• A Stump Metal Roofing standing seam roof is the best investment a property owner can make.

    The Best Metal Roofs. Most Affordable Prices. That's Stump Metal Roofing.

    Whether or not to replace a roof is one of the major decisions faced by a homeowner or business owner. That applies to a new structure, also, of course. A big part of that decision process is choosing the type of roof that will be the best investment. Asphalt shingle roofing is the traditional roofing that is installed on homes and small business structures when they are being built. It is sufficient for normal weather and is a beautiful way to roof your home or business - for a few years. However, life is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows.

  • Why A Stump Metal Roof Is Better Than An Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Severe weather conditions such as high winds, sleet and hail, as well as normal heat and cold, rain, snow and ice eventually deteriorate even the best grade of asphalt shingles. This deterioration results in leaks that may not be discovered until severe roof damage is done and the leak has affected structural integrity as well as walls and ceilings. Then there’s fire. Traditional asphalt shingles can actually catch fire rather easily. This becomes a liability when a nearby structure is on fire and is sending burning embers into the air.

    The cost of shingle roof repair adds up over the years and eventually the roofing material will have to be replaced. With an average life span of 15-18 years. A metal roof on the other hand, is a worthwhile investment. Although the initial cost is higher than a shingle roof, a metal roof can be expected to last a lifetime with minimal upkeep.

    Why It's Important To Choose An Experienced Metal Roofing Company

    It is equally important to choose the right company when you decide to replace or install that roof. Stump Metal Roofing has the experience necessary to help you make the right decision for your particular structure, budget and situation. From humble beginnings replacing barn roofs, the team at Stump Metal Roofing has grown to become the premiere source for standing seam metal roof installation and repair in Michiana.

    The Stump Metal Roofing Difference

    Stump's metal roofs come with a 35 year warranty, which means that no repair or maintenance is expected in that period of time. In addition to durability, metal roofs add a distinctive appearance to any building, although with their growing popularity, metal roofs are becoming less and less unique. Stump roofs can be had in 30+ colors, alloy steel, copper, tin and zinc.

    Because a metal roof requires on-site fabrication in order to fit each roof design, Stump has developed strong skills in custom fabrication. Their one-of-a-kind designs, along with high quality execution, have set their work apart from all other companies. They have successfully roofed large and small homes, barns and farm out-buildings, churches, professional offices and municipal structures.

  • The Stump TeamMore experience in metal roofing than just about anyone!

  • Stump Roofing customers are happy to share satisfaction with Stump Roofing's quality workmanship and affordable prices.

    Satisfied, Happy Customers

    Problem solving and creative thinking are essential to the successful completion of a metal roof that is both beautiful and functionally sound. The Stump Metal Roofing team has the skills necessary to achieve this conclusion, which has resulted in many happy customers over the years. Simply stated: The Best Metal Roofs. Most Affordable Prices. That's Stump Metal Roofing.

    Nelson Stump, Owner of Stump Metal Roofing in Goshen, Indiana

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