It's Worth What?!?!?!

Classic Game Boys, Pokémon cards and Super Soakers are just a few of the old toys you most likely tossed away when you grew up. Today they may be worth a small fortune! Take a look at ZZZippy's List of the Top 20 Most Valuable Childhood Toys. If you find any of these in your attic, your wallet could be a whole lot fatter!

1. 1952 Mickey Mantle Baseball Card


If you happen to have this guy hidden away in your baseball card stash, today may be a good day to buy a new car or maybe even a new house… or both. In mint condition this card is worth over $280,000!

2. Pikachu Illustrator Card: "The Holy Grail"


Although we have another Pokémon card on this list, you could just about burn every first edition Charizard card ever made in a camp fire to keep warm and it still would not cost you as much as this card. This is the most sought after, most expensive and most intriguing card ever made for the Pokémon series. This card features a rare double star. Only six were made, then awarded as prizes in the 1997 Japanese Pokémon Card Game Illustration Contest. Current value: $150,000!

3. Nintendo Stadium Events


Okay, it's pretty much safe to say you do not, nor did you ever, own one of these. Made for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 by Bandai, only 200 copies of this game ever hit the market before being recalled, making it one of the rarest video games ever! Price point: over $35,000!!!

4. 1982 World's Fair Astronaut B Pez Dispenser


A prototype was sent out to the World's Fair Board but it was never put into production. Some Pez employees, however, did manage to get their hands on a few of them. Current price: over $32,000!

5. Black Lotus Magic Card


Known to be the most popular trading card game in the world today, there should indeed be a card or two from the series worth good money. Good money? How about enough money to feed a family of 4 for about 2 1/2 years. The Black Lotus is the rarest card in the game. Value: right at $25,000

6. Where The Wild Things Are First Edition


A 300-word, 48-page children's book about a kid who gets sent to bed without supper. Many of us remember it. The question is, were you one of the lucky ones that had and kept a first edition copy of it? I hope for your sake you are, since they are currently selling for a staggering $20,000!

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Scratch The Cat Prototype


One of the last toys made in the original line of the TMNT action figures. Scratch was not a hugely popular character and did not see much screen time, but limited production numbers mean large prices. The standard Scratch the Cat in his original box is valued at over $1,100, but the prototype is currently up for sale and is listed at $9,999.99! Cowabunga!!!!!!

8. Complete Care Bears Collector Set


These cute little guys helped us show our emotions and were always there for us when we needed them (both the TV Care Bears and the soft fluffy stuffed ones). A full collector's set of them today can take your emotions even higher- full set value: a whopping $8,000.

9. First Edition Charizard Card


Yes, it's true!!! Some of them are worth something! That's right, you better go get your PokEfolio (I know you all have them) and do some searching. Who would have thought that after all the times our parents told us these cheesy cards are worthless that some day they would bring us a handsome return on our investment. While it may be a one in one million card, it's currently being sold for $5,500!

10. Rocket Firing Boba Fett


Here's a cool one! Before they were recalled, there were a few rocket firing Boba Fetts that hit the market, to help brand the original Star Wars movie series. If you can get your hands on one of the ultra rare action figures today, it's going to set you back a bit... like $5,000!


11. Nintendo Wrecking Crew


This Nintendo Entertainment System game was basically Mario marketed under a different name. The game featured both Mario and Luigi who went around smashing things with hammers. The limited number of manufactured copies make this game highly valuable at $5,000 each.

12. Royal Blue Beanie Baby


The cute little animals stuffed with bean-shaped pellets, came to us in 1995 (and are, by the way, the reason eBay was created). They eventually became a craze in 1997. The Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant was actually never supposed to be produced (it was a factory mistake). "Peanut" was intended to be a much lighter blue. However, 2,000 of these babies were manufactured with a royal blue pigment. These little buggers are now going for over $3,000! Side note: This is actually not the most expensive beanie baby. There were a small number of hand-stitched Princess Diana Beanie Babies created, which are now selling for over $500,000. That's right, over half a million dollars!

13. The Original Cabbage Patch Doll


The little doll that went everywhere with you, that helped you through all of the struggles of growing up, the doll that became your best friend… has been selling on eBay for over $1,200. Proof that you should always keep your friends close.

14. The Original Game Boy


Factory sealed versions of the "Original Game Boy" released in the spring of 1989 are currently being bid on eBay for over $700. I know for myself, the countless hours of fun I had playing my Original Game Boy (by the illumination of a dim flashlight while my parents slept) was worth well more than the current price. Even with that being said, HOLY COW! $700 for that brick?!?!?!

15. The Original Furby


Okay, lets get this out of the way. If you remember anything about 1998, you most likely remember these creepy creatures. Pretty much a gremlin you could have as your very own. They were cute (kinda) and could be a ton of fun (kinda), that is until the batteries started to die and the sound of demonic voices coming from your dresser would wake you at 4 a.m. You can once again relive the demons of a Furby for only $500. Maybe, maybe not.

16. Tamagotchi


If you had one, you killed it. If you didn't have one you were lucky you didn't have to put up with the damn thing. They may be selling for over $450 now, but that is by far not worth the sleepless nights lost waking up to feed these annoying little key chains to ensure all of your hard work and efforts didn't go to waste. Keeping an electronic, pixelated knock off Pokémon alive. What were we thinking?

17. Polly Pocket


It seems that every little girl had one of these wonderful little storage cases–the little innocent heart shaped box with several, deadly choking hazards hiding inside! These little gems are currently selling for over $380. Who would have thought a pocket-sized heart-shaped home-in-a-box would someday be worth a car payment? Choke on that.

18. The Classic Super Soaker


It was all the rage in 1989. Just fill it with water and ruin someone's day by drenching them. The original design was simple, yet modern. And the colors were made to be memorable (yellow, white, orange, green). I knew you'd remember! Everyone has blasted someone with a Super Soaker at some point, but the question is; do you still have yours? These guys went from launching a fine stream of ice cold water into your friend's face, to making it rain down cash in 2015, when The Classic Super Soaker reached a price of $350!

19. Moon Shoes


If you were alive in the 1990's and had ever set foot in a house playing Nickelodeon, then you wanted these. They were on my Christmas list for years, but now that I'm older I see why Santa never dropped them under the tree. They now sell for just over $140, but I'm confident many medical bills were elevated even higher than the shoes themselves, after rolling countless ankles in these bear traps built for kids.

20. Hit Clips


Bring back some memories? Of course it does! It was your very first "MP3 Player" (and I use that term loosely). Who can forget trading with friends, having a key chain full of every hit song from 1999 dangling from your Jenco Jeans (that's right I went there), listening to the same one minute of music over and over… and over... and over. But most of all, who could forget the pure agony of leaving those earbuds in too long? It was like getting punched in the ear by your favorite pop star every ten minutes! You will be glad to know today even used Hit-Clips are selling online for well over $100! So go dig up those turn of the century torture devices right now and grab some quick cash... while you still can.



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