Fun Things To Do In Michiana!ZZZippy's List

If you live in the Michiana region and you’re bored, looking for something to do... with friends, family or all by yourself, ZZZippy has the answer: Fun Things To Do In Michiana! Simply check out our list to find interesting places, exciting events, silly things, loads of inspiration activities... even a bunch of free stuff. In fact, There are so many great things to do, you’ll have trouble finding time to do them all. So get off your butt, Get on your feet and Go have a Ton of Fun!

Throw A Hog Roast
A backyard barbecue or hog roast with dozens of friends is always one of the highlights of the year. Unless you are a pro hog roaster we suggest you find someone to do the heavy work and leave the fun to you and friends.
We suggest checking out DC Meats for your meat.
A DC Meats' hog roast is a party in itself! Their trained staff will bring the hog, roaster, and all the fixin’s to you! Sit back and relax as they’ll do the pig pullin' for you. Plus DC has some of the best ribs, steaks, burgers and pork you'll find anywhere!Call 574.674.2333 for information.

Make Sun Brewed Tea For Family & Friends-
Sun Brewed Tea is just plain delightful. Plus it’s simple. Just place tea bags into a large clear glass jar. Leave paper tags on the outside. Add filtered or distilled water and screw on the lid. Let the jar stand in direct sunlight for 4-5 hours. Remove the tea bags. Add sugar and lemon to taste. Serve over ice. Always refrigerate leftover tea and use within a couple of days.

Check Out Elkhart’s Midwest Museum of American Art
Housed in a beautifully renovated neoclassical style bank building in downtown Elkhart, this fine museum showcases 19th and 20th century American Art, with original paintings by Grandma Moses and Norman Rockwell. Art lovers and history freaks will love this place.

Go On A Nature Ride at Potato Creek
Bike this fast flowing single track. Great for beginners while intermediate and advanced riders can work on their speed. Enjoy a variety of natural habitats including lakes, fields, woodlands, prairies and wetlands while you ride. Call for information: 574-656-8186

Read A Good Book
It may sound simple but it’s actually a great way to relax and many of us just don’t do it. Here are the simple rules for success: first find a book that will keep your attention, drama, thriller, adventure, romance novel, self-help… whatever your preference. Next find the right place. Here are a couple of our favorite places: trains, quiet coffee shops, a park, by a fireplace, a back porch, or our favorite, a hammock.

Write A Song
Anybody can do it, even you. Who cares if it never goes gold, the experience will be worth the effort. It is certainly something you can share with others… or not. Songwriter’s on our advisory board suggest that you start with a title and work your way through the song, telling a story as you go. They also suggest that you find a great hook (That’ll be the day). Best advice is to take listeners on a visual journey.

Visit One of America’s Top 25 Zoos
Didn’t you read ZZZippy’s List of America’s Best Zoos? Six of them are within 5 hours of your front door- Four in Ohio (Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland), two in Illinois (Brookfield and Lincoln Park) and the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri. Go and enjoy!
See Zippy's List of America's Best Zoos here

Visit One of the Great Local Zoos
If you don’t think you can justify a 4 - 5 hour drive shove your family in the car and head to one of the closer zoos. There’s always Potawatomi, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo (one of the best Children’s Zoos in the country) Lincoln Park and Brookfield Zoos as well... fun, fun, fun!

Enjoy The Elkhart ArtWalk
The free, public art phenomenon brings together art lovers and community friends. This is a celebration of the arts and artists who enhance the community. ArtWalk- May, July, Sept. and Nov.
Go to for information.

Stroll Navy Pier
Enjoy a walk along one of America’s favorite boardwalks. Ride the 150 foot tall ferris wheel and other rides at Pier Park. There’s shopping, dining, summer fireworks and of course the Landshark Beer Garden. We suggest you make a day of it.
Go to for events

Learn To Scuba Dive
Scuba Diving can be one of the most relaxing, yet one of the most exciting things that you’ll ever do. With every dive is a new adventure. Invest a little time and money in something that will give back to you again and again. If you’re interested in professional training we suggest Wolf’s Divers Supply, one of the finest Dive Shops in the region!

Hold A Car Wash & Raise Money For A Good Cause
It doesn’t take a lot to pull one off- mostly friends (especially teens) and a good location. Sometimes local businesses will even provide a parking lot or area that you can use for the wash. It generates interest for their business and sometimes traffic for them. Remember, you will need available water, buckets, detergent, wash clothes, car wash signs; and participants that are willing to scream to potential customers as they drive near… girls seem to be better than guys at this. A great way to fight any summer boredom and raise cash for the charity or cause of your choice.

Take The South Shore To Chicago
It’s actually a really good time, especially when you don’t have a specific purpose. Plus it’s one of the cheapest ways to get to Chicago and back. We suggest you plan a day in Chicago.
For schedules-

Host A Movie Marathon
Fun for friends and family alike. Just pick a movie theme and either buy or rent the movies, or have friends each bring a movie that relates to your theme. Then distribute pillows, blankets and snacks. If you want to save a lot of cash we suggest you check out Media Madhouse. They have a huge selection of pre-used movies and always have fantastic prices! Great Marathon Themes: Clint Eastwood movies, the Harry Potter series, the Godfather series, Star Wars Episodes or a mix & match of different movies with a specific genre. Media Madhouse- Old U.S. 20 in Elkhart
east of County Line Rd.

Play Some Putt Putt
Go back in time and enjoy a round of Putt Putt with friends. It’s super fun, competitive and always good for a laugh or two (or three). Putt Putt in Mishawaka is easy to get to and inexpensive. So go play!

Pitch A Tent... Sleep Under The Stars
You’re already grilling in the backyard so just set up a tent and make a day (and night) of it. You’ll need a tent, sleeping bags and s’mores. Don’t worry, if you get scared the house is only a few feet away.

Try Grilling Something Different
You probably already are, but if you’re not, do it! There are so many tasty grill recipes online today it’s mind-blowing. What are you waiting for? Look one up and fire up the grill!

Take Up Disc Golf
A relatively new sport that’s catching on like wildfire. It’s challenging to perfect but not difficult to play for fun. If you can walk and throw a Frisbee you can play disc golf. Go to the ZZZippy’s directory and enter disc golf courses for a list of area courses.
Looking for Disc Gear? Check out

Walk The Notre Dame Campus
It is absolutely beautiful in summer (and pretty much any other time of year). Explore the different grounds, the architecture and the sporting areas. You will be taken by the rich tradition and history. While you are exploring, make certain you see the famous Touch Down Jesus, stand in the open air of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, walk the tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium, enjoy the Snite Museum of Art or even light a candle at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Visit The Studebaker National Museum
Take a little trip back in time and visit the museum that houses the entire story of the Studebaker’s and their success. From the world’s largest wagon company to the last Studebaker to roll off the assembly lines… a visit to this museum is certainly time well spent. For ongoing events and exhibits go to

Book Your Very Own Legend Park Tent Party
Fall is the perfect time for fun in Michiana, and certainly one of the highlights of the year is a visit to Legend Park, one of the top rated Scream Parks in the world. And now you can book private parties for birthdays, sports teams, reunions, company outings or just for friends.
Legend Park is presently offering an unbelievable special deal- purchase combo tickets for family, friends or co-workers and your tent is free… and the more you purchase the more free stuff you get including tent heaters, lighting, personalized banners and invitations, live music and catered food and beverages. Restrictions do apply so call for info.
For information go to

Rent A Boat And Cruise Lake Michigan
So many choices! There are a variety of cruises to enjoy Lake Michigan and Chicago. Brunch, lunch and dinner cruises. Architecture cruises. Sightseeing cruises. You can even do a speed boat cruise (if you call it cruising). It’s a fun way to experience Chicago at a distance.

Enjoy Homemade Cocktails Poolside
Now’s the time to make up a creative batch of your favorite adult concoction. Experimenting with fresh herbs, fruits and unique liqueurs can be fun, interesting and refreshing. Just remember that drinking and drowning don’t mix.

Go Fly A Kite
Nothing personal but get outdoors! Take a couple of kids and teach them the art of flying a kite. You might want to practice that art yourself a little first though. We know you know but we have to say it… watch out for power lines fool!

Build A Bonfire
The perfect summer, nighttime party starts with a bonfire. There’s something special about friends sitting around a fire reminiscing, laughing, singing (and possibly a beer or two). We recommend that you always invite someone who can play guitar (preferably a friend or family member) as it makes for a great evening. Once again, don’t forget the s’mores.

Have A Beer At South Bend Brew Werks
The South Bend Brew Werks is one of many relatively new local micro breweries in the region. Offering a line of fantastic hand-crafted brews with an emphasis on creativity, most of their beers will rotate throughout the year, changing with the seasons and their food menu. Special edition beers will appear from time to time, as well. So head on over and have a nice refreshing beer!

Try Sushi
The perfect food. Not filling but fulfilling. Sushi is healthy and delicious. If you haven’t tried sushi yet, talk to someone who “does sushi” (or someone who eats it regularly). Once you start eating sushi and/or sashimi you can easily become an addict. We highly recommend Daihido and Soho for excellent sushi and sashimi.

Head To Indiana Beach
When was the last time you visited the popular Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello, Indiana? Roller coasters, dark rides, a giant Gondola Wheel, kiddie rides, water rides and more; loads of fun stuff to do at Indiana Beach.
for info:

Go Fish
If you love to fish but haven’t for a while, quit making excuses. Relax on calm waters while casting for that big catch. You’ll need a little gear, a fishing license and some patience... but benefits of calm and serene surroundings are worth the effort. And if you happen to land “the big one” send us a picture and we just might feature it on

Catch A Midday Movie
Once in a while it’s great to just get away. When that happens, catch a flick on the big screen. It’s a great two hour escape from reality.

Revisit The Carriage House
Since 1975 Michiana has turned to the Carriage House for the finest in dining experiences. However this award-winning establishment is changing with the times. Its new owners have broadened its appeal and their audience. From an elaborate celebration to outdoor dining events... or even a pizza carryout, you will certainly realize and appreciate the changes they’ve made. If you’re looking for another great experience, re-visit an old friend.
Check em out-

Take A Shot At WakeBoarding
Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the a body of water combining water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. If you like being active, take up this fun sport. If you ski, water ski or surf it will be relatively simple to adapt. If not, it may take you some time but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Make A Lemonade Stand
Teach your kids the importance of work ethic. Help them learn to build, to develop a recipe and how to interact with others in a (somewhat) professional manner. Plus, what a great way to teach kids the lessons of entrepreneurship and the American Dream.

Catch A Performance At The South Bend Civic Theatre
At the SBCT they say that lasting memories start with a great time and Live theatre creates great memories and brings people together in a way that television, movie and computer screens can't. Give it a shot what have you got to gain, one more fun thing to do?!
Season info:

Ride The Silver Beach Carousel
Horses, tigers and bears, oh my. The Silver Beach Carousel is fun for the entire family. With over 1,000 twinkling lights the band’s organ music enhances the experience as guests soar and then dip to the music. The Carousel is just one of many family fun things to do at Silver Beach.
Go to for info

Hit A Dive Bar With Friends
Dive bars can be loads of fun. Shoot a little pool. Drink a little beer. Have a great burger. Listen to the music blare and laugh… a lot. One of our favorites, “the Five Star Dive Bar” in Elkhart. The beer is cold, the music is great and the burgers are fantastic! Oh yea, the laughs are absolutely FREE!

Check out Michigan City’s Lighthouse Place Premium OutletsIf you like shopping you’ll certainly like this place. A complete selection of designer fashions, sportswear, children’s clothes, shoes, fine leather, accessories, even housewares and home furnishings.

Walk The Beaches Of Lake Michigan
This is as simple (and cheap) as it gets. Pick a beach, pick a friend and go for an extended walk. There is always something special about a walk on the beach. Another bonus, just in case you don’t have friends… go by yourself. It will be very serene, brain cleansing and memorable.

Visit Mishawaka’s Shiojiri Niwa Japanese Gardens
It’s actually very pretty in the summer and fall a great place for a little walk or a picnic.

Volunteer For A Local Charity
You can’t beat the feeling of helping out others, especially if it’s for a good cause. If you get a bit bored this summer here is a simple cure, find a cause, find an organization that believes in that cause and donate some time. We assure you, it will be one of the “Best Things To Do This Summer”. Many people also find it a great replacement for Prozac.

Visit Your Mamma… Better Yet, Visit Oh Mamma’s
Take a little trip to Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue in South Bend and you’ll be more than surprised to find one of the finest deli/cheese shops anywhere. Oh Mamma’s is quaint, charming and traditional… and filled with over 300 amazing cheeses that come direct from their farm as well as from all around the world! With their fine selection of cheeses, meats, pastries, homemade gelato (and much more) we assure you that if you make the trip to Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue it will certainly be worth it!

Go Play 18
There is nothing that can be quite as relaxing (or frustrating) as a round of golf. But maybe it’s time that you and a friend (or 3) just go out for a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable round of 18. Right now is the perfect time of year, so pick up the phone, make a tee time and hit that little ball straight and far! We suggest you give Diamond Lake a call.

Run A Marathon
I know what you’re thinking, but in the famous words (and voice) of Rob Schneider, “You can do it!” Just start gradually and work your way up. You might even start with a 5K walk to get you going. Once you do it, you will feel amazing… and pretty much dead, but amazing dead.

Participate in An Abate Event
Abate always raises money for good causes and now is a great time to help them do it. This organization continues to grow and your participation just might make a difference.

Check out Hacker's
Hacker's offers a full day of fun for everyone! From a golf ball driving range with natural grass and artificial tee stations to the areas best go cart track (featuring Naskart Go Carts). You can also play their 18 hole mini-golf course with all types of fun obstacles. Baseball and softball players will find several batting cages. And if you like video games Hacker's has one of the largest arcade in the area. So grab the family and get to Hacker's!

Catch Football Saturday’s At Papa Joe’s
Football and Papa Joe’s Casa de Pasta? Your favorite sport, your favorite food… it’s like heaven! Papa Joe’s will kick it off with amazing bar food and (televised) football all season long.

Try One of the Best Burgers in 100 Miles
If you like Burgers read ZZZippy’s Best 100 Burgers in 100 Miles and then go devour one of these tasty gems … or all of them if you like. The Top 100 Best Burgers are all featured right here so enjoy.
See Zippy's List:

Do A Burger Tour And Send ZZZippy Your Results
Okay you have all the ammunition you need. Just check out Zippy's List of the Best 100 Burgers in 100 miles and visit the ones you think you'll like most.
Now, go get your own list going. If you discover others that you feel should make the list, make sure you let us know those as well. Now send us your favorites (with pics if you wanna take some)... we might just make you one of the judges for our next 100 Burgers in 100 Miles Contest!

Play Sand Volleyball
What a great group activity. This sport attracts people of varying ages and physical conditions. It’s extremely fun especially when you attend with good friends and cold beer.
Check out Outpost Sports in Mishawaka

Study A Little Astronomy And Enjoy It Forever
Learning the constellations is fun and really not difficult at all. One major advantage is that once you’ve learned them you will be able to enjoy your knowledge by simply looking up in the sky on any clear night…. regardless of where you are. There are many online courses and tons of information regarding finding, understanding and appreciating the constellations, so make an effort and enjoy forever.

Get To The Point
Pack up the family, caravan with friends, however you get there get to the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, Cedar Point. This is the time to enjoy fast roller coasters, fun food, water rides, entertaining shows and more. If you’re looking to have the time of the summer, head to Sandusky, Ohio and let loose! Cedar Point offers accommodations for everyone;
Go to for info and details.

Try Salsa’s Fresh Table-side Guacamole
Authentic guacamole prepared table-side at the popular Salsa’s Mexican Grille. Avocados, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, jalapeños, lime juice and black pepper… and a pinch of cilantro. It’s one of our favorite Michiana appetizers. Salsa’s will even provide an endless basket of free crispy chips to compliment your fresh salsa. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the margarita, aye yai, yai!

Teach Someone To Swim
Teaching someone to swim takes time and patience. If you think you have what it takes, then do it. You will not only share the gift of swimming but it could possibly save a life someday. We recommend that if you teach someone to swim that you have experience yourself. We also recommend that if you attempt to teach others that you have lifesaving training as a safeguard.

Cruise Like The Fonz
Remember what it was like to cruise around town like you did as a kid. Why not do it again (other than the cost of gas)? Just grab a couple of friends or your spouse/partner. Crank the music, put the top down and take a trip back in time. It’s an excellent anti-aging program! Just try not to do something stupid so you have to call someone for bail money.

Ride A Horse
That’s right, a horse. There are many places to ride and you need no experience and no real skills (except maybe to saddle up). It’s a great partner or family activity and it’s different. Ride a horse! Why? Because it’s more fun than riding a cow.

Make Homemade Ice Cream
Okay, this ain’t easy but once you’ve mastered it you will be best friends with everyone who indulges in your newly acquired epicurean skill. The fact is, making homemade ice cream is difficult but rewarding so give it a shot. And feel free to share your results with us.

Put A Silly Dilly Smile On The Faces You Love
Okay, so if the homemade ice cream doesn’t pan out you can still be a hero. Just pick up a bag or two of Dilly Bars and . stand back as the smiles begin. Here’s a special treat for ZZZippy Readers: purchase a box of Dilly Bars, Buster Bars or Ice Cream Sandwiches from the Dairy Queen on the corner of Main & McKinley, Mishawaka and they’ll give you A BUCK off (every box you buy) but only if you tell em ZZZippy sent you!

Catch Fireflies With The Kids
If you think it sounds silly, look at it from the kid’s perspective. What a fun way to spend a little time, evoke a little competition or just be a kid again yourself. It’s one of those simple things that you (and your kids) will remember for life. And it’s free!

Grab A Burger and A Beer from CopperTop Tavern
Voted #7 in ZZZippy’s Best 100 Burgers in 100 Miles Contest, CopperTop is also a great place for live entertainment. This unique tavern (which you can actually bring your entire family to) delivers exceptional live music on their outdoor stage and patio. No one under 21 is permitted in the outdoor patio.
Visit and check out their events calendar.

Visit The Wakarusa Dime Store
If you like vintage candy then this is the place to be. Giant Jellybeans, Saltwater Taffy, Candy Sticks, Gummies, you’ll find it all right here. Be like a kid in a candy store again and make a trip to see them. By the way, they now have a location in Granger if it suits your fancy.
check em out:

Treat Your Pets To A Retreat
Everyone loves their pets and no one knows that like Bunk & Biscuit. They’ve designed and built the perfect pampering paradise for your pets, knowing just how much they mean to you. So if you want to treat your pets to a first class retreat... contact the professionals who understand and care about pets.
Visit- for info.

Become Picasso
No better time to learn than the present. Many people believe that they have no art talent, but it isn’t true. Art can be taught to anyone with the desire to learn. And the benefits are amazing. Check out your local art stores for art supplies and “how to” art books. What have you got to lose? Just remember: Easel come, easel go.

Become A Zombie At The Zombie Walk
Sounds crazy if you’ve never done it, but it can be loads of fun and it’s for a good cause, as this event helps feed many people by donating non-perishables to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. The event is 8/22/15. South Bend Zombie Walk proof positive- it doesn’t take a lot of brains to have fun!

Visit Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry
One of our Chicago favorite places. The MSI always delivers interesting and educational exhibits for people of all ages. Through January 3rd you can explore a cutting-edge collection of robots from all over the world in Robot Revolution (supported by You can interact with robots that have rarely been shown to the public before and discover their astonishing skills.

Learn To Play Guitar
Today it’s easier than ever to play guitar. The equipment is better and the available online instruction is unlimited. If you prefer live instructors we highly recommend that you find one who is not only accomplished but personable and patient as well. Once you start, just stick with it. It will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

Pedal Your Butt Off
Get your butt off the couch and place it on the seat of your bike. Take a trip, long or short, but go. Experts say that not only does bike riding burn calories, build your respiratory system and keep you fit, it also helps clear your mind. Interestingly enough, there is some evidence which indicates that riding a bike on a regular basis may help those with Parkinson’s disease.

Start Walking
Walking can be a great activity, good exercise and a real stress reliever. There are countless healthy benefits from walking several times a week including; helping your cardiovascular system, keeping you limber and fit and improving your respiratory system.

Walk Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
Romantic and serene. You will certainly enjoy your walk, hand in hand, with a very close friend. Some things are unforgettable.

Go On A PicNic With Scoobie
Yes, a picnic. Let’s do something we really enjoy… like eating. Oh yeah, eating outside. What a novel idea. And let’s call Scoobie’s and order a Scoobie Sub (the perfect picnic food). It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s delicious. Next time you go on a little pick-a-nic call our friends from Scoobies… and tell ‘em Zippy sent ya!

Visit the Indiana State Fair
Indiana has one of the country’s better state fairs. The Indiana State Fair always delivers several fun packed days to guests, so maybe this year you should attend and see for yourself.
For info go to

Let’s Spoon This Monday!
If you like frozen yogurt (and who doesn’t) then you need to head to Let’s Spoon on Edison Road in South Bend… especially on Mondays. Because every Monday they’ll give you a 16 oz. cup which you can stuff as full as you like with all of the delicious frozen yogurts and toppings that you can fit. And if you tell them you want the Four Dollar Fill Up you get it for... yep, $4! If that sounds good to you, Let’s Spoon.

Be Part of the Art Beat
South Bend’s Art Beat Fine Art Showcase held August 20 is free to attendees. With Music, Performances and Culinary Artists, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy the Blueberries (Festival That Is)
Hit the Marshall County Blueberry Festival this September. Promoted as Indiana’s largest four-day festival, the event is family friendly with loads of things to do (way too many for us to mention here).
Go to for details.

Learn Makeup from the Pros
A new trend for busy women! Camellia’s now offers an Ala Carte Makeup Menu! Just choose a look from their creative, new Makeup Menu and it’s only $15 for 15 minutes. The pros at Camellia Cosmetics have mastered these makeup looks on all ages, all face shapes and all skin tones. Try a different one every week! Stop in anytime (except Friday/Saturday between 10-4) for this offer.
For more info visit
Call 574.243.1730.

Try the Region's #1 Burger... the Great Scott
If you like burgers check out Yesterday's Great Scott Burger, Grand Champion Winner of ZZZippy's 100 Best Burgers in 100 Miles! Treat yourself, you'll be glad you did.
Check out Yesterday's new website:

Throw A Pizza Party And Make Homemade Pizza
Pizza parties are always a blast but they can sometimes be even more fun when you make homemade pizza. One idea is to have all of your friends make a pizza and bring it to the party. This makes for a great variety (even if everyone makes pepperoni they’ll all be different). So what are you waiting for? Get the invites out now and have some fun this weekend!

Turn Into A Monster
If you’re looking for something really fun to do, volunteer to be in the fabulous Fear Itself at the Legend Park Show. Fear Itself, one of the highest rated Haunted House Scream Parks world-wide has several venues that you can participate in. Be an actor (Sinister Clown, Cuckoo’s Nest Patient, Rock Monkey Caves Victim or an Inbred in Bloody Bayou Swamp). Or you can sing, dance, do magic, build sets and a. whole lot more!
Call 574.256.5656 for details
Or go to:

Take a Trip to Skip's European Farmer’s Market
You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables and so much more. That’s what’s wonderful about going to this amazing gem in our community. Skip's always offer quality foods and products. Their vendors provide
a variety of fruits, veggies, baked goods, crafts and other great offerings. Look for the wide selection of meats and cheeses, flowers and plants. Skip's is doing the Farmer's Market venue the way it should be done!

Call for details 269.469.3341

Make “Weird” Homemade Popsicles For Everyone
Popsicles are easy to make - anyone can do it, including you. We suggest a blender, fruit and a freezer. Use your imagination and come up with some fun, interesting or even weird popsicles. Then try them out on the kids.

Catch One Of The Musicals At Round Barn Theatre At Amish Acres
Nappanee is a peaceful little town just southwest of the hub of Michiana. Amish Acres is a popular, yet touristy community of it’s own. You’ll find a lot of things to do at Amish Acres but certainly catch one of the musicals in the Round Barn Theatre. They are lighthearted, morally based and a lot of fun.

It’s Your Turn To Pick
There’s nothing quite like fresh fruits and veggies. And they don’t get any better or fresher than when they are hand selected and picked by you. This is a perfect time of year to pick fresh blueberries, apricots, peaches, cherries and apples. So find a great place to pick and go have fun. One of our favorites is Stover’s U Pick in Niles, so get yourself some healthy, delicious, fresh fruit today!

Raise A Little Cash With A Garage Sale
You’re not going to get rich but a garage sell gives you a little something to do on an otherwise boring day. So get yourself a little beer (or wine) money and get rid of the clutter around your home. Sounds like a win, win, win to us.

Raise Even More Cash With A Trip To Christos
If you want to make even more cash, clean out your jewelry box and take what you find to Christos Coin & Jewelry. Christos has been in the business for over 30 years and they have a reputation for always being fair and competitive. So clean up your life and put cash in your pocket. Now that’s fun!
For info:

Enjoy Refreshing & Healthy Fruit Water
Oh my! Talk about refreshing. All you need is a large glass container- add fresh fruit, ice and water (purified is best). It’s very similar to making sun tea except you really don’t need sun. Just sit back and let the flavors infuse the water. Soon it will come to life. It’s refreshing, low cost and extremely low calorie… plus it’s healthy for you. Imagine that. And you always have a variety of flavors. You can also use frozen fruit as ice!

Persuade Someone To Give You A 2 Hour Foot Massage
This is not an easy thing to accomplish. However, if you are successful you will remember this day for some time to come. A great foot massage takes about an hour per foot (in my opinion)! Even beginners can give great foot massages if they want to. If they don’t do such a great job maybe you can convince them that they need to practice and that you are willing to volunteer as their recipient.

Give Someone You Love A 2 Hour Foot Massage
If you can’t find someone to give you a foot massage, then make someone else’s day and provide that service for them. If you have the desire to please and the patience you can give a great foot massage. So give someone Happy Feet today with a long, delightful, enjoyable, soothing, foot massage. We recommend foot massages by the warm water on a sunny day with an ice cold cocktail- but any place will do.

Fly Through The Air At Rum Village
The Rum Village Aerial Adventure Park is coming to Rum Village Park in the summer or 2016. you will start at your first platform 10 to 12 feet off of the ground and gradually go up through multiple different courses. The course will feature 60 separate platforms and include 10-12 obstacles!

Build A Birdhouse... Maybe Even A Birdie Hotel
You most likely built one when you were a kid. If so, you have a head start. If not, it will be a totally new experience. Just go buy a few scraps of wood (you probably already have some around the house), do a little sketching and get your plan together. Now go build your birdie mansion. The birds will be singing praises to you... that’s gotta be worth something.

Check Out The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
This inclusive, second-city destination is the perfect setting for music, theater, dance and cinema. With a myriad of performances, DeBartolo has something for everyone.

Take Up Ballroom Dancing
Get prepared for those fall and winter dances. Dancing is a great hobby and contrary to what “guys” think, everyone can learn to dance. For a list of instructors go to SuperSearch Directory and search for Dance Instruction.

Plant a Tree or Two… Or Three
Planting trees should not just be a hobby, it’s our obligation, We certainly have diminished our fair share of them. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to plant one yourself. For professional advice regarding planting trees go to ZZZippy's SuperSearch Directory and search for Arborists or Garden Centers. Most of them would be happy to offer direction or suggestions.

Throw A Banana Split Theme Party
What a fun way to entertain kids, friends and family. Throw a party and make unique, interesting, delicious banana splits. Be creative and make a list of every kind of banana split possible using a variety of fruits, sauces, candies and condiments (peanut butter and banana is fabulous). Make up your own ideas and get others involved so that they can lend a little creative magic to the plan. By involving your guests, it becomes even more fun. Consider having a contest for the tastiest, the most creative, the best presentation or the craziest.

Start A Journal Of Your Life
A life worth living is a life worth recording. It’s summer- this is the perfect time to start documenting your life. One day you will look back and say- Wow! Thanks Zippy!

Pick Up A Fun and Easy New Summer Sport
Croquet, Bocce Ball, Badminton or Disc Golf… all fun summer sports that don’t require serious contact and therefore typically don’t result in many injuries (unless you are extremely uncoordinated). These can be fun sports and games for friends and family of all ages to participate in, so go try something new and fun this year. Added benefits; a little activity, maybe a smaller butt.

Take A Trip Back In Time At Amish Acres
Simply put, it’s worth the trip. A little nostalgia, fantastic home cooked meals, arts and crafts and plenty of shopping. All summer long it’s just one more enjoyable option.

Take the Kid’s To Indy’s Kid’s Museum
This is an excellent place to take kids and spend hours. A fun place where kids can create, learn, laugh and experiment. Definitely worth a road trip.

Enjoy A Local Casino
See a show, have dinner, gamble, have a drink and maybe even spend the night. Just try to come home with something left in your pocket.

Tour the Shipshewana Flea Market
This popular place is packed with vendor booths where you’ll find nearly everything you need (and a lot of stuff you don’t). Smack dab in the middle of Amish Country. Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays thru October 3rd.

Dinner on the Deck
There’s something natural and enjoyable about eating outside. Enjoy one of these local restaurants for an excellent outdoor dining experience: Parisi’s, Ruth’s Chris, Carriage House, Doc Pierce’s, Lakehouse Grill and Yesterday’s. Enjoy one, or better yet, try ‘em all, you have time if you start tonight.

Try A New Local Restaurant & Become A ZZZippy Review Assistant
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Get Outside
One thing that we all don't do enough of is to get outside and be active. You can walk, jog, run or just enjoy the weather, regardless of what it might be (okay, there are some exceptions).

Play some hoops, throw a frisbee, golf, go disc golfing... plant a tree, flowers, vegetables. Be active, regardless of what you do, get outside, get some fresh air and get moving. It will make you feel great, and it's very healthy for you physically and emotionally, so just do it!


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