• British Slang

    Converting Everyday English to Something
    Much More Fun & Useful... At Least When You Go To England.

    Next time you cross the pond to visit jolly old England make sure you have your slang down!

    (by the way, have you checked out ZZZippy’s British Invasion story?

    Without trying to be downright gobby, a lot of tossers will drop a clanger simply because they won’t take a quick peek at our little tutoring below.

    Later those same daft cows simply can’t chin wag with the Brits for a bit; instead they sit there with a crusty dragon, totally gormless.

    So don’t you be cheeky now; take a gander at what we’ve offered you- otherwise you might be snookered yourself… and Bob’s your uncle.

    Now bugger off!

  • Aggro:Someone who is very aggressive or gets in someone’s face.

    Any road:Any way

    Are you having a laugh?:Statement of incredulity – “You’ve got to be kidding!”

    Argy-bargy:Quarrelsome or arguing

    Arse:One’s backside/buttocks

    Arsed:To be bothered with something – “I can’t be arsed to go to church because I've too much to do today."


    Balls-up:Something has gone wrong or did not go according to plan

    Barmy:Crazy, insane – derogatory

    Biggie:Children’s term for feces

    Biggie:A male erection

    Bimble:A slow or casual walk

    Biscuit arsed:Dirty or filthy – “She walked in the front door all biscuit arsed.”

    Bits ‘n Bobs:A little of this and a little of that

    Bob’s your uncle!:"That’s that." or "There you go!" or "That's the end of that."

    Bog:Toilet or restroom

    Bog roll:Toilet paper

    Bollocks:Nonsense or untrue: or lacking in value


    Bugger off!:“Go away!” or “Leave me alone!” Bugger, used on its own, is similar to American slang using the “F” word.

    Buggered:Worn out, broken, ruined

    Catching flies:To sit with one’s mouth hanging open

    Chav:An ignorant, trashy, lower-class person.

    Cheeky:Disrespectful of something; or to have a flippant attitude – “Did you just wink at that old lady? You cheeky monkey!”

    Chin-wag:A chat or brief conversation

    Chuffed:To be pleased or delighted with something or someone

    Clanger:A mistake

    Cock up:Make a mess of something – “He really cocked up his friendship when he admitted he shagged his mate's wife.”

    Collywobbles:Nervousness; butterflies in the stomach or queasiness brought on by stress, nervousness or anxiety

    Crease up:To laugh very hard (so one’s face creases up)

    Crumpet:Someone who is hot or sexually desirable person

    Crusty Dragon:Snot or booger

    Daft Cow:Someone who is very dense

    Dodgy:Suspicious or dubious. “I ate a dodgy curry last night and now my stomach’s off.”

    Dogsbody:Someone who takes care of most tasks, especially menial ones

    Dog’s Bollocks:Very good, great, favorable

    Dog’s Dinner:All dressed up or looking dapper

    Donkey’s Years:A long period of time

    Drop a clanger:To make an obvious mistake or terrible faux-pas

    Dull as dishwater:Extremely, horribly boring or plain

    Ear-bashing:A severe reprimand or lecture for doing something wrong

    Fagged:To be disturbed, bothered or interrupted – “I’m in the middle of something important and I can't be fagged right now.”

    Fall arse over tit:To take an embarrassing fall or to stumble and fall

    Fanny:A vagina

    Fit:Someone who is hot, sexually desirable

    Full Monty:To go big or going all the way – "I started this journey and I’m giving it the full Monty!"

    Gammy:To have an injured body part or something that is in pain – “He’s had a gammy leg ever since he fell off that horse.”

    Get stuffed!:An angry rebuke; beat it, scram! Similar to American slang – go “F” yourself!

    Giddy kipper:An overly excitable person

    Ginger:A red-haired person

    Gobby:Being loudly opinionated, offensive outspoken

    Gobsmacked:Stunned, blown away, amazed or awed by something

    Gormless:Someone who's clueless – "She’s been with that wazzock for long enough now, she’s gormless."

    Grotty:Unpleasant, disgraceful or disgusting

    Gutted:Devastated –“She was gutted after her boyfriend left her for her nephew.”

    Have a butcher’s:To take a close look at, or to investigate something or someone

    Her Majesty’s Pleasure:Being incarcerated or put in prison

    How’s Your Father?:Euphemism for sex as in “Have you and your wife had any lately?"

    I’m Off To Bedfordshire!:"I'm going to bed."

    It’s Monkeys Outside!:“Wow, it’s very cold outside!”

    John Thomas:A penis

    Knackered:To be exhausted or extremely tired

    Knees Up:A mixer or a dance party- "I went to this wild knees up the other night."

    Legless:To be drunk, hammered or totally intoxicated

    Liquid lunch:To drink alcohol for lunch rather than eat food

    Lost the plot:To go crazy or lose one’s mind – “My boyfriend says he’s going out on the town tonight. He’s lost the plot if that’s what he thinks”

    Lurgy:To be sick or under the weather or other illness that makes you feel terrible

    Mad as a bag of ferrets:Utterly and completely insane or crazy

    Made Redundant:To be fired or let go from one’s position

    Manky:Disgusting or rotten – “The chicken you left on the counter for a week has gone manky.”

    Miffed:To be irked, displeased or bothered

    Minted:Wealthy or extremely rich

    Moggy:A cat

    Muck up:To ruin something or in American slang to screw it up

    Murder:To devour something – “I could murder a sandwich right now.”

    Naff:Out of style, unfashionable, dated or obsolete


    Off One’s Trolley:To be crazy or out of one’s mind

    On The Piss:Binge drinking solely for the purpose of getting totally intoxicated

    On The Pull:In search of or looking for sexual intercourse

    Pants:Something that is rubbish, horrible or awful – “She said the film was pants, but I rather liked it.”

    Pavement Pizza:To puke or vomit

    Peckish:Somewhat hungry

    Peevish:To be ill-tempered, petulant or sullen

    Pip pip!:A term used to say goodbye

    Plonk:A poor quality or very cheap wine

    Ponce:A poser

    Porkies:Lies – "He’s been sitting there telling porkies for hours."

    Prat:An idiot

    Puff:Flatulence or passing gas

    Rubbish:To be very bad or terrible at something – “I’m totally rubbish at math—can’t even add.”

    Rumpy-Pumpy:Euphemism for sexual intercourse

    Sad arse:A pathetic person

    Sausage fest:An event that has a disproportionate number of males to females… such as a comic convention

    See a man about a dog:An excuse for leaving, in order to hide one’s destination; also used to excuse oneself to have a bowel movement

    Shambolic:To be in a total state of chaos or disarray

    Shirty:To be ill-tempered or insolent

    Shag:Sexual intercourse

    Shattered:Worn out or exhausted

    Shufflebutt:A restless or fidgety person

    Skive:A lazy or useless person

    Slag:A despicable person; possibly a promiscuous one

    Slap And Tickle:Making out or heavy petting

    Slapper:A promiscuous female

    Spend A Penny:To use the restroom

    Smarmy:Creepy, shady or sleazy

    Smashing:An exclamation describing brilliant, fantastic or wonderful

    Snog:To make out or fool around sexually

    Snookered:To be defeated, upset or thwarted. To be in a bad situation (American slang: to be totally screwed)

    Sod it:To quit, give up or surrender – “I’ll never understand her. Sod it, let’s go to the pub.”

    Sprog:A child or kid

    Starkers:Stark naked

    Stonker:A male erection

    Strawberry Creams:Hunger-inducing term for a woman’s breasts

    Sweet Fanny Adams:Little to nothing at all – “I thought I had a chance with her, but I ended up with Sweet Fanny Adams”

    Taking the Piss:Messing around or screwing around

    Throw a spanner in the works:To make a mistake or screw something up

    Tickety-Boo:Everything’s going great – “It’s all tickety-boo in my world.”

    Todger:A penis

    Tosh:Total lies, exaggerations (American slang: BS)

    Tosser:A despicable idiot

    Twig And Berries:Male genitalia, the penis and testicles

    Twee:To be very dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint – “That little sprog is utterly twee.”

    Up The Duff:Pregnant

    Who blew off?:"Who passed gas?”

    Wacky baccy:Marijuana

    Wazzock:Imbecile or idiot

    Wonky:To be unstable –“The table leg’s a bit wonky.”



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