• Interesting Facts About HamburgersEverything you need to know about hamburgers, and some things you really don’t need to know.

  • How Many Burgers Do
    Americans Consume?

    Americans eat approximately 50 billion burgers a year!

    That means American’s consume about 150 burgers each year, or three burgers per American per week

    Line up all of those burgers and they would circle our earth more than 32 times! That might be where global warning started!?

    Regardless we no longer need to ask the age old question: Where’s the beef?

    For more see: How Many Burgers Americans Eat

    What Percent of All
    Sandwiches Sold
    Are Burgers?

    40% of all sandwiches sold are hamburgers!


    Who Invented Our
    National Favorite Sandwich?

    Some say America, others Germany, yet, a collection of ancient Roman recipes that dates back to the early 4th century, includes a recipe of beef called isicia omentata- a baked beef patty mixed with pine kernels, black and green peppercorns, and white wine.

    Additionally, the Library of Congress credits Louis Lassen of Louis Lunch Sandwich Shop in New Haven, CT as the creator of today’s hamburger. The claim is that one fine day in 1900 a gentleman rushed in to Louis’ Lunch Shop and claimed he wanted something he could eat “on the run” because he was in a hurry. Immediately Louis placed his own blend of round steak trimmings between two slices of toast and sent the gentleman merrily on his way.

    Furthermore according to historic records, the gentleman’s order wasn’t screwed up.

    Now that’s the most incredible part of that story!

    Are There Any Other Names
    Americans Have
    For Hamburgers?

    During WWI hamburgers were referred to as the Liberty Sandwich because soldiers wanted to avoid using a German related name (as in Hamburg, Germany)

    When Did Burgers
    Gain Popularity
    in America?

    Burgers started becoming extremely popular in the US after their introduction at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

    Where Did the Term
    Burger Originate From?

    Burger is the shortened name of Hamburger. The term hamburger was derived from Hamburg steaks introduced in the US by German immigrants.

    Have Animal's
    Rights Activists
    Influenced the
    Meat Industry?

    The animal rights group PETA once offered $15,000 to officials of Hamburg, New York, to change the town's name to Veggieburg.

    However, beef enthusiasts may get Hamburg to change its name to New York Strip, New York!

    How Much Cash is Spent
    on Burgers Annually?

    The Burger Business generates over 73 billion dollars per year.

    That's some serious bread!

    How Many Burger Joints
    Are There in America?

    There are more than 50,000 burger restaurants in the United States alone.

    I'm going to try them all!

    What Percentage of
    US Restaurants are
    Burger Restaurants?

    Approximately 7.5%

    How Much Beef
    is Used for Burgers?

    Beef is the most common meat used in burgers worldwide. Burgers account for 71 percent of beef served in American eateries.

    Most Interesting Meat
    Used for Burgers?

    Twisted Root Burger Co., a Texas based restaurant chain serves burgers with kangaroo, beaver and Llama meat. They even offer more meat selections if that’s not enough variety for you.

    What American States
    Have the Most
    Burger Restaurants?

    #1 California

    #2 Texas

    #3 Florida

    #4 Ohio

    #5 Illinois

    Which American Burger
    Chain is the Oldest?

    No, it’s not McDonald’s. The oldest burger chain in the world happens to be White Castle. White Castle was founded in 1921 by Walter A. Anderson and E.W. Ingram. Their burgers back then sold for a whopping 5 cents each.
    Imagine that combination- way too much to drink; and sliders for only 5 cent, ugh!

    What is the World’s
    Largest Burger?

    A Minnesota Casino set the world record for the largest hamburger ever made which weighed in at over a ton. The burger measured 10-feet in diameter.
    Talk about a whopper!

    What is the Most Expensive
    Burger in America?

    Although there is a lot of discrepancy related to “the most expensive burger” unquestionably on the list would be the FleurBurger served at the Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas. This pricey little gem is made with Kobe beef and topped with foir gras and black truffles. It is accompanied by a 1990 bottle of Chateau Petrus. Price tag: $5,000
    I have absolutely nothing to say.

    Is There Really
    A Hamburger Hall of Fame?

    Yes, there really is a Hamburger Hall of Fame and it happens to be located in Seymour, Wisconsin.

    And we should all go there... immediately!


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