• TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show
    St. Louis, Missouri March 22-25

    The TransWorld Halloween & Attraction Show, hosted in St. Louis Missouri in late March is by far the largest Haunted House, Halloween and Haunted Attraction Trade Show in the world. This show is put on every year by TransWorld Exhibits, Inc. a creative and cutting-edge company based out of Chicago, Illinois. TransWorld is considered to be one of the best convention and trade show companies in the country. The show itself is the brainchild of Joe Thaler and Jennifer Braverman, also the force that drives this exciting haunted house show (as well as several others).

    The TransWorld Halloween and Attraction Convention is exciting, interesting, educational and an absolutely 'must attend' for anyone in the haunted house industry. However, those involved in haunted hayrides, corn mazes, museums, zoos, theme parks, aquariums, Family Entertainment Centers and related entertainment industries will also benefit substantially by attending this popular show.

    TransWorld boasts not only the largest physical haunted attraction show in the industry but also features more haunted attraction exhibitors, producers of halloween products, haunted house props, special effects and haunted house animatronics, than any other Halloween show on the planet.

    In addition to the Halloween and Halloween Attractions side of things, TransWorld is also featuring Escape Room City this year. This is a very special section at the TransWorld Show that features all aspects of the ' Escape Room' industry which continues to grow at a rapid rate.

    Most importantly, if you are in the haunt industry or any of those related you will garner countless ides, see the latest greatest products and innovations in the business and be able to rub elbows with leaders and the experts in the Halloween andHaunted Attraction industries.

    All in all, this is one of ZZZippy's favorite trade shows each year and we highly endorse it.

    Below is a sampling of the vendors who will attend this year's TransWorld Halloween Show.

    Watch for the Winners of the
    TransWorld Halloween Gold Exhibitor Awards
    Voted by ZZZippy.Com

    For More Information Visit the HAA Show site

  • TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show's Jen Braverman in the midst of mayhem surrounded by crazy clowns, animatronic skeletons, swamp creatures and haunted attraction monster makers from the 2017 TransWorld convention.


    Trade Show Floor Hours
    3/22 Thu.10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/23 Fri.10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/24 Sat.10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/25 Sun.10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Buyer Registration Hours
    3/21 Wed.12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    3/22 Thu.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/23 Fri.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/24 Sat.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/25 Sun.9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Exhibitor Registration Hours
    3/20 Tue.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/21 Wed.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/22 Thu.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/23 Fri.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/24 Sat.9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    3/25 Sun.9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Sampling of the vendors who will attend the 2018 TransWorld Halloween Show.

  • 31 Extreme Props https://31extreme.com/

    Action Lighting www.actionlighting.com

    ADJ Group of Companies http://www.adj.com/

    Adventure Sports HQ www.adventuresportshq.com

    Apocalypse Global, LLC http://apocalypseglobal.com/

    Archon Projects https://www.archonprojects.com/

    Autumn Attractions http://autumnattractions.com/

    Bad Jack Productions http://www.badjackproductions.com/

    Battle Company http://battlecompany.com/

    Beyond the Grave http://beyondthegraveproductions.com/

    Big Scary Show www.bigscaryshow.com

    Bissell Commercial www.bissellcommercial.com

    Blinky Lady https://www.blinkylady.com/

    Bloody Mary http://dearbloodymary.com/

    BrainChow Studios www.brainchowstudios.com

    Brutal Rust https://brutalrust.com/

    Cameleon Bodypaint USA http://www.cameleonpaints.us/

    Chaotic Creations FX Studios https://www.chaoticcreations.biz/

    Characters Unlimited Inc https://www.charactersunlimited.com/Christmas Done Bright http://www.christmasdonebright.com/
    Chuckwagon Soda http://chuckwagonsoda.com/
    Cinema Greens http://www.cinemagreens.com/
    Cinema Secrets https://cinemasecrets.com/

    Closed Casket Studio http://www.closedcasketstudios.com/

    Clue Control http://www.cluecontrol.com/index.html

    Composite Effects https://www.compositeeffects.com/

    Cold River Mining http://coldrivermining.com/

    Creative Visions http://www.creativevisionsonline.com/

    Creative Works https://thewoweffect.com/

    Creature Revenge Monster Studio

    Creepy Collection http://creepycollection.com/
    Crew 13 Productions https://www.crew13productions.com/shop

    Dangerously Creative http://dangerouslycreative.co/

    Dapper Cadaver https://www.dappercadaver.com/

    Dare to Scare http://www.daretoscare.com/#&panel1-1

    Dark Creations ATX https://darkcreationsatx.com/

    Dark Imaginings https://www.darkimaginings.com/

    Dark Labyrinth Entertainment http://www.darklabyrinthentertainment.com/

    Dead Rabbit Studios https://www.deadrabbitstudios.com/

    Demented Design Studios https://dementeddesignstudios.com/

    DFX Sound Vision http://www.dfxsoundvision.com/

    Diablo Sound http://www.diablosound.com/

    Dino Rentos Studios http://dinorentosstudios.com/

    Distortions Unlimited https://distortionsunlimited.com/

    Donat Insurance Services LLC http://www.donatinsurance.com/

    EFX-TEK http://www.efx-tek.com/

    Entertainment Sciences Group https://www.venuemagic.com/

    Epmar/Kemiko http://www.epmar.com/products/concrete_floor_syste...

    Escape Games Canada https://escapegames.ca/

    Escape Games Global https://escapegamesglobal.com/
    Escape Maze http://www.escapemaze.com/

    Escape Room International https://www.boneyardproductions.com/escaperoominte...

    Escape Room Master https://escaperoommaster.com/

    EscapeRoomTechs.com https://www.escaperoomtechs.com/

    EscapeTix https://escapetix.com/

    European Body Art https://www.europeanbodyart.com/

    Eville J’s Creepy Closet https://www.facebook.com/evillejs/

    Evilusions https://www.evilusions.com/

    Fables Studios https://www.fablesstudios.com/

    FareHarbor https://fareharbor.com/

    Fright Find https://frightfind.com/

    FrightLight LED http://www.frightlightled.com/

    Frightnight Studios, LLC https://www.frightnightstudios.com/

    FrightProps, LLC https://www.frightprops.com/

    Froggys Fog http://www.froggysfog.com/

    From Art to Zombies http://www.art2zombies.com/

    Gatemaster Systems, Inc. https://www.gatemaster.com/

    Gep Productions Inc http://www.gepproductions.com/

    Ghost Ride Productions, INC. http://www.ghostride.com/

    GI Sportz /Tippmann Sports http://www.tippmann.com/k/our-company

    Giant Dream Productions https://www.giantdreamproductions.com/
    Fear Worm Hauntvertising http://fearworm.com/

    Fog it Up https://fogitup.com/

    Gilderfluke & Co https://www.gilderfluke.com/

    Glo Cone International http://glocone.com/shop/

    Global Fear Enterprises http://www.globalfearenterprises.com/

    Gore Galore http://gore-galore.com/

    Graftobian Make-Up Co http://www.graftobian.com/

    Grave FX LLC http://www.gravefxs.com/
    Great Room Escape http://greatroomescape.com/

    Grex Airbrush http://www.grexusa.com/grexairbrush/

    Grignard Company LLC http://www.grignard.com/

    Hallucinations Creations http://www.hallucinationscreations.com/index.html

    Hard Kore Fabrication https://www.hardkorefabrication.com/

    Haunt Dawgs https://hauntdawgs.com

    Haunt Scheduler https://cdn.hauntscheduler.com/FindHaunt.aspx

    Haunt Shirts, LLC https://hauntshirts.com/

    Hauntbots llc http://www.hauntbots.com/

    Haunted Attraction Association https://hauntedattractionassociation.com/

    Haunted Enterprises http://hauntedenterprises.com/

    Haunted House Media https://www.hauntedhousemedia.com/

    Haunted Ticketing https://www.hauntedticketing.com/

    Haunters Against Hate https://www.hauntersagainsthate.com/

    Haunting FX http://www.hauntingfx.com/

    HauntPay https://hauntpay.com/

    Hauntworld, Inc https://www.hauntworld.com/

    Hazard Room http://slycooper.wikia.com/wiki/Hazard_Room

    High Noon Creations https://highnooncreations.com/

    Horror Circus https://www.circusofhorrors.co.uk/

    HorrorNaments LLC https://horrornaments.com/

    Hot Wire Foam Factory https://hotwirefoamfactory.com/

    I Love FX Makeup https://ilovefxmakeup.com/

    I-Zombie Productions http://www.i-zombie.com/

    Ideaman Inc https://www.ideaman-inc.com/

    Immortal Masks

    Improbable Escapes Inc https://www.improbableescapes.com/

    Inferno Effects https://www.infernoeffects.com/

    Interactive Ticketing http://www.interactiveticketing.com/

    Jakprints https://www.jakprints.com/

    Jolt Lighting https://www.joltlighting.com/

    Jump Pad https://www.thejumppad.com/

    Keen Designs http://www.keendesignsinc.com/

    Keep it Simple Ticketing https://keepitsimpleticketing.com/about/

    Kenwood/WS Communications http://www.wscommunications.com/

    Kreepsville 666 https://store.kreepsville666.com/

    Legendary Escape Games http://legendaryescaperooms.com/

    Leisure Expert Group https://leisureexpertgroup.com/

    Life Ape https://www.lifeape.com/

    Licensed 2 Scare, LLC http://www.l2scare.com/index.php

    Lights Alive http://www.lightsalive.com/

    Lil’ Orbits, Inc http://www.lilorbits.com/

    Little Spider Creations, Inc http://littlespidercreations.com/

    Lockdown Design https://www.lockdowndesign.ca/

    MacArt Studios http://www.macartstudios.com/

    Mad Monster Masks http://madmonstermasks.com/

    Magic Angel Eyes https://www.magicangeleyes.com/

    MAS Vision Science Studios https://www.visionsciencestudios.com/

    Mask US INC https://www.maskus.com/home.asp

    Massaging Insoles http://www.massaginginsoles.com/

    Master FX https://masterfx.com/

    Maize Quest https://mazefunpark.com/

    Maze Patch http://mazepatch.com/

    Medical Inflatables http://www.medicalinflatables.com/

    Mel Products USA http://melproductsusa.com/

    Michael Davy Film & TV Make-Up http://melproductsusa.com/

    Midnight Studios FX https://www.midnightstudiosfx.com/

    Midnight Syndicate Soundtrack https://www.midnightstudiosfx.com

    Midwest Haunt Convention http://www.midwesthauntersconvention.com/

    Millennium FX http://www.millenniumfx.co.uk/

    Mindgames Escape Rooms http://mindgamesescaperoomsindy.com/

    Mindquest Escape Games http://mindquestescapegames.com/

    Minispotlight.Com http://www.minispotlight.com/

    Mobile Room Escape http://mobileroomescape.com/

    Monsterworx Entertainment, LLC http://www.monsterworxentertainment.com/

    Monstrous Makeup Manual http://www.monstrousmakeupmanual.com/

    Morbid Entertainment http://morbidentertainment.com/

    Morris Costumes https://www.morriscostumes.com/

    Nasa Searchlights http://www.nasasearchlights.com/nasasearchlights.c...

    Nelson Paint Ball http://www.nelsonpaintball.com/

    Nethercraft http://www.nethercraft.com/

    Nevermore Productions http://nevermoreproductions.net/

    New Republic Print & Design http://newrepublicprinting.com/

    New Rule Productions Inc http://www.newrule.com/

    Nightmare Force https://www.nightmareforce.com/

    Nightmare Makers https://www.facebook.com/nightmaremakersfx/

    Night Scream Studios http://www.nightscreamstudios.com/

    Oneail Fx Studios http://www.oneailfxstudios.com/

    Original Sin Design http://www.originalsindesign.com/

    Outlaw Haunt Productions https://www.outlawhauntproductions.com/

    Paasche Airbrush Co www.paascheairbrush.com

    Pale Night Productions www.palenightproductions.com/
    Partymachines.com https://partymachines.com/

    Peek Travel www.peek.com/

    Photo Touch Inc www.phototouchinc.com

    Polytech Development Corp https://www.polytek.com

    PPG Architectural Coatings www.ppg.com/

    Premiere Haunt Tour http://premierhaunttour.com/

    ProAiir / ShowOffs https://www.showoffsba.com/

    Pumpkin Pulp http://www.pumpkinpulp.com/

    Quik N’ Crispy http://q-n-c.com/

    RadioBoss 2-Way Radios https://www.radioboss.com/

    Redrum FX https://redrumfx.com/

    Reynolds Advanced Materials https://www.reynoldsam.com

    Rip City Fx http://www.ripcityfx.com/

    Rogues’ Hollow Productions https://rogueshollow.com/

    S4 Lights http://s4lights.com/

    Scare Products https://scareproducts.com/

    Scare Innovations http://www.scareinnovations.com/

    Scared of My Shadow https://www.scared-of-my-shadow.com/

    Scared Stiffs http://www.scared-stiffs.com/

    ScreamScapes & MonsterTrivia Queline Video http://screamscapes.com/

    Shattered FX https://www.shatteredfx.com/

    Sinister FX https://www.sinisterfx.com/

    Sinister Signs https://www.sinistersigns.com/

    Sinister Stitchworks http://sinisterstitchworks.com/

    Sinister Visions http://www.sinistervisions.com/

    Skeletons And More www.skeletonsandmore.com

    Slaughterhouse Effects https://slaughterhouseeffects.com/

    Slaughter House Studios https://www.slaughterprops.com/

    Smithworks Creative Arts LLC https://www.smithworksca.com/

    Spectrum Weather & Specialty Insurance http://spectrumweatherinsurance.com/

    Spookteek & ScreamPrint https://spookteek.com/product-category/screamprint...

    Spookyprops.Com http://www.spookyprops.com/

    Studio TEk-FX http://www.studiotekfx.com/

    Team Kingsley http://www.teamkingsley.com/

    The Best Halloween Store Ever! https://www.besthalloweenstoreever.com/

    The Gemini Company http://www.thegeminicompany.com/

    The Legendary Haunt Tour http://www.legendaryhaunttour.com/

    The MAiZE Inc. http://www.themaize.com/

    The Scarefactory http://www.scarefactory.com/

    Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group http://thirteenthfloor.com/

    Thrill Builders http://thrillbuilders.com/

    TicketLeap https://www.ticketleap.com/

    Tinsley Transfers https://tinsleytransfers.com/

    Toxic FX https://www.toxicfxproductions.com/

    Transworld Merchandise Booth http://www.haashow.com/buyer/exhibitor-list/

    Tripp Sixx Studios http://tripsixx.com/

    Two Way Radio Gear https://www.twowayradiogear.com/

    Ultratec Special Effects https://www.ultratecfx.com/home

    Valken Inc. http://www.valken.com/

    von Charon Productions Inc http://voncharon.com/

    When Hinges Creak http://www.whenhingescreak.com/

    Wicked Escapes http://www.wickedescapes.net/

    Wicked Masks https://basementofthedead.com/wicked-mask/

    Winterland Inc http://www.winterlandinc.com/

    Wolfe Face Art FX http://www.wolfefx.com/

    Woochie by Cinema Secrets https://cinemasecrets.com/index.php/halloween/wooc...

    Wristband Resources Inc https://www.wristband.com

    X-Laser http://x-laser.us/

    Zagone Studios LLC https://www.zagonestudios.com/

    Zombie Army Productions http://www.zombiearmyproductions.com/

    Zombie Skin FX LLC http://zombie-skin.com/

    TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show 2018

    This show is NOT open to the public. Purchasers must be qualified (see TransWorld website link below) and must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Proof of age required.

    The Pre-Show Registration is $60.00 per person in advance* . Admission includes 4 day access pass to the convention floor. The convention features the Dark Zone, several makeup demonstrations, a myriad of interactive exhibits, a paintball pavilion and the opening night TransWorld's Opening Night Party (Thursday evening). In addition participants receive 4 free Early Bird morning seminars before the show floor opens.
    On-site Registration is $75.00 per person. Other features including Haunt Tours, Seminars, Industry Parties and Workshop tickets are available but for an additional cost. For specifics please visit http://www.haashow.com/seminars-events/daily-event...

    *Please note that the Early Bird Pre-Show Discounts of $60 per person will end on Monday, March 19th at midnight CDT. Online registration will remain open after that date at the full onsite show pricing of $75 per person.

    For specific TransWorld Registration visit http://www.haashow.com/register/


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