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    Hooters… Back and Better Than Ever!

  • Several years back Hooters in Mishawaka was quite a popular place, even considered somewhat of a hotspot for some locals. When Hooter’s first opened their doors in Mishawaka herds of folks swamped the place. Many came for the wings, some for the atmosphere and yes, some visited for the Hooter Girls.

    Unfortunately as time went on the local sports bar lost its magic. Management seemed to become apathetic, the restaurant décor became outdated, the service continually got worse as the cleanliness of the facility went south; and with it went the food.

    However there might be really good news for local Hooter’s fans because they’re back! You heard that right. The Mishawaka Hooter’s is back, under new management and ownership… and at least for the time being they seem to be better than ever. Hooter’s of America (HOA) corporately located in Atlanta has now purchased back the franchise which was owned by the previous group of investors. According to HOA’s Chris Hunt (local manager, Hooters has made a serious commitment to make (and keep) Hooters of Mishawaka a player in the local sports bar arena. “We’ll end up doing much better than ever with the new ownership. These folks are committed to doing things right and under the new management group you see a lot of positive changes already” Hunt stated, “For starters Hooter’s as a brand has really matured in the last few years. We are much more family-friendly and just that has helped us expand our audience. We can’t pretend that it’s still 1983 and expect to compete. Hooter’s of America realized that the Mishawaka Hooter’s had to make some big changes if they want to succeed… and when they invested in this location they committed to those changes.

    Hooter’s as a brand
    has really matured
    in the last few years.

    We are much more
    family-friendly and
    just that has helped
    us expand our audience.

    We can’t pretend that
    it’s still 1983 and
    expect to compete.

    Chris Hunt- Manager Hooters Mishawaka

    When asked what types of changes visiting guests might see Hunt was adamant about the transformation. “Our restaurant is the cleanest it’s ever been and that is very significant to us. The food is dramatically better and more than anything is the commitment HOA has made to train the staff as well as the managers. Our goal is to serve today’s guests better in virtually every way.

    Hunt who relocated to Michiana from Indianapolis insists that Hooter’s is not only back but better than ever. And frankly at least to this point we have to agree. However Hunt’s perspective may not be totally biased. After interviewing several Hooter’s guests the general comment was that “overall Hooter’s has really cleaned up their act and the restaurant is headed in the right direction or as Michael from South Bend put it, “Hooter’s isn’t as good as it used to be… it’s much better!”

    “Hooter’s isn’tas good asit used to be…

    it’s much better!”

    Members of ZZZippy's staff have visited several times in the short time Mishawaka Hooters has reopened and have been surprisingly pleased with what we’ve experienced. The food is better (actually much better), the atmosphere is more upbeat; and the facility is very clean and well-kept. Even the service has improved overall. You can see Hooter’s progress since they have reopened based on ZZZippy’s Quick Rating which scores Hooter’s overall an 8- which is a very good rating.

    ZZZippy QuickRating
    Hooter’s Mishawaka
    2011 versus 2016:

    SUMMER 2011

    Décor - 4

    Cleanliness - 2

    Atmosphere - 4

    Service - 3.5

    Food - 4

    Value - 4

    Experience - 3

    SPRING 2016

    Décor - 7.5

    Cleanliness - 8

    Atmosphere - 9

    Service - 8

    Food - 8

    Value - 8.5

    Experience - 8

    Ratings are based on a 10 point system in half point increments with 1 being the lowest score possible and 10 being the highest score attainable:

    1 Critical- Lowest Level of Performance

    2 Extremely Poor

    3 -4 Bad to Needs Improvement

    5 Average

    6 - 7 Good

    8 - 9 Superior to Exceptional

    10 Extraordinary- Highest Level of Excellence

    ZZZippy Overall Rating:
    8 "VERY GOOD"

    Rated 4/1/16

    ZZZippy Ratings are based on and compared

    to businesses of similar types

    Zippy Overview-

    Hooter’s in Mishawaka delivers a fun and entertaining experience to guests. The facility is clean, comfortable and the atmosphere works! Patrons consistently receive very good service, extremely tasty sports bar style food… all for a very fair price.

    So the big questions: How will Mishawaka’s Hooters fair over the next several months or couple of years? Will they continue to deliver the same service, quality of food and value that they presently do?
    Check back in with ZZZippy and we will certainly keep you informed!


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