ZZZippy's Guide to the Best Things To Do in Maui, Hawaii

    Hawaii is an amazing place, a tropical paradise filled with friendly people that always welcome others with open arms. There is an abundance of wonderful experiences awaiting you in Hawaii. So many great things to do and see that you never get bored, yet you're always at peace.Maui is ZZZippy's Gem of the Hawaiian Islands. We find it to have a wonderful balance of great activities as well as peace and tranquility. So if you enjoy tropical surroundings, colorful sandy beaches, fire dances and luaus, sushi and mudslides... Maui is the place for you.Aloha! E komo mai, e noho mai, e 'ai a e, wala'au(Greetings! Come in, come sit, eat and talk)

  • Walk Kaanapali Beach

    Kaanapali, where the world comes to play. It is indeed a magnificent stretch (three miles) of beauty, where sand meets water in a captivating manner that is difficult to put into words.

    Kaanapali is touted as one of the best beaches in America. Many years ago the sandy beaches and tropical gardens of Kaanapali were enjoyed by Hawaiian kings and queens who sought a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat. The land itself was once comprised of green sugar cane and taro, grown with the help of the Maui sun and a freshwater spring. This magical spot is steeped in culture, from when it was used as a training ground for Hawaiian warriors in ancient times, to the romantic days of “Old Hawaii” nearly 100 years ago.

    Today visitors still come here for the beauty and the splendor as well as for the nearby luxury resorts and condos. Enjoy the Best of the Best of Hawaii, as you stroll in tranquility on Kaanapali Beach.


    Visit Haleakala National Park

    This unique park echos with Hawaiian culture and protects the bond between the land and its people. Overflowing with volcanic landscapes and a sub-tropical rain forest, where endangered species roam freely is a place like no other.

    This is the perfect setting for a hike or journey where you might get a glimpse of rare native birds or other beautiful creatures. Walk through bamboo forests and lush greenery and colorful flowering plants. You can explore the summit, or the coast if you choose... or both.

    This is indeed a rare moment and a wonderful opportunity to experience something meaningful and everlasting.


    Windsurf the Bubbly, White Waves at Ho'okipa Beach

    Maui is a windsurfing paradise. If you've never windsurfed or never windsurfed Maui, you're really missing an adventure. However if you really want an unforgettable adventure, windsurf the crystal clear waters at Ho'okipa Beach.

    Ho’okipa Beach Park is one of the top spots for ocean sports and recreation in Maui and one of the best (if not the best) windsurfing spot in the world. Located on Hâna Highway , this breath-taking white sand beach is home to some of the very best waves on the Maui coastline. Referred to as a mecca for surfers of all ages, there is nothing like Ho'okipa Beach.

    If part of your group doesn't partake in the sport, no problem because Ho'okipa is one of Maui's hot spots for all types of other events.

    So head to this excellent beach, let its gentle trade winds brush your face. Enjoy the clear warm waters, the fresh air and the dazzling tropical setting.


    Check out ZZZippy's List of Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing Schools and Rentals in Maui

    Play a Round (or 2 or 3) of Golf at One of Maui’s Sensational Golf Courses

    Shoot a round of golf that you will never, I stress never, forget. Regardless of how you shoot you'll keep that scorecard forever.

    Golf on Maui is simply indescribable. There is no more dramatic setting than here. The last time that I played I watched whales breach in the Ocean as I putted on a beautiful green which was perched high atop a bluff overlooking the North Pacific Ocean.

    In Maui there are presently 14 courses (several of which are ranked at or near the top of the “world’s best” lists) designed by noted course architects and golfing notables such including Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw. Don't be surprised to see a pro in the clubhouse as Maui is one of the preferred places by pro players.

    Palm groves, tropical flowers, natural streams and ancient lava flow traps surround fairways and tee boxes as rainbows form due to the ocean mist.

    Golfers don't care what they shot in Maui, they only care that they shot in Maui.

    See Zippy’s list of Maui’s Best Golf Courses

    Go Snorkeling in Molokini

    Why go to Maui? Well considering it has some of the best surfing beaches in the world, some of the most magnificent golf courses in the world and some of the best snorkeling spots on the planet... I guess that's a good start.

    Everyone single person that has snorkeled in Maui raves about their adventure for years thereafter. Why? Because the Maui waters are perfect for snorkeling. Clean, clear, warm waters which make for the perfect home for tropical fish, colorful plant life and coral... and countless forms of ocean life. But wait, there's more! While underwater, snorkeling you can actually hear humpback whales singing their love songs as the massive creatures' tunes transcend through the waters for miles during whale season.

    So what's the perfect place to Snorkel in Maui you ask? Well, while there are many amazing spots, there are none quite as exotic and beautiful as those in Molokini. And the best place in Molokini is without doubt the Molokini Crater (an incredible underwater volcano islet). This partially submerged, crescent-shaped volcanic crater is like no other snorkeling location in the world. Ecologically, the perfect environment for marine life feeding and breeding. It hosts over 250 species of endemic Hawaiian tropical fish. If you are serious about snorkeling, get serious about Molokini!


    Take A Breathtaking Journey on the Road To Hana

    If you've planned your trip to Maui then there is a fair chance that you already know about the Road to Hana. This is not just a ZZZippy Must-See... this is a must- see on anyone's list of "things to do in Maui".

    The first thing that you should do if possible is to gather a little research on the Road to Hana. While you can find an abundance of related information on line the best way to find out is to talk to the locals. Many of them can tell you story after story of Hana history, facts and myths.

    The next thing that you should do is decide if you will take a tour or drive it yourself (we recommend the drive).

    Finally become familiar with the sights and activities that await you. Know what you want to see and do ahead of time. Check out the waterfalls including the twin falls (breathtaking), visit the Nahiku MarketPlace, walk the sandy beaches and visit the state parks. We could go on for hours about the Road to Hana, but instead will let you experience it yourself.


    Do a Maui Chartered Fishing Expedition

      Maui is the perfect place to charter a fishing excursion. The waters are warm, beautiful and majestic. The fish are colorful and plentiful. All you need for a succesful fishing event is to make sure you get the right fishing charter company (not always the easiest thing to do). However, if you find the right company (one that really knows the waters and understands the local) you should have an incredible (and successful) experience.

      People that have been on a fishing charter expedition rave about it for years. It's a great experience for everyone!

      Touch here to see a list of Maui's Top Charters Fishing Companies

      Get the Adrenaline Boost & the Tranquility at the Same Time with a Ride Over the Tropical Paradise of Maui

      Ziplines are exhilarating, exciting and a great way to experience any geographical area and generally speaking they are extremely safe.

      So what better way to experience Maui than by zipline? Imagine soaring high above canyons, forests, beaches and waterfalls, as if you owned the skies yourself. In many instances you can see mountains, the ocean and other spectacular sites from a totally unique vantage point. The panoramic views can be intoxicating.

      The fact is America's very first zipline originated in Maui! Wow, it's no wonder that many of the best ziplines on the planet are located in Maui today.

      When you're putting together your itinerary of exciting things to do in Maui, make sure Ziplining is on your list.

      See Maui's Best ZZZipline Adventures

      Catch a Cocktail Cruise at Sunset

      The key words which make a cocktail cruise enjoyable- cocktails and cruising. However if you want to make your cocktail cruise a memorable one then there are a few other key ingredients.

      A cocktail Cruise should be romantic... even if you're don't typically a romantic yourself. A good cocktail Cruise should deliver a dreamy or exotic feeling, which inevitably makes you a bit more of a romantic. The next important ingredient is the crew. Are they knowledgeable, helpful and truly interested in making the experience a great on for you and other guests? If so you will remember your cruise for a lifetime.

      Here are some other elements that make a cocktail cruise average, good, great... or over-the-top: The condition of the vessel you're sailing on, the weather like (hey, it's Maui so its most likely amazing), the potential of seeing whales or dolphins, and of course the general atmosphere of the cruise relating to being relaxed and comfortable.

      When these elements come together (and they usually do if you choose the right cruise company) then a Maui Cocktail Cruise is a must when you visit this great island.

      ZZZippy's Top Rated Maui Cocktail Cruises

      ZZZippy's Top Rated Maui Dinner Cruises

      Take in a Luaus for Fun Food and Even Better Entertainment

      A luau (Hawaiian: lūʻau) is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment. There can be a large variety, and an abundance of food such as poi, kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, opihi, roasted corn and haupia. But what makes a luau the most fun is the entertainment.

      When you go to a Maui Luau you can expect that your hosts will always be pleasant and helpful... and extremely friendly. If not turn around and find another luau because a big part of the experience is the happy atmosphere which begins with your hosts.

      With many luau's you are typically greeted with a Mai Tai and leis. This combined with Hawaiian music almost always sets the mood for the festivities that await guests. You can find everything from arts and crafts, traditional island games that you participate in, and even opportunities to talk with locals about their history, culture and traditions.

      There is always a feast in a luau which many times includes time-honored techniques of undergraound cooking. Then comes the entertainment. Guests witness everything from talented hula dancers to live Hawaiian music and even fire-dancers that leave you astonished by their performances.

      When you go to Maui you have to do a luau... or it's not a Hawaiian vacation.

      See Zippy’s list of Maui's Best Luaus

      Explore the Amazing Maui Ocean Center

      The Maui Ocean Center, offers guests a way tto conveniently explore Hawaii’s underwater world without ever getting wet. We consider this to be one of the Best Aquariums on the entire planet. The Aquarium features a large variety of sharks, turtles, stingrays and thousands of Hawaii's astonishing tropical fish. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of live Pacific corals.

      You'll have the opportunity to trek the shallow reef and the huge ocean and encounter marine life found nowhere else in the world. With over 60 indoor-outdoor exhibits this wonderful facility allows visitors to see and discover in a day what would otherwise take a lifetime to witness.

      Venture awe-inspiring exhibits like the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean Exhibit, observe Hawaiian green sea turtles and come face to face with many of the ocean's amazing creatures.

      This is only a small part of what awaits you at the Maui Ocean Center


      Experience the Unforgettable on a Whale Watching Cruise

      If there is only one thing that I will remember from my Maui visits it would most certainly be the whale watching cruises that I attended with family and friends, There are simply no adjectives or descriptive phrases that do justice to the experiences of a good Maui Whale Watching Cruise.

      Having made that bold statement (especially considering all of the incredible Maui experiences that one can imagine) I will simply say "Just Do It"!

      Zippy’s list of Maui's Best Whale Watching Cruises

      Don't Worry, Be Happy at Milagros!

      Enjoy some of the island's finest cuisine at Maui's popular Milagros Food Company. For over a decade Laura and Al Janneck have owned and ran Milagros is a Maui family owned and run restaurant. They have delighted locals and visitors as they present the combined flavors of Maui and a robust Southwestern cuisine. Using the freshest fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and herbs (and no processed or artificial ingredients) they deliver the goods when it comes to taste and presentation!

      What's more Milagros boasts the largest selection of tequila on the island and what may very well be the best Happy Hour on Maui!

      So let your problems be whisk away by the tropical breezes... and a little tequila at Milagros... and let them know that ZZZZippy sent you!


      Wind Down the Day With A Nice Hawaiian Cocktail!

      Whatever adventures you partake in, whatever sights you decide on, whatever foods you consume... at the end of the day it's time to wind-down and enjoy a good cocktail with friends. And Maui offers many great establishments to do just that.

      Whether you drink of choice is a fruity volcano, a chocolaty mudslide, sweet mojito or an old fashioned martini on the rocks, Maui is an excellent place to enjoy your friends, family and your favorite beverage.

      Check out ZZZippy's "Best Maui Bars" before you go!

      Canoe like the Founding Polynesians

      If you're looking for something that everyone can enjoy then you need to consider canoeing the calm, warm waters of Maui. This can be the ideal activity for individuals, couples, groups of friends or even families, including smaller children,

      A Canoeing Excursion is an authentic way to explore and experience Maui. As you canoe you'll spend hours learning about local tradition and culture, as well as Hawaiian history. If you're fortunate you'll see some of the creatures that this amazing place has to offer including sea turtles, dolphins and maybe even breaching whales. This adventure is not only fun and educational, it stimulates your mind and invigorates the body. If you're looking for a different twist on your stay in Maui, make certain you do a Canoe Excursion.

      Surrounded by calm waters most mornings, this is the ideal tour for families with small children, first time paddlers and those looking for a calm ocean experienc

      ZZZippy's List of Maui's Best Canoe Excursions

      Fly the Island in a Helicopter

      Walk Maui, drive Maui, canoe Maui, cruise Maui... all excellent means of seeing the island in unique and special ways. However, if you want to see Maui from a totally uncommon vantage point, fly it!

      It's simple to book a helicopter Tour of the island and it is certainly give you a perspective that you can't get any other way. This is the perfect way to explore Maui's off- the-beaten-path locations and see views that will captivate and thrill you.

      This is the perfect way to see Maui's emerald rain forests, the vistas of Mt. Haleakala, the jagged cliffs and cascading waterfalls of the West Maui Mountains, even Maui’s sister isle, Molokai, home to the world’s tallest sea cliffs!

      While Maui has so much visual beauty and wonder that one can see from other vantage points many of the island's treasures only visible by air. So if you want a one-of-a-kind sightseeing expedition... take a Helicopter Tour!

      See Zippy’s list of Helicopter Tour recommendations

      Visit a Real Life Pineapple Plantation

      Here is fun and unusual way to experience the true Maui, a Pineapple Plantation Tour. This is another event that is perfect for the entire family. Most tours range between 30 minutes and two hours and include tours of the plantations as the crops are being harvested or worked, history of that plantation and of the industry and of course fresh pineapple tastings.

      A visit to a working pineapple plantation is just one of the many "real life" opportunities on this beautiful island.


      Explore Maui's Magnificent Beaches

      There's really not too much to explain here. Maui has several gorgeous beaches, different color sands, varying water features and layouts and an abundance of wildlife. All of this while tropical breezes gently caress your face, mist from the ocean cools your skin and the sunrises and sunsets soothe your soul.

      If you plan to walk, play on, play near or just lie on the beaches of Maui it will be time well spent.

      Click to see ZZZippy's List of Maui's Top 10 Beaches

      Spend the Day at Historic Town of Paia

      If you are in Maui for over a couple of days you absolutely have to visit the Historic Town of Paia and the North Shore area. This little adventure brings you a little bit of everything Maui. There are great little boutiques, an abundance of great dining and drinking establishments, art galleries, yoga, bike tours and a large variety of other activities, all nestled together in one convenient part of Maui.

      If you decide to visit plan on at least half a day (or more) because there is so much here that you won't want to leave.

      It's no wonder that Paia Town has earned the name - "the Coolest Little Town on Maui".


      Watch the Sunrise in Hana

      Everyone knows of Hawaiian sunsets, but few are aware of the beauty and spledor of a Hawaiian sunrise. What an amazing experience; rising early in the morning with a cool tropical breeze that gently cools the land, sipping a freshly brewed cup of Kope or Kona coffee and making your way to any one of the area beaches... and then letting Mother Nature do the rest. The dawn of a new day delivers a tranquility that is virtually unmatched by other experiences.

      So where is the best place to see this magnificent splendor? When it comes to the island of Maui, here are ZZZippy's choices:

      #1 Hana Beach with purple sunrises complimented by black sand

      #2 Koki Beach where you can watch the sun rise over the island of 'Alau- Stunning!

      #3 Makena Cove. You'll need to make your way past the rock wall and down a path to get to the beach

      #4 Oneloa Beach, probably the most secluded spot

      #5 Kapalua Bay- which astonishes visitors with an even better sunset than sunrise.

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