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    The #1 Best Burger in South Bend, Indiana... and the contending Best Burgers
    ZZZippy presents the Winning Burgers!

  • Who makes the Best Burger in South Bend? Let's look at a baker's dozen of South Bend's Best Burgers, including the top spot. You may just be surprised!

    #1 CJ’S PUB - Super Pub Burger

    Argue if you like but CJ's Pub makes a burger that keeps you comin back, again and again. In fact, they make several burgers that are noteworthy. However our favorite is the Super Pub Burger. This burger is anything and everything you want it to be. You pick your size (5, 10 or 20 ounces). Pick your cheese, pick your produce and pick your toppings... Finally you pick exactly how you want the cook to prepare it.

    It’s all about you. We can only make suggestions, which we will be happy to do, so here goes: Start with the 10 ounce (perfect size for a big appetite). Have it cooked medium to medium rare. In this case, do the Swiss cheese. Add both mushrooms and green olives, red onion slices and a small tear of lettuce... and don’t forget the bacon. Finish your burger with either CJ’s Pub Sauce or bleu cheese dressing.

    This is the exact combination that made CJ's Super Pub Burger ZZZippy’s Best Burger in South Bend!

    #2 WINGS ETC. - Loaded Cowboy Burger

    There’s a reason for the Etc. When a company that is known for their wings makes a burger that is voted the #2 Best Burger in South Bend and one of the top burgers in 100 miles, they must know what they’re doing. Wings’ Loaded Cowboy Burger stole that accolade this year by using seven ounces of fresh beef (an 80/20 blend) to make this burger. Then they chargrilled it to achieve that flame broiled flavor. It’s seasoned with Wing’s house spice blend, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon strips and their popular house BBQ sauce. Lastly, the savory burger is laid in a buttered roll and grilled on a flat-top grill. Now that is the definition of a Loaded Cowboy!

    #4 THE MARK DINE & TAP - Big Jake’s Longhorn

    If you're near Notre Dame you need to stop by the Mark. Their Big Jake Longhorn is simply fantastic. A half pound blend of sirloin tip and rib meat topped with a slice of Vermont cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, fried onion rings and house made barbeque sauce. Served on either a pretzel bun or challah roll. Damn, damn, damn!

    #3 BOB’S 19TH HOLE - Big Bob Burger

    This gigantic burger stands tall in the ZZZippy Best Burger in South Bend Contest. It includes “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a”… wait there’s more; the Big Bob also has tomato and bacon. And their special sauce is a delicious 1000 island dressing. The beef is brought in daily from a local meat market and hand pattied.

    This burger is so good it’s bad! {n fact, we think they should name it the Big, Bad, Bob Burger!

    #5 THIRD SHIFT GRILL - Blackthorn Burger

    South Bend's #5 burger at a golf course. Oh yes indeed. Your'e finishing your first round of golf at Blackthorn. It’s 11:30 and everyone’s hungry. Head on over to the Third Shift Grill and order the Blackthorn Burger.

    The 1/3 pound pattie of USDA choice Ground Chuck is served with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion slices and pickle chips with cheddar cheese on a Kaiser bun.

    Just the right fuel for the second round.

    #6 THE VIEW - The Becky Burger

    Two beef patties, American and Swiss cheeses, BBQ sauce, grilled onion and bacon on a sesame bun. For a twist, try the Becky Burger with raw onion, and no bacon. The flavor of the beef and cheese explodes with this combination.

    #7 CARRIAGE HOUSE - Carriage House Burger

    It likely will not come as a surprise to many locals that this fabulous restaurant (with a reputation for delivering amazing cuisine ) knocks it out of the park when it comes to doing a burger. These guys start with 100% custom blend prime beef patty. Then they top it off with a blend of Cipollini onions and pecan wood smoked bacon on a slice of two year aged Gouda cheese.It's time to come back to the Carriage House!

    #8 HENSELL'S OAKEN BUCKET - Hensell Burger

    An old standby, this burger has been the highlight of the Oaken Bucket menu for years. The ingredients (beef, bun, grilled onion and cheese) blend well and make for a tasty burger treat. Maybe it's all of those years as tradition or maybe it's just a good burger.
    #9 FIRE ROCK CAFE - Fire Rock Burger

    #10 CHEERS - Jalepeno Burger

    #11 BARNABY’S - Black Angus Pub Burger

    #12 FIDDLER’S HEARTH - Scottish Burger

    #13 THE SKILLET - The Skillet Burger



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