• Indiana Whiskey CompanyThe Spirit of Indiana… A South Bend OriginalCould Charlie Florence and his Indiana Whiskey Company actually produce the best whiskey this side of the Mississippi? We think that's a darn good possibility!

  • The Indiana Whiskey Company opened its doors in early 2013. Company founder and president, Charlie Florence is a soft-spoken man, but a man with a thick skin when it comes to his beliefs and commitments. First off, Charlie believes in producing an exceptional product, not just a profitable product. His young distillery is committed to making extraordinary quality, award-winning, small batch whiskeys. Making whisky for merely profit is out of the question for Florence. If it’s not exceptional, it’s not Indiana Whiskey.

    Second, Florence has made a stand (a very firm stand) that everything that goes into (or even touches) their whiskeys, is a product of the Hoosier state. That means that their stills are made in Indiana, their grains are grown here, the water used for distilling is purified with units manufactured in Indiana… even their bottles and labels are made in Indiana. Florence’s loyalty to local is not just uncommon… it’s nearly unheard of.

    However, that’s not where Indiana Whiskey’s loyalties stop. Charlie is an American veteran, and proud of it. He served his country starting in 1999 on a tour that led him everywhere from the Middle East to Mississippi. His intention was to commit himself and career to the United States military. Unfortunately, he began experiencing medical issues including numbness in his legs and facial droop. Eventually the paralysis began to spread and consume more of the young man. He was forced to put rags over his eyes because he couldn’t close them.

    It was nearly a decade after he began his career in the military that he was diagnosed with Guillain- Barre’ Syndrome, a very rare medical condition in which ones immune system attacks and destroys the body’s own nerve cells. The United States made a decision for Florence; he would be forced to discontinue his military career.

    As the nerve damage continued, Charlie would drink whiskey to help ease the pain. Fortunately the military did not abandon Florence. They offered to assist him by paying his tuition to the University of Notre Dame through Veterans Affairs. It was later that the university offered him a fellowship, which he chose to accept instead of the veteran’s assistance.

    As a vet Charlie became a lifetime member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) as well as the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). He spent time at the American Legion (Post 303) where he was given the nickname, "Whiskey Florence" because he would continually deliberate with friends the question; “Why isn’t there a true Hoosier whiskey made here in Indiana?” He struggled with that question, especially since he was so head-strong on the fact that two of Indiana’s largest industries are agriculture and manufacturing. Imagine that!

    Finally, Charlie’s buddies either started listening (or got tired of hearing it) and they began telling Charlie that if he felt that strong about it, he should start his own whiskey business. Charlie took that as a double-dog dare and ran with it.

    And now we see another way that Charlie Florence is hard-headed. His commitment to serving his brother and sisters that served in the armed forces, the people that have kept this country safe; and free since its beginning. As a means of his support and dedication to these vets, Charlie has insured that Indiana Whiskey has a sound relationship with Veterans of America Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, they also volunteer and donate to the Miller Center for Veterans (South Bend) and furthermore they provide paid internships for transitioning veterans. In addition, Indiana Whiskey also donates 3% of profits to Veterans Support Services and Organizations in the state of Indiana.

    In a state where Hoosiers spend over $100 million dollars each and every year on whiskey (that the majority is imported from other states and Canada) it makes sense Indiana has its very own whiskey. But for most people, even though they may appreciate Charlie’s commitment to his home state and his commitment to American vets, at the end of the day it’s going to come down to… how good is the whisky? The answer is simple- Indiana Whiskey is as good as whiskey gets!


    ACCORDING TO theemptysnifter.com

    Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey

    2014 Silver Medal Winner San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    1. Taste – bread, crisp, orange peel, creamed corn

    2. Color – Clear

    3. Aroma – Sweet Corn, buttery,

    4. Mouthfeel – Smooth, Approachable, smooth burn,

    5. Finish – smooth burn, long finish,

    6. Label Design – Quintessentially Indiana. With a retro feel.

    7. Origin – South Bend, IN

    8. Age – Un-aged – A few days before bottling.

    9. Style – Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey – Un-aged Whiskey made from Indiana Grain

    10. Review – This world class whiskey is the Corn’s ears!

    Just Whiskey

    1. Taste – Caramel, Oak, Vanilla

    2. Color – Light Amber

    3. Aroma – Vanilla, Oak, Spice

    4. Mouthfeel – Creamy, Buttery, Smooth,

    5. Finish – heat and a light burn.

    6. Label Design – Same Design just in reverse color

    7. Origin – South Bend, IN

    8. Age – 6 Months in Oak Casks – Young Age

    9. Style – Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

    10. Review – This whiskey is the Cardinal’s beak!


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