• Roc’s Sport’s Café

    ZZZippy QuickREVIEW

    ZZZippy staff has visited several times in the last few months. Roc’s is not near as busy as they could (or should be) but it’s not because of food quality, service, atmosphere or prices. It’s actually due more than anything to parking, an issue most downtown Mishawaka businesses have had for years. The fact is, if you arrive at the right times you have no problem with finding parking, or of course if you don’t mind walking a block or two. Overall you just need to get past the front door parking perception.

    When you first enter Roc’s everyone is typically taken by the enormous amount of sports memorabilia scattered throughout the restaurant/bar. I’m not sure they have walls, maybe just sports stuff that has somehow been put together to make the wlls. There is certainly no doubt it’s a sports bar. The overall décor is one of the most unique of its kind and if you are a sports nut, probably the best in town. Some of the memorabilia displayed is dated which may turn some people off, however we found that most patron visiting Roc’s appreciated the nostalgia of the older sports keepsakes.

    Roc’s delivers a very comfortable atmosphere where the wait staff is friendly and more often than not, very attentive without getting in the way of conversations or suffocating guests. The servers and bartenders are friendly and seem to genuinely want to make sure customers are happy.

    The food at Roc’s is what most people would expect when it comes to most of menu items, bar wings, great fries (ask for them to be well done) and some of the best burgers in town. In fact, Roc’s Montana Burger (named after local Notre Dame great, Joe Montana) was voted #1 Best Burger in Mishawaka and #15 in ZZZippy’s Best 100 Burgers in 100 Miles Contest. If you like fish you’ll love their Friday night Fish Fry, extremely tasty battered fillets, lightly breaded and a very fair price indeed. There spaghetti is damn good too, what do you expect? Roc (the owner) is Italian.

    You won’t find a draft system here unfortunately however, the bottled beer selection makes up for it. If you like martini’s, Roc’s makes a pretty darn good one... especially for a sports bar.

    One of the things that we appreciate about this place is that it’s clean. That happens to be a pet peeve of ours. I don’t care how friendly the staff is, how good the food is or how affordable the menu is... if it’s dirty we’re gonna ding you on your rating becasue that affects everything else.


    Roc’s scores high in the category of Sports Bar/Restaurants.
    Their ZZZippy Quick Rating Overall Score:

    7.35 = Very Good
    RATED 7/14/16

    ZZZippy’s Quick Category Rating: Roc’s Downtown Mishawaka

    DECOR- 9



    SERVICE- 7

    FOOD- 7.5

    VALUE- 5.5


    Ratings are based on a 10 point system in half point increments with:
    1 being the Lowest Level of Performance possible
    5 being Average Performance
    10 being the highest Level of Excellence attainable:

    All ZZZippy Ratings are based on and compared to businesses of similar types


    Roc’s Sports Café downtown Mishawaka delivers an enjoyable and entertaining experience to guests. The facility is clean, and the décor is unique and captivating. Overall this atmosphere works very well and serves as a great backdrop for a dining or drinking experience! Overall the service is friendly, prices are fair and the food ranges from medium to very, very good, depending on what you choose. Zippy highly recommends a visit to Roc’s.

    Let us know if you agree with our rating and/or of your experience by emailing us reviews@zzzippy.com or by calling 574.259.5959.
    Check back in with ZZZippy and we will certainly keep you informed on how Roc’s continues to perform!

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