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by Kuert Outdoor Living

Landscaping is one of the most preferred and fastest ways to improve the look of your home as well as the value. Beautiful lawns, gardens, drives, and living areas are noticeable to neighbors, family and friends and those just driving by. However, what great landscaping does more than anything else is it makes you feel good about your property and your home. Great parties, get-togethers, family functions, picnics all start with great surroundings. Of course one of the best reasons for improving your landscaping is the peace and solitude (and pride) you get from having beautiful surroundings.

Great landscapes start with the right landscape tools and landscape supplies. That's where the experts at Kuert Outdoor Living Center come in. The Kuert Outdoor Living Specialists understand exactly what you need when it comes to landscape tools and/or landscape supplies and materials. Kuert helps you find the right landscape materials and supplies from the beginning of a project to its completion. Their focus is to help you find the landscape tools that you need for your specific project... and the tools that will make your project not only the best it can be, but the landscape tools that will make your project as easy as it can be.

Kuert Outdoor provides you the best landscape tools (brands) and much higher quality products than you’ll find at the big box stores. Combine that with the fact that Kuert Outdoor experts are professionals that know landscaping tools, landscape supplies and landscaping itself, inside and out. The Kuert Outdoor professionals have the expertise to help you execute your plan flawlessly. From professional contractors, engineers and architects, to do-it-yourself homeowners, the experts at Kuert Supply Center will ensure you are well equipped for virtually any landscape project by providing you the right landscape tools and supplies and the right guidance.




Wolverine® All Steel Spades

Wolverine All Steel Spades have a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. The aircraft-quality steel tubing handles are powder coated for corrosion resistance. The blades are made from high carbon USA Steel, heat treated for unmatched strength and durability, then mill sharpened creating a razor sharp cutting surface. Pre-drilled holes for optional rubber foot-pad attachment on the closed back, forward step areas complete the premium quality tool.

Wolverine® Cap Rock Shovels

Cap Rock Shovels are heavy duty and ideal for breaking up dense materials such as clay, coral, rock, and decomposed granite, and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. Available in a standard 4” lift and a low lift 2” design which is a perfect shovel for near vertical digging, such as needed for planting nursery shrubs. Heat treated extra thick blades are mill sharpened, creating a razor sharp cutting surface. Handles are available in aircraft quality steel tubing or fiberglass in standard or solid core. Whatever your needs, we have a Cap Rock Shovel to meet them.

Wolverine® Contractor Shovels

Wolverine’s tools are manufactured with the professional contractor in mind. When you’re on the job you can’t be worrying about your equipment breaking or failing. Wolverine has been manufacturing and selling these shovels since 1994 and since then they have become known nationwide as tough, dependable, and long lasting tools. That is why Wolverine is the smart choice:
• Two rivets for strong head to neck attachment
• 14 gauge tempered steel blades for superior toughness
• Forward turned step
• Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects
• Northern Ash handles for maximum strength, or
• Strong fiberglass handles with solid fiberglass reinforcing core
• Closed back shovels have welded back plates to prevent material build up

Wolverine® Multi-Purpose Scoop Shovels

Wolverine scoops are perfect for the landscape, nursery, and agricultural industries and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Constructed of the toughest materials with wood or pulltruded fiberglass handles and steel or poly heads, to the highest quality manufacturing standards, our scoops will perform above and beyond expectations every time.

Wolverine® Trenching Shovels
Wolverine builds the strongest most durable trenching shovels on the market.Constructed with North American Ash handles and fiberglass handles with solid fiberglass reinforcing core for maximum strength. 14-gauge heat treated steel blades are available in various blade widths, a convenient lift angle for digging, trenching and cleaning out trenches so you can find the perfect trenching shovel to meet your needs.

Wolverine® Specialty Shovels

Whether you are digging in compacted or rooty soil, digging a narrow trench or hole, or prying a stubborn bush or tree, Wolverine has the shovel to meet your needs. Our specialty shovel line is made up of shovels that are designed to meet specific landscape challenges. From our indestructible all-steel shovels to our serrated edge super shovel, we have the right tool for just about any job.

Wolverine® Crew Line Shovels

The CREW line of shovels was designed for your crew to perform on the most demanding job sites. Heavy duty fiberglass or hardwood handles are attached with a single rivet and reinforced with a metal collar at the neck, making one solid unit with the heavy duty steel blade. Long handles or comfort “D” grips make these shovels the perfect tools for your crew!

Wolverine® W-Series Shovels

W-Series by Wolverine products is designed for home owners and light construction work. These lighter-duty shovels are perfect for general digging, landscaping and yard work. These shovels feature strong wood handles and a heat treated steel shovel head with rear rolled steps and a clear lacquer finish.

For more information about Kuert's complete line of Wolverine shovels click here.

Wolverine® Utility & Edging Tools

Wolverine Tools offers a variety of tools that are specialized for use in creating landscape beds, sod transplanting and edging installation. We also offer a wire trencher perfect for the irrigation industry and other uses. Featuring wood or pulltruded fiberglass handles with comfort grips and with the highest quality manufacturing standards, as with all Wolverine tools, they carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.

For more information about Wolverine utility and edging tools click here.

Wolverine® Dirt Tamps

Built for the landscape and hardscape professional, these all steel and wood handled dirt tamps are great for a variety of applications including compacting sand base for paver brick projects and more. The all steel tamps are made with high carbon American-made steel, powder coated for a lasting finish, and the wood-handled tamps are made with hickory hardwood handles.

For more information click here.

Wolverine® Aluminum Landscaping Rakes

Built for the landscaping professional, these rakes can be used on the job site or at home. With extra thick tines and an extended striking edge, versatility and durability are increased. The aircraft aluminum handle is powder coated to eliminate blackening of hands and the wrap around brace provides added strength. Where other rakes fail, ours will prevail staying rigid and strong.

Wolverine® Steel Landscaping Rakes

The strongest, most durable Landscape Rakes on the market. The head and tines are heat treated and virtually unbreakable, and the 4-bolt attachment adds stability and strength and can be interchanged with other available-sized rake heads. The smooth powder coated handle provides comfort and does not rub off onto hands. If you need a landscape rake that is stronger, more durable and able to handle any types of soil, then make it a Wolverine Steel Landscape Rake.

Wolverine® Multi-Purpose Rakes

Constructed of the toughest materials – hardwood handles and poly-tine or steel heads and with the highest quality standards, Wolverine rakes will perform above and beyond expectations every time.

Wolverine® Brooms

For the DIY homeowner, garden enthusiast or the professional landscaper, Wolverine has the quality brooms to meet any needs. Constructed of the toughest material – hardwood handles, steel frames and natural fiber or poly-bristle heads – and with the highest quality standards, like all Wolverine tools, they carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.

Wolverine® Multi-Purpose Forks
Wolverine forged forks will assist you in a variety of your mulching and landscaping needs. Forged heads for maximum durability and long service life, riveted connection to prevent wobbling and North American Ash hardwood handles for maximum strength assure many years of good service.

For more information about Kuert's complete line of Wolverine rakes, brooms and forks click here.

Wolverine® Landscape Manicuring Tools
Wolverine shears and pruners will help keep your landscape looking neat and updated. This 13″curved blade pruning saw makes quick work of pruning green wood or dry dead limbs. Triple-edged teeth make for quick cutting and chrome plating prevents rust and sap build up. All pruning tools have non-slip comfort rubberized grips.

For more information about Wolverine Pruning Shears click here.

For more information about Wolverine Pruning Saws click here.

Wolverine® Striking & Steel Tools

Wolverine’s striking tools line consists of mattocks, hammers, mallets, pry bars, wire twisters, picks and axes. All of these products are built tough and made to last, minimizing the hassle and cost of replacing broken tools. High carbon American-made steel, hickory hardwood handles and drop-forged heads mean durability.

For more information click here.

Wolverine® Heavy Duty Tarps

Designed for the contractor, Wolverine heavy duty tarps are now available to everyone from the do-it-yourself homeowner to the nursery, construction & landscape professional. Industrial strength green woven fabric is waterproof and rot proof, metal grommets are placed every three feet for versatility and the hems are heat sealed and stitched for durability.

For more information click here.

Wolverine® Wheelbarrows
Wolverine’s professional-grade line of wheelbarrows are perfect for all your construction, maintenance and landscaping projects. All of the Wolverine wheelbarrows feature heavy duty steel chassis with large tow/tie down hook. 2-1/8 x 1-5/8” x 60” varnished North American Ash hardwood handles are standard. Heavy duty specially formulated tubs are resistant to cold cracks and are practically indestructible. Add to that 4-ply knobby tires with precision bearings and Zurk fittings and these are one of the best made wheelbarrows on the market. Available with 6.5” or 4.5” wide tires.

For more information click here.

Wolverine® Ball & Burlap Nursery Carts
Wolverine Nursery Carts are constructed to meet the demanding needs of the nursery and landscape professional. Heavy gauge steel tubing, solid steel 1” axle, wide profile high capacity tires and Oilite® wheel bearings allow for moving of heavy loads and ability to withstand punishment from dirt, water, and heavy usage.

For more information click here.


Landscape Fabric

SRW Construction Rolls – Woven and Non-Woven

Available in standard stocking sizes as well as specialty direct-ship sizes.

SRW Drainage/Filtration Fabric – Non-Woven


Drainage & Filtration Non-Woven fabrics allow high water flow and provide dimensional stability. They will not rot or mildew.

SRW GC3 Ground Cover – Premium Landsaping Fabric


SRW’s woven polypropylene geotextiles provide excellent puncture and tear resistant strength. Ground Cover has planting stripes for easy plant alignment.

SRW Heavy-Duty/Erosion Fabric – Non-Woven


Erosion Control & Heavy Duty Non-Woven needle-punched polypropylene fabrics are non-biodegradable geotextiles produced by joining together 100% polypropylene staple fibers in a random network to form a high-strength, dimensionally-stable fabric.

SRW Permeable 350 Paver Fabric – Woven


SRW’s monofilament woven Permeable Paver Fabric is an excellent choice for permeable paver systems where high strength and water flow are needed simultaneously.

SRW Polyspun – Weed Control Fabric


SRW Polyspun polypropylene is an extruded fine denier continuous yarn laid in random patterns. The compressed and point bonded fabric creates a strong and versatile weed barrier, available in Residential, Contractor and Professional grades.

SRW Pro Plus IV & V Geotextiles – Premium Landscaping Fabrics


SRW capped geotextiles are premium landscape fabrics made of woven and non-woven polypropylene fabrics, needle-punched together with plant lines every 12 inches for easy plant alignment.

SRW Retaining Wall Geotextiles

Using SRW Fabric in retaining wall construction is important for ensuring the longevity of the wall. Kuert Outdoor Living carries everything necessary for building a strong beautiful retaing wall.

SRW SB2 and SB3 Spunbond – General Landscaping Fabric


SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbond geotextiles have high water flow creating excellent permittivity.

SRW SS5 & SS6 Soil Separation Fabrics - Woven


SRW’s woven polypropylene geotextiles provide excellent puncture and tear resistant strength. The primary use of SS5 and SS6 is soil separation over moderate subgrades. SS5 and SS6 Slit Film Wovens will improve the long-term performance of your project.

For more information about Kuert's complete line of Landscape Fabics click here.

Geogrid Fabrics

SRW Retaining Wall Geogrid

SRW Geogrid is composed of high-molecular weight, high-tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension and coated with PVC.

SRW Road Base Geogrid

SRW Road Base Geogrid provides excellent stress transfer on roadway projects, aiding in even distribution of load weight and preventing shifting of base material to extend the life of the road.

For more information about Geogrid fabrics click here.

Erosion Control Straw Blankets

Erosion control straw blankets provide temporary protection for seed and soil from the erosive forces of wind and rain. Agricultural straw fibers are made into a blanket to aid in vegetation establishment of newly seeded, gentle slopes. Available as single-net straw blankets or double-net straw blankets, with synthetic or biodegradable netting and stitching.

For more information click here.

Lawn Edging

Ace of Diamond Lawn Edging


Ace of Diamond is the right choice for the contractor who demands a quality edging. At 5.25” high, Ace of diamond lawn edging is made of top quality premium resin with UV inhibitors added to prevent damage from the sun. The heavy-duty top bead is designed to give planting beds a clean edge while restraining mulch and rocks.

Black Diamond Lawn Edging


The “original” patented lawn edging from 1968, Black Diamond is the industry leader, setting the industry standard for quality. It has a plastic composition unmatched in the industry. Today, many landscapers, who are aware of lower priced alternatives, remain loyal to the consistency of Black Diamond performance. It is the ultimate edging, 1/2″ taller (5.5”) and 20% heavier than any other!

Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging

The Curv-Rite 2000 Series offers easy installation and long life. The durable aluminum alloy allows a flexible and resilient structure, making it flexible enough to create intricate curves, as tight as a 20” radius. Available in four finishes with secure telescoping connectors.

For more Information click here.


SRW Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive

SRW Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive is the fastest curing adhesive on the market! It is specially formulated for landscape and construction projects and provides a fast, permanent bond to almost any material, even non-porous substrates. With an ultra-fast set-up time, it is suitable for dry or damp surfaces, and the high-temperature formulation is suitable for fire pits and outdoor kitchen construction. Other applications include retaining walls, pavers, brick, pool copings, foam, vinyl, metals, wood, natural stone, concrete and PVC.

SRW Superior Strength Solvent-Based Adhesive

For over 25 years, SRW Adhesive has been time-tested and has proven its superior strength and longevity in countless hardscape projects throughout the United States and Canada. SRW Solvent-Based Adhesive extrudes down to 10°F even on wet or frozen surfaces, and will not freeze, forming a permanent bond on most common landscaping and construction materials, such as retaining wall block, pavers, concrete block, fire pit block, poured concrete, metals, wood and natural stone. We proudly offer this cornerstone product to you, knowing that this adhesive will meet or exceed your expectations.

SRW Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive

This adhesive from SRW Products can save valuable time by instantly locking stone and other materials in place without sag or slip, within five seconds, creating a strong, permanent bond. It performs great for outdoor kitchens, veneers, masonry projects and repairs, is non-corrosive, quick curing and weather resistant when cured. It has excellent adhesion on natural stone, manufactured stone, brick, block and pavers, glass and ceramic tile, veneers, masonry, metal and wood.

SRW Seaming Adhesive

This spray adhesive lets contractors create quick, permanent bonds on many geotextile fabrics and also provides a seam strength that outperforms the fabric strength for many commonly used fabrics in the construction industry. The adhesive is packaged in a pre-pressurized cylinder for an easy-to-use, maintenance-free delivery system. The ultra-strong, construction-grade adhesive has a fast-drying formula allowing the adhesive to set up in minutes, and the wide spray pattern and fast coverage cut seaming time in half. This process eliminates large fabric overlap – saving fabric costs and eliminating the need for expensive sewing machines and generators.

For more information about Kuert's complete line of Landscaping Adhesives click here.

Mulch Stabilizer

SRW Mulch Stabilizer

Keep your mulch looking amazing all season long with this must-have landscaping product. It can even be used on sand and dirt in decorative areas to control dusting.

For more information click here.

Paver Edging Materials

Curv-Rite Stable Edge Aluminum Paver Restraint Edging

Stable Edge Paver Edging can be installed with the flange under the pavers or with the flange on the outside of the pavers. Stable Edge’s minimal footprint allows for the growing of healthy turf immediately adjacent to paver installation, creating beautiful and seamless transitions from pavers to turf or flower and shrub beds.

SRW Flex Paver Rail

Flex Paver Rail can be applied on both straight and curved layouts. It is flexible for quick and easy installation and can be secured with either spikes or staples.

SRW Universal Paver Rail

Universal Paver Rail is used to prevent paver shifting, and can be used on both straight edges and as a transition to curved edges. For curved areas simply remove the stabilizer link between each flange foot. It creates a permanent and invisible barrier between pavers and other landscape materials.

SRW Low Profile Paver Rail

Low Profile Paver Rail can be installed against or under pavers or flagstone to prevent shifting. It is a great choice for natural stone and can be secured with either spikes or staples.

SRW Paver Rail Spikes

SRW Paver Rail Spikes are available in multiple sizes and styles for various soil conditions and paver variety and can be used with all SRW Paver Rail edging options.

SRW Paver Rail Staples

SRW Paver Rail Staples are an alternate option to SRW Rail spikes and can be used with all SRW Paver Rail edging options.

For more information about Kuert's complete line of Paver Edging Materials click here.

Paver Sealers

SEK Surebond Paver Sealers

Surebond Sealers are the ultimate protection for Pavers, Natural Stone and Concrete.

For more information about Paver Sealing Products click here.

Polymeric Sand

Evolution Polymeric Sand

The First and Only No-Haze, All-Joint Polymeric Sand with Over 15 Years of Proven Exceptional Performance.

For more information on Evolution Polymeric Sand click here.

SEK Surebond PolySweep Polymeric Sand

SEK-Surebond PolySweep with Clear Set Technology is made with only high quality clear polymers and NO portland cement. PolySweep is your #1 choice for polymeric sand and is the strongest on the market today. You can be assured it will not haze and will perform consistently on every project!
• Guaranteed Not to Haze Since 2008
• Superior & Long-Lasting Cohesive Strength
• Fast Set-up, 60 Minutes or Less
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• Ideal for Both Residential & Commercial Installations
• Made in USA

For more information about Polymeric Sand click here.

Paver & Concrete Cleaners

SEK Surebond Paver Cleaners

SEK-Surebond has safe, powerful multi-use and specialty cleaners designed specifically for maintaining and restoring hardscape and concrete surfaces.

For more information click here.For more information click here.

Jonathan Green® Lawn Care Products

Kuert Outdoor Living has Jonathan Green products available both in bulk for contractors and landscapers
and in packages suited for residential application by homeowners.


For more information about Jonathon Green products at Kuert Outdoor Living Center click here.

Check out all of these tools, materials and supplies – plus everything else you’ll need to build the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams – at Kuert Outdoor Living Centers.

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