• Here you’ll find a list of the Best Haunted Houses,  Haunted Hayrides and Scream Parks in America.

    America's Top 25 Haunted Houses

    ZZZippy's List of the Best Haunted Houses, the Best Halloween Events, the Best Haunted Hayrides and the Best Scream Parks in the Country. If You're in Search of the Largest, Scariest, Most Exciting and the Very Best Halloween Events in America... You've Come to the Right Place!

    The ZZZippy staff has traveled the country visiting the very best (as well as some of the "not so best") haunted houses in entire haunted house industry. We've worked with some of the best known haunt enthusiasts, industry professionals and leaders, to bring you the Top 25 Best Haunted Houses in America. These amazing haunted attractions and scream parks are filled with laughter, fun, screams and excitement; and for some of you... nightmares. Through our efforts we have discovered the scariest haunted houses, the most thrilling scream parks and the most theatrical Halloween events. We've even found some haunts that are just down-right gross and disgusting- but still pretty cool! So if you want to be entertained, traumatized or thrilled; let ZZZippy take you on an epic journey as we introduce to you the very best haunted houses in the country!

  • Have big fun on the bayou - at Nightmare On The Bayou in Houston, Texas

    #25 Nightmare On The Bayou Houston, TX

    Nightmare on the Bayou kicks ass in Texas in a big way. This popular Houston haunted attraction may not be the scariest, the most radical or the goriest on our list, but it certainly is fun. Good ole Hank Williams Sr. may have summed it up best with his infamous words- "son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou."

    We think that Bob Wright, owner/operator of the attraction, totally understands what Hank was talking about. Bob obviously realizes that Halloween events should provide people with entertainment first and foremost. People want to have fun at Halloween. And Nightmare on the Bayou delivers a ton-a-fun for visiting guests, both inside and outside of the attraction. While Nightmare on the Bayou claims to be Houston's only "truly haunted" house, ZZZippy claims it to be the 25th best haunted attraction in the entire country.

  • Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio is the World's Longest Haunted House and covers 55,000 square feet

    #24 Factory of Terror Canton, OH

    Canton's Factory of Terror is not just a great haunted house... it's a HUGE haunted house. So huge in fact that just prior to our voting, Factory of Terror was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the World's Longest Haunted House (an incredible 4,951 feet). Overall the attraction is a whopping 55,000-square-foot. Of course most terrified haunt goers are seen with heads down, eyes closed and usually holding on to the person in front of them. Imagine visitors going through a 55,000 square foot attraction that way.

    However being the longest in and of itself is not enough to make ZZZippy's List. So what did Factory of Terror do to slice their way on to the list? They produced a show that includes a labyrinth of decorated rooms, many special effects and props and a host of exciting startles and surprises along the way. All in all, Factory of Terror is worth the ticket and certainly earned its way onto ZZZippy's List as one of the country's best dark attractions.http://fotohio.com/

  • The Fear Experience Haunted House in Cleveland is one of Ohio's best Halloween attractions

    #23 Fear Experience Cleveland, OH

    To get any attention as a haunted house in Ohio you better be damn good. With more haunts than just about any other state, Ohio showcases some of the best in the US. In fact, Ohio now owns the record for the most haunts to make ZZZippy's List of America's Top 25 Haunted Houses- 5 in all (the closest contending state was Illinois with 3).

    The Fear Experience is indeed one of the country's best, certainly one of Ohio's best and without a doubt Cleveland's best haunted house. That's because the Fear Experience is just that, an experience that fills visiting victim's minds (and hearts) with fear. Visit this wild haunt and you'll witness guests running from the attraction as if they were running for their lives (and who knows, maybe they are). The actors are exceptional, the sets are exceptional, the show is exceptional- which makes the experience... exceptional. The Fear Experience, #23 on ZZZippy's Best Haunts in the country.

  • Haunter Montrose in Montrose, Georgia is a dark attraction that is believably real and scary.

    #22 Haunted Montrose Montrose, GA

    Trey Cottle's Haunted Montrose is a blast! Trey has invested a ton of cash in some of the industry's best props. He has built an excellent environment, has trained his actors well... but most importantly he magically brings all of that together to make his dark attractions believable and scary. If you meet Tray you would not imagine him as a "haunter", but instead just a really polite, extremely nice, regular guy. It's a good thing that you can't see inside his head- its scary in there! Congratulations to one of Georgia's finest haunted attractions and #22 on ZZZippy's List.http://www.hauntedmontrose.com/

  • The Haunted Hotel is San Diego's premier haunted attraction with unrivaled talent and design in the state of California

    #21 Haunted Hotel San Diego, CA

    The Only California haunted attraction to make ZZZippy's List for 2018 is the Haunted Hotel in San Diego... and boy did they earn their spot. Located in the Gaslamp district, the Haunted Hotel is San Diego's longest running haunted attraction. Pulling artists, set designers and actors from different parts of San Diego (and the surrounding area) the Haunted Hotel has done an awesome job of bringing that talent together to create an experience unrivaled in the state of California. The Haunted Hotel delivers a spine chilling, heart thumping experience to guests. Scream as much as you like... it won't help.

    Congrats to the staff and managers of the San Diego's Haunted Hotel for making your way to ZZZippy's Best Haunted House in California and onto our Best of the Best Haunts in America.http://hauntedhotel.com/

  • #20 Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum Flint, MI

    The first Michigan haunt on ZZZippy's List is the well-known St. Lucifer's Asylum in Flint. Kris Werner, owner of Saint Lucifer’s, says many guests buy tickets to the terrifying haunted house and then can't muster the courage to go inside. How stupid is that?! Or maybe not?

    Most of the better attractions on ZZZippy's List deliver a solid story line and St. Lucifer's is not an exception. The backline of this attraction suggest that this once progressive mental institution (specializing in electroshock therapy) has lost control of its facility... and patients. Some of them frequently chewed their tongues off during procedures. Body counts became unusually high, and patients disappeared in the hospital’s underground tunnels. Then there’s the tale of the boy who one day awoke and discovered the mark of St. Lucifer’s on his arm. Later he discovered that he had a twin brother who died at St. Lucifer’s. Eventually, the hospital was closed and boarded up, but now guests have the chance to find out for themselves what the mystery of Saint Lucifer’s is all about, as they open it for the public.

    This backline serves to make the entire experience more believable as it holds that fabric of the attraction together... at least in the minds of visitors. Werner and his crew have done an impressive job this season. Their efforts have helped them claw their way into the top 20 best haunted houses of ZZZippy's List.http://fearfest.net/

  • Wisconsin Feargrounds in Waukesha, is the address of 
Morgan Manor, CarnEvil of Torment and Unstable - three attractions that weave together a single terrifying story line.

    #19 Wisconsin Fear Grounds Waukesha, WIThe Wisconsin Fear Grounds (created by veteran Haunter, Tim Gavinski) delivers a fun and versatile evening of scares and nightmares. Tim and his wife Ann Marie have worked for years to create this popular fall attraction, which happens to be one of Wisconsin's very best. Wisconsin FearGrounds is made up of three main attractions: Morgan Manor, CarnEvil and Unstable. Loads of actors and a well managed property certainly make a visit to FearGrounds worth the price of admission.

    Morgan Manor- designed to be a haunted Victorian mansion where Morgana and her 8 sisters feed on your fears (and maybe on you). The costumes and scenes from the Manor are all consistent with the Victorian era which brings more credibility to the attraction.

    The continuity is held with the FearGround's next attraction, CarnEvil of Torment, as the mystifying Morgana commands her minions to do her evil bidding on guests (that's you). This freaky, three-ring circus of terror keeps guests cowering throughout the entire walk-thru.

    Unstable is the third attraction at Wisconsin FearGrounds. This old stable was once the safe haven for those who escaped the hands of Morgana. Unfortunately for you she has delivered the same evil that was once confined to the Manor to the outside stables. We especially like Unstable, mostly because of the originality. Let's face it, how many dark attractions feature a haunted stable?!http://wisconsinfeargrounds.com/

  • You won't soon forget a visit to the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado.

    #18 13th Floor Denver, CO

    If you go out west this Halloween season you need to visit the 13th Floor in Denver. This fantastic attraction made its way to number 18 on ZZZippy's List by providing visitors with horror, in-depth scares and dark images that stick with you eternally. This phenomenal show was created and produced by 13th Floor Entertainment Group, an organization that shines in the production of dark entertainment. Denver's largest haunt, the13th Floor, is no exception as they terrify guests every step of the way through this impressive attraction.http://www.13thfloorhauntedhouse.com/

  • House of Horrors & Haunted Catacombs in Cheektowaga, New York (near Buffalo) is comprised of six terrifying attractions for a full night of fright.

    #17 HOUSE OF HORRORS AND HAUNTED CATACOMBS Cheektowaga, NYJust outside of Buffalo, New York, Tim Bunch (another respected veteran of the Haunted House industry), continues to mix it up with his House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs. Some leading experts say that Bunch may not always get all of the recognition he deserves for his creative approach to haunted houses, his large investment of props and animatronics; and the passion that he shoots into the veins of his attractions. However this year Bunch climbed his way to the winners circle as one of the scariest and most exciting fall haunts in the United States.

    As House of Horrors enters their 15th year of scaring the yell out of patrons Bunch continues to turn up the heat with ever growing sets, unique costuming and special effects you are most accustomed to seeing in Vegas and Hollywood. House of Horrors is Western New York's largest and longest running haunted attraction and is also one of the largest indoor haunts in North America (at nearly 50,000 square feet)! This cool attraction draws patrons from all over the country who are itching to experience radical, well produced shows of this type. For 2018, these fans are sure to be delighted as the House Of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs brings six terrifying attractions to the Halloween season: Hellhouse, Mark Of The Beast, The Infected, Where Evil Dwells, Killer Theater, and the live action Zombie Apocalypse Shooting gallery. With all of the amazing things there are to do at this park, you will be entertained for hours!http://www.houseofhorrorsbuffalo.com/

  • #16 The Dent Schoolhouse Cincinnati, OHWhile there is no shortage of mixed reviews (most of which are very good) regarding Cincinnati's, Dent Schoolhouse, no one can deny that the owners of this cool haunted schoolhouse have created one of the very best backlines in the industry. The Legend is that several of the school’s students disappeared during a period starting in 1942 and continuing through 1952. Eventually locals began to notice putrid smells coming from the basement of the school house, however, somehow the School’s janitor, Charlie, convinced the town that the smell was being emitted from the school's pipes which became clogged up. The smell was noticed again in 1955, after several more children disappeared, a mob of concerned citizens organized and broke into the basement only to discover rotting corpses of school-age children. Charlie the Janitor was immediately suspected, but somehow vanished from the area. According to lore, the schoolhouse is now haunted by the ghosts of the missing children, and Charlie’s still lurking and in search of more victims!

    Dent Schoolhouse is a fun, exciting and unusual haunted attraction which utilizes a great story line to create an enjoyable experience. Combined these are the elements that help place Dent in ZZZippy's Top 25 Haunted Houses in the US.http://frightsite.com/

  • #15 Scarehouse Etna, PA

    Another of the ZZZippy Team's very favorite Halloween attractions is the ScareHouse in Pittsburg. To start with the building is the ideal structure to house the ScareHouse event. Its timeless beauty and haunting atmosphere lends itself to what some might say is the "perfect venue" for any haunted attraction. Add to that the "science of haunting" that the ScareHouse Team has applied to the show and you begin creating an excellent recipe for a top rated haunted house. The ScareHouse is filled with high-energy actors and very detailed sets; and blessed with the perfect "house" which all add up to an amazing environment and an outstanding show placing them in the top 15 haunted attractions in America.http://www.scarehouse.com/

  • #14 House of Torment Morton Grove, IL

    One of the country's largest most terrifying haunt experiences has landed in the Chicago area- House of Torment. One of 2 attractions produced by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group to make this year's list. This show is promoted as a multi-layered psychological thriller... and we must say, it is all of that. Visitors get two shows for the price of one (Contagium and the Abandoned). As far as we are concerned this is one of the very top shows in the country... and certainly ranks one of the best in Chicago. Kudos to the Thirteenth Floor folks for giving yet another of their fabulous attractions enough nightmarish pizzazz to make the list of ZZZippy's Best Haunted Houses of the year.http://houseoftormentchicago.com/

  • #13 Kersey Valley Spooky Woods Archdale, NCFeatured on the Travel Channel, ABC News and USA Today, Kersey Valley Spooky Woods is quite accustomed to being rated among the best haunted houses in America. This very cool, somewhat outrageous Halloween event is fun for most everyone. Owners, Tony Wohlgemuth and his wife Donna have done a fantastic job of creating a Halloween attraction that can keep you wrapped up in scares and excitement for hours. This year Spooky Woods is offering a variety of top-notch attractions to its victims including: the Midway Circus Scare Zone, Spliced- Circus Dolls, Land of Fairy's Fables, Terror Trams, the Wicked, Curse of Kersey Krow- Corn Maze, the Kersey Valley Manor and Dead Men Tell No Tales. In addition Spooky Woods presents to those who know no better- the Kersey Valley Asylum and Monster X.

    These folks always do an amazing job. That's how they made their way into the highest rated haunts in America on ZZZippy's List of the Best of the Best. If you haven't seen this show yet you need to... this year.http://spookywoods.com/

  • #12 Woods of Terror Greensboro, NC

    Woods of Terror makes it way on ZZZippy's List of the best haunted houses in the country and for good reason. This exciting scream complex in North Carolina features 13 fun-filled attractions including two all new attractions this year; Arachnophobia and The Purge: Anarchy. They also feature a Monster Midway which offers guests a nice variety of concessions (before or after being immersed into their nightmarish adventure).

    Woods of Terror is also known for a talented group of actors that deliver startles and scares year after year, including Eddie McLaren (owner of Woods of Terror) or Bone Daddy as he is known at the attraction. You might just get lucky and see Bone Daddy in the flesh, sporting a red mohawk and man-handling a huge albino python around his neck as he parades about the Midway.

    From spiders to clowns, from vampires to zombies; Woods of Terror delivers an exciting Halloween treat for haunt goers. Remember that Woods of Terror and Spooky Woods are close enough that you could see both in one night... and we recommend that you do!http://woodsofterror.com/

  • #11 Haunted Hoochie/Dead Acres Pataskala, OH

    Tim May has it down when it comes to blood and guts and shoot-them-in-the-head, gore. He is obviously not afraid of criticism from locals as he pulls out all of the stops for his popular Halloween show- Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres (near Columbus, Ohio). Tim believes that his show is the most radical show on earth. Well we agree that it certainly is one of them (it's not often you watch a guy stick a shotgun in his mouth and blow his head off). Regardless, this show is not for the faint of heart. In fact, the crew at Dead Acres will tell you- don't bother to come to this show if you might be offended or don’t love being scared, because from your first step to your last, Dead Acres will assault every one of your senses. And each and every time that you start to take a breath, another scare awaits you... around the corner, above you, or maybe even below you! The actors will touch you, lunge at you, chase you, curse at you… in general they'll do whatever they have to do to make you piss yourself.

    Just in case you survive the outrageous Haunted Hoochie, you can crawl over with what guts you have left and explore Bad Trip In 3D. This nightmarish psychedelic journey is a maze filled with 3D paintings and props, complete with creepy clowns and maniacs.

    If you're not afraid of blood, gore, extreme violence and just plain crazy antics, we suggest you head to Columbus and see one of the darkest shows in the industry. Oh yea, Tim, if you're reading this we suggest that you consider getting some professional help.http://www.deadacres.com/

  • #10 Netherworld Norcross, GABen Armstrong's Netherworld makes our Top 10 Haunted Houses in America. Everyone in the Haunt Business knows Ben Armstrong... and Ben certainly knows the haunt business. Ben is the creator and mastermind behind the very imaginative, very intense, Netherworld Haunted House. Netherworld is another of the haunted houses that makes a permanent impression on visitors. In fact, the first thing that attacks your senses when you approach the popular attraction are the countless E-line (entertainment line) entertainers. The fact is if we were giving awards for the best E-liners, Netherworld would sweep the show.

    Netherworld is best known for its outstanding special effects and tons (literally) of animatronics. Ben has spared no nickels when it comes to loading up on the robotic monsters and special props. Netherworld also showcases excellent makeup and very, very cool costumes. Overall this haunted attraction offers guests a tour of fun and scares, mixed with excitement and tense emotion. If you've seen Netherworld before, go back and visit again, because every single season Armstrong loads up his exciting venue with new effects, different scares and of course more monsters and characters.

    This year Netherworld turned up the heat with The Rotting- where dark spirits are released and create a supernatural plague. Also for this season Netherworld features Vault 13 Unearthed- a secret base buried deep within the earth, unsealed by an unknown force! Great job to Ben and his Netherworld staff for making #10 on our list.http://www.fearworld.com/

  • #9 Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare Villa Park IL

    Steve Kopelman does it again, and again and again. Kopelman has played strategic roles in many of the country's best haunted houses for several years. The fact is that Steve has a great understanding of haunted houses as well as his understanding of business which makes him the perfect partner (if you're ever looking for one) in the haunt business.

    For this season (and the second consecutive year) Kopelman has partnered with American musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer, Rob Zombie to create an exciting new venue in Chicago entitled "Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare". This loud, radical and in-your-face attraction will keep you on your toes each millisecond that you are on the property. One quickly realizes that this attraction was certainly not created by amateurs, but instead by seasoned veterans of the entertainment industry. Steve and Rob have collectively produced one of the best attractions in the country as their creation makes its way onto the list of biggest, best, baddest, haunted attractions on earth.

    Instead of us attempting to describe the Great American Nightmare we suggest you go see it for yourself. Go now... and rock till you drop!http://www.greatamericannightmare.com/

  • #8 Ghostly Manor Sandusky, OH

    Bill Carscioni and his wife Jamie are the owners of Ghostly Manor in Sandusky, Ohio. You might find it odd that Bill would be in the "haunt industry". He doesn't dress the part, he doesn't speak the language and he doesn't look the part. But what he does do is understand the entertainment business. Ghostly Manor (just a quick jog from Cedar Point, the roller coaster capitol of the world) is very different from other haunts in many ways. When you arrive at the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center you will find a skating rink, a virtual reality ride, glow in the dark mini golf, a huge arcade, a children's fun center and of course, one of the best haunted houses in the country.

    The first time that we went through the Ghostly Manor Haunted House our group quietly asked each other- "how could this be that good? It's much smaller than the mega haunts, it's inside an amusement center and they couldn't have hardly any actors at all." Well Bill and his staff quickly dampened that smoking torch. As we stood waiting to enter we were startled by a loud knock on the door (which was obviously a queue to the attendant that the Manor was ready for its next victims). Once we entered we were immediately assaulted from every possible crack and crevice, every angle and from every object in every room. This lively haunted house features outstanding animatronics, detailed sets and what may very well be the most ambitious actors in the industry. While they don't utilize the blood, guts and gore the way many of the large attractions do, they certainly deliver substantial entertainment value to their guests. In other words, they can scare the pants off a grown man! So if you are looking to have a great scare and a ton of fun, head to Sandusky any time of year (that's right this attraction is open year round) and experience the Ghostly Manor. http://www.ghostlymanor.com/

  • #7 Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride Glen Mills, PAReaching to #7 on ZZZippy's Best Haunts in America is an attraction that belongs to Randy Bates. Bates is yet another master of scare and fright when it comes to conceiving, creating and developing haunted attractions. For over 25 years Randy and his team have wowed audiences... and in most cases scared their pants off. Bates is probably best known for his popular Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, where his crew has been scaring the daylights out of visitors from all over the region. Bates' use of quality props, digital FX and veteran actors, combined with extraordinary makeup, are key ingredients in making the adventure in Glen Mills an exciting one.

    The Haunted Hayride is a 25 minute, action packed, heart-pounding ride through the dark forest of Arasapha Farm (located just outside of Philadelphia). The ride delivers guests enormous sets that are detailed to the highest degree for the ultimate effect. Bates adds gigantic monsters to his scenes and then enhances the experience with pyrotechnics that would make Gene Simmons jealous. With scenes like his 100 foot long, 40 foot tall drive thru insane asylum, a full scale mockup of a New England church and a 200 foot long cave, the Haunted Hayride is an excellent example of a living Hollywood movie.Visitors experience one of the country's largest crews (over 75 actors) and 25 scenes of pure excitement.This year the return of the Headless Horseman enhances the show once again. So don’t miss the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, one of the country's best haunted experiences in and of itself. When it comes to Halloween, it's hard to beat Bates.http://thebatesmotel.com/

  • #6 Erebus Pontiac, MIMichigan (like Ohio) produces hundreds and hundreds of haunts including many of the best in America (there are approximately 75 haunted houses located within a 50 mile radius of Detroit). So how does someone build an attraction that can exist with that much competition? Just do what brothers Ed and Jim Terebus have done for well over 35 years now, build it bigger and better... and they will come. Well they have... and they do. Erebus sets itself apart from other haunts by offering guests a more sophisticated, more intense and much bigger show. The two brothers insist that most of their props and sets are built by the Erebus team (Ed and Jim just happen to be a couple of the most experienced guys in the haunt industry). They built Erebus to be one of the largest haunted houses in the world, and in fact they held the Guinness World Record as the longest walk-through haunted attraction for several years (2005 - 2009). Erebus covers an impressive four stories of unique experiences delivering exciting and startling surprises all along the way and it all comes from the minds of a couple of guys that love to scare and entertain their guests.

    One more thing that we appreciate about Erebus is their community involvement. Erebus in conjunction with American Haunts has donated approximately $1,000,000 worth of haunted attraction tickets to veterans. If that doesn't make you want to attend this bad ass attraction, I don't know what will. Congratulations to Erebus, one of the largest and best dark attractions on the planet!http://www.hauntedpontiac.com/

  • #5 The House of Shock New Orleans, LA

    The House of Shock was founded in 1993 by Ross Karpelman, Jay Gracianette, Steven Joseph and friends in 1993. A discussion between these lifelong companions about what Halloween meant to them as children rekindled their desire to recreate that feeling as adults while sharing that feeling with the youth of today. So what did they do? They built the infamous House of Shock. And let me tell you this, there is no overstatement here- it is indeed shocking. The first time we visited House of Shock we were handed an experience one does not soon forget. The House of Shock cast opened the night with their popular (and extremely theatrical) stage show enhanced by huge video screens and pyrotechnics. The pyrotechnics were so intense they actually melted one of the huge screens. As spectators, we soon discovered that the stage show was just an appetizer for what was awaiting us. We quickly discovered that once you're inside the house it has an effect that stays with you for a lifetime.

    For 2015- The House of Shock presents The Resurrection, as a result of overwhelming support from the New Orleans community when the House was scheduled to permanently close after the 2014 season. House of Shock boasts a 25,000-square-foot haunted attraction and includes over 350 volunteers that add their own brand of fright to the night. Besides the Resurrection, the House invites you to experience The Bordello of Freaks and Laff in the Dark, two additional insanely unique and disturbing shows.

    Over the past two decades, The House of Shock has enjoyed national and international exposure through publications such as Rolling Stone, Maxim and Playboy and was named Haunted Attraction Magazine’s “Number One Haunted House in the Country” in 2014 and The Travel Channel’s “Most Intense Haunted Attraction” in 2007. It should come as no Shock to anyone that " Karpelman's House" lands in a top spot in ZZZippy 2015 Top Haunted Houses.http://www.houseofshock.com/

  • #4 Fear Itself at Legend Park Mishawaka, INThe #4 Best Haunted House in America (and #1 Best Scream Park in the country) belongs to Fear Itself at Legend Park in Mishawaka, Indiana. Legend Park (about 60 minutes from downtown Chicago) is another phenomenal attraction, consistently rated among the top scream parks and haunted houses in the world. This astonishing collection of shows has been recognized among the best of the best by Haunted Attraction Magazine, Fright Times, 13th Hour Magazine and many other media.

    The Fear Itself Show also happens to be one of the largest in the country featuring over 125 actors and support staff. It's one of the largest physical shows in the world (a whopping 40,000 square feet under roof on approximately 25 acres of land). Similar in detail to popular 13th Gate, Fear Itself showcases some of the most realistic and incredibly detailed sets in the entire industry. Add an extremely talented cast of actors, and possibly the most theatrical show in the industry; your end result- one of the best haunted houses on the planet.

    The diversity of this show makes it a powerful force to reckon with. The Legend Park Show showcases 5 main attractions, each totally unlike the other and each delivering an immense variety of unique experiences to guests:

    ROCK MONKEY CAVES- similar to a Disney or Universal Studios attraction with unbelievable catacombs, caverns and caves; and one of the largest animatronics in the industry. Rock Monkey also features an old sway bridge complete with waterfall and wind, an 8 foot tall, anatomically perfect human skull; and one of the greatest illusions in the industry (the endless tunnel).LOST IN THE WOODS- a fun-filled journey through a dark woods filled with scarecrows, werewolves, inbreeds and a mixed-bag of other creatures. Real shotguns, burn barrels and shacks add to the originality of this attraction. 13TH HOUR 4D AMAZEMENT- not intended to be scary but instead an amazing collection of incredible 3D art, music, special effects and a few choice startles.SINISTER CIRCUS- the largest dark circus on the planet featuring: the longest spinning tunnel, the longest claustrophobia; and the largest living dot room in the industry. To add to the excitement Sinister features a mystifying collection of rooms and areas- the Sinister Fun House, the Outdoors Circus, the Big Tent and the Clown Warehouse. To top off this attraction Sinister boasts a collection of over 100 creepy clowns, props and animatronics. THE WORLD-FAMOUS CUCKOO'S NEST- an insane asylum so detailed and realistic it's uncanny. Cuckoo's Nest is considered by many experts to be the best haunted attraction of all time.

    If you're looking for a totally unique show that has even the critics raving... don't miss the Fear Itself at Legend Park Showhttp://www.legendpark.com/

  • #3 Statesville Haunted Prison Crest Hill, IlIf you know John La Flamboy and his way-out Zombie Army, it should come to you as no surprise that Statesville Haunted Prison was ranked as one of ZZZippy's very Best Haunts for 2015. John's flamboyant personality (his real name may even be John La Flamboyant) seems to drive his never ending quest to improve his products and his staff. While John is charming and extremely personable, he is also a deep thinker, very demanding and has a great mind for the entertainment industry. Statesville Haunted Prison certainly illustrates that as much as anything else John has touched. As far as we're concerned John has become an icon of the industry and has helped to drive it (especially in the Midwest) for years.

    When you visit Statesville (we certainly recommend that you do) you will find that the prison has been overrun by its inmates... and it's up to you to find your way through 40 cells and come face-to-face with the convicts (over 100 and counting) before escaping. The scenes and excellent set design only go unnoticed due to the in-your-face acting by John's cast. These folks even scare each other. The makeup is excellent, the acting is superb and the overall uniqueness and approach to the concept is commendable, at least. Statesville Haunted Prison continues to evolve its award-winning haunted attraction this year with several new areas: The Prison Entrance, Cell Block B, The Meat Grinder, Dog Kennels, The Outdoor Yard, and an additional bus load of convicts and creatures. Plus, audiences’ screams are being answered with a full attack on their phobias with more LIVE snakes and spiders!

    John La Flamboy and the Zombie Army have earned their ZZZippy rank as one of America's Top 3 Best Dark Attractions!http://www.statesvillehauntedprison.com/

  • #2 Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses Ulster Park, NYComing in at the envious position of number 2 on ZZZippy's Best of the Best Haunted Houses is the infamous Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses located in Ulster Park, NY (part of the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley). The 250 year-old farm is the perfect setting for a Halloween attraction. This vast expanse incorporates over sixty -five acres of naturally landscaped property including foreboding woods, surreal ponds, fruit orchards and more.

    Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses, owned and operated by Michael and Nancy Jubie is a unique, immersive experience which features a theatrical one-mile hayride, a fun-filled corn maze and seven haunted attractions: The Lunar Motel, Glutton's Diner & Slaughter House, Slither's Pet Shop, Dark Harvest Corn Maze, Night Shade Nursery & Greenhouse, Dr. Dark's Black Spider Sideshow, The Feeding, Dahlia Blood's Manor, (with skilled stunt actors and a magic-illusion side show starring Ryan Dutcher).

    New for 2015, the creators of Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses are proud to present "The Great Room Escape", an interactive, immersive experience that uses a real life escape as the theme. Congrats to Mike & Nancy for their outstanding show and 2015's second best rated haunted house in America!http://www.headlesshorseman.com/

  • #1 13th Gate Baton Rouge, LA

    The #1 position for the Best Haunted Attraction on ZZZippy's List of the Top 25 Haunted Houses in America, belongs to the amazing, 13th Gate. 13th Gate has been one of our very favorite haunts since the very first time we visited it. The proprietor Dwayne Sanburn has a passion for the industry and a commitment to excellence. Besides that, he just happens to be one of the nicest guys in the entire industry; a gentleman's gentleman.

    Now that we have the niceties behind us, let's get down to the scary facts; Dwayne's 13th Gate is nothing short of terrifying! The set design is so realistic that you cannot tell the haunt from the real thing. Widely regarded as one of the top haunted houses in the Country, The 13th Gate (located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is the ultimate Haunted House where you journey through not one but 13 nightmares.

    The artists behind the impressive dark attraction turn horror into reality. Similar to Fear Itself in Indiana, visiting guests frequently ask themselves "is this real?" The attraction’s level of detail, set design, and effects combined with impressive actors and incredible makeup can only be compared to a Hollywood movie. 13th Gate features a real snake-infested Louisiana Swamp, nightly voodoo shows, claustrophobic cellars, hidden subterranean passages and even a prehistoric ice cave, all seamlessly woven together... which is nothing short of masterful. The haunted house is constantly changing and growing from year to year so that guests never know what to expect around the next terrifying corner.

    If 13th Gate is not enough by itself, next door Sanburn has built a haunted cemetery named Necropolis. Unlike other "haunted cemeteries" Necropolis is a haunted New Orleans-style cemetery, complete with crumbling stone and mortar, above ground crypts. A stroll through this cemetery in the dead of the night delivers an entire new type of goose bump. The cemetery consumes an entire city block and is a labyrinth of over 400 dark crypts for you to explore, all the while avoiding the multitudes of the living dead freshly awakened by Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Lord of the Dead. To enter the cemetery you must first descend 13 steps down into an open grave deep into dark underground catacombs. From there it's a half-mile terror-filled trek to the exit.

    A monstrous congratulations to Dwayne Sanburn and his outstanding staff for making 13th Gate the #1 dark attraction on ZZZippy's 2015 Top 25 Best Haunted Houses in America.http://www.13thgate.com/



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