting, a historical approach on other presidents, the teachings of Abolitionists and other leading and important people in our history. If you are planning a trip to Missouri, this is the place for you!


    Catch a foul ball (or at least a game) at professional baseball’s Busch Stadium- home of the St. Louis Cardinals
    With 46,000 seats, endless amount of hotdogs, all of the deep fried oreos that you could imagine and a ballgame for the cherry on top ... the St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium is a place anyone and everyone can enjoy. This newly renovated stadium is a cool
    retro-style downtown ballpark. Fun for all ages, bring the kids and the grandparents!Its quite the place for a home field advantage! The adventures are endless as you step your first foot into the park. From brunch to banquets, hall of fame to "let's play ball!"... 108 stitches on a baseball and even more things to do at Busch Stadium!


    Enjoy the St. Louis Symphony at the Gorgeous Powell Hall
    Sit back and relax in the most luxurious entertainment Hall in all of the Midwest at Powell Hall, home to over 300 shows a year, with many a performances from the St. Louis Symphony.
    Not just a symphony... Not just a moment in time, but a memory that will last forever. The St. Louis Symphony has a wide variety of concerts, movie scores and other shows that will keep anyone entertained. From Gene Kelley's Singin' In The Rain to Tributes to Johnny Cash, holding music-host-gurus like Jane Lynch to teaming up with the St. Louis Zoo for a musical journey through seasons, there is nothing that the STL Symphony can't do! Next time you're feeling groovy and in the St. Louis area, check out the St. Louis Symphony at Powell Hall!


    Six Flags Saint Louis
    There is absolutely nothing else like riding to the top of the clouds, having a grip on life the size of a handlebar and free falling as if the ground were to never come... If the sound of screaming lungs on metal gets your goosebumps poppin' then Six Flags Saint Louis is the right place for you! Home to over 30 rollercoasters and rides, 9 water rides and several world records, you can spend an entire week here and still not see everything!
    Getting hungry? Six Flags SL has over 25 different stops for food including sit down restaurants, specialty snack carts and places for a quick brew, ensuring that no matter what you're doing, the fun never has to stop!


    Saint Louis Science Center
    Science Demonstrations, IMAX Theaters, knowledge on Ecology, Humans and Energy... that is what the Saint Louis Science Center is all about. It is exactly what it sounds like; Learning and fun is the number one priority at the Center.
    Come in and discover all there is to know about monuments, bridges, nature, the ecosystem and so much more... Play airball, build objects and test them to see if they can fly, participate in sail-races and a sore in a Mission to Mars... expand your mind and test your senses abilities to think outside of the box!
    Rethink your thinking... Visit the Saint Louis Science Center!


    Saint Louis Art Museum
    A wide variety of artists, a wide variety of art... that is what the Saint Louis Art Museum is all about! This is the place that will test all five of your senses and leave you questioning all you have ever wondered. Colors, textures, temperatures and all of the sights one could ever imagine, your feelings will be submerged into the most beautiful of lights.
    Step into one of their many exhibits, learning of new visionaries and their creations. You will be awed, wow'ed, even confused with all of the arts history and new-comings. Saint Louis Art Museum... Imagine the Possibilities!


    Jefferson Memorial
    One of St Louis' most prominent architectural landmarks, dating over 150 years old, the Jefferson Memorial is actually the "Old Courthouse"; home to the first two Dred Scott trials, one of the most famous and important moments in American history. Thousands of intrigued visitors come through each year, taking in the American History right in the heart of Downtown St. Louis! This monument is a set structure reflecting Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis' role in Westward Expansion and the pioneers who helped shape our entire history. There are an array of free activities to partake in such as exhibit galleries and restored courtrooms. Submerge yourself into American History and a beautiful monument where the structure of livest started!

    Missouri Botanical Garden
    Japanese Gardens, Victorian Districts, Children's Gardens, Trams and more... Welcome to the Missouri Botanical Garden where you can walk into a beautiful world of nature and Mother Earth's complexion. Whether you're a naturalist or an adventurist, there are many exhibits and conservations to discover including the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening and the Whitaker Music Festival, home to the free concerts of the Wednesday, Summer nights.
    Here you will find beauty in everything. Visually stimulating, fantastic music to be heard, aromas floating through the air like a wild wind and an endless amount of knowledge just waiting to be embraced... Visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens today!


    Make a day of the Delmar Loop
    Take a stroll through the Delmar Loop and discover the food, the art, the shops, the music, the everything! There is something to do within every 20 steps here whether you come hungry or just ready to shop. From sushi to ice-cream, live music to dance scene, business to business you will find the things you want and the things you didn't even know you needed! Take a walk down the Loop's own "Walk of Fame" with Chuck Berry and Tina Turner or get some ink Galaxy Nails, Salon & Tattoo... The opportunities are endless in a place where you can't just spend one day!
    Shop or dine, you'll be just fine!


    St. Louis’ Area Casinos
    Money, luxury, endless food, concerts and drinks? Where can you find all of your favorite things under one roof other than at one of the three casinos in beautiful St. Louis?! River City Casino & Hotel, Lumiere Place and Ameristar hold some of the most brilliant gambling floors the Midwest has to offer. Take a dip in the pool after a night of playing and then take a sip on your nice, cold beverage as you prepare for more chips and dice! See what all of the fuss is about at the St. Louis Area Casinos...

    Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis
    Immerse yourself into spiritual history and knowledgeable gain at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. Here you will learn of God and a cosmic story along with experiencing the beautifully designed mosaics and hear sounds of wonderfully composed, elegant musics. The architecture of the entire structure is master-mindedly designed and will captivate any audience of any age. You will be blown away with the attention to detail in everything from the walls to the words of meaning. Step into this sanctuary, today!


    The Fox Theatre
    They don't call it The Fabulous Fox Theater for nothing... this is a place of entertainment, positive environmental gain and, most importantly, artistic beauty. There is nothing else like The Fox Theater. The acoustic sounds are outstanding, perfect to go with the superlative acts that captivate their audiences on stage. Musicals for all ages, comedy shows, Burlesque fairs and some of the biggest names in entertaining performances such as John Legend and Santana, you will be melting into the comfort of your own seat here at The Fox Theater!


    Missouri Civil War Museum
    The first Civil War museum in the state of Missouri, we welcome you to visit this museum to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in a time of American History growth and denial. Chills will run up and down your spine as you are exposed to the exhibits of forgotten time. Witness the beautifully preserved uniforms from the men and women who fought in them or take a gander at the 1918 building that is newly being renovated. History doesn't have a hard time with words but you may be at a loss for them when you visit this graveyard of the past.


    Peabody Opera HouseThe Peabody Opera House is a civic performing arts center located in the heart of St. Louis. With all of the entertainment genres you might expect from a classic, 3,500 seat civic center you are guaranteed variety and quality shows. The venue has featured everything from opera to comedy, from classic rock to country. Visiting performers include the likes of Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack, the Rolling Stones and the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra, Peabody delivers variety for sure. In addition to the wide range of events the Peabody hosts it also boasts unparalleled sight-lines, nearly perfect acoustics and first-class guest services. If you're into concerts, comedy, theatricals, family shows, holiday productions or other entertainment genres, Peabody Opera House most likely has something for you!

    For Events Go To: PeabodyOperaHouse.com

    Fun for the whole family, designed with children in mind... The Magic House is one of the top Children's Museums in the country filled with slides, learning, music, touchable electricity, bubble rooms, child construction zones and so much more. You won't believe how many activities there are for you and your loved ones! Activity after activity, this isn't just a one day extravaganza, the fun keeps on coming! Climb the imagination ladder to the very top of The Magic House and experience fun and excitement like you've never experienced it before!


    A night filled with beautiful entertainers, dancing on a gorgeous stage, performing Burlesque in the heart of Saint Louis… what more could you desire? Dinner and drinks? The Boom Boom Room has all of that and then some! Every weekend holds shows of passion and talent; a night without the kids, this is the most unique entertainment experience in Saint Louis!

    STTTTRIKE! You found the right place to venture to this evening! A truly rare find in the 21st century, Pin-Up Bowl is bringing back some vintage history straight from the alleyways to the bowling alleys, themselves. Drink, eat, bowl and be merry! Bowl until 2 am every night, now that’s a party! Dress up or dress down but prepare to get down because this place is sentimental and ready to host you or your next party!

    Pick a card, any card… and a drink to go along with it! Stop in to The Fortune Teller Bar tonight to watch your future unfold before your eyes and your history disappear as you drink it down with a cold beer or a hard whiskey. A truly unique ambiance and concept, this bar brings people from all walks of life to experience this exclusive reality. Cocktails galore, tellers causing an uproar, “serious drinkers welcome”, is The Fortune Teller Bar motto. Come join in on the festivities!


    It’s easy to keep up with the latest trends when you have all of the hottest shops, Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, Brighton, Eddie Bauer, Journey’s, Macy’s and so many more, at the bottom of your shopping bag. At the Saint Louis Galleria, you can do it all. Feast your hunger at Chipotle or even Five Guys Burgers and Fries and then wash it all down with dessert from the Cheesecake Factory! Walk out looking fabulous after a visit to the Brow Shop or Body and Sole Massage. The shops are endless and so is the fun at The Saint Louis Galleria!

    Food, Drinks, Live Music… That sums it up for the Old Rock House. Continuous entertainment from your favorite bands, cover bands and local/underground artists, and the best “bar food” in town! You can’t beat a basket of Ribs and wings for under $10, and it’s simply delicious! Italian food, American-Culture food, Vegetarian, there is really nothing better in town than what you will find at the Old Rock House.


    Farmers Markets, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Nightclubs, Live Music… This is the heart and soul of Soulard, Saint Louis, conveniently located just five minutes south of the Arch. Take a leisure stroll through the streets, lined with red brick houses and vendors selling fruits, vegetables and trinkets. Step inside to one of the historic structures, built by 1700’s Frenchman, now turned into restaurants, outdoor patios and extravagant nightclubs! This is the one spot that you do not want to miss on your next trip to Saint Louis!

    If you’ve ever heard of Saint Louis and you don’t live under a rock, you’ve heard of the Saint Louis Breweries. You don’t have to be a beer advocate to know that Saint Louis houses some of the best breweries in the Midwest. Schlafly Bottleworks, O’Fallon Brewery and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company are just a few of the biggest name Breweries in SL. Grab a beer, take a seat and bottoms up!

    Over 80 years of selling custard, you’ve gotta be doing something right! The perfect treat to grab after visiting the Arch, you can cool down on a hot day or just a nice little treat for the kids on a rainy day! The shake or malt is so thick that it is served upside down with no concern of falling or even dripping! The most unique aspect of Ted Drewes is that in the winter time, he also sells Christmas Trees! Come on by during the cold and pick up your traditional tree! All in all, Ted Drewes is a hot spot for locals and tourists!


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