Oneail FX Studios
Haunted House Mask Maker, Prop Maker, Animatronics Maker... Helping The Entertainment Industry Tell Stories

Everyone in the haunted house industry knows that there are a lot, I mean a lot of mask makers in the business. So why do we need another one? Well, like anything else it comes down to the company's "competitive advantage (or if fortunate 'competitive advantages'). When we first visited Oneail FX Studios we were impressed wit the creativity of the different masks. Instead of being another of the same, Oneail had a totally unique variety of masks, which is exactly what haunted house owners are looking for. Instead of every mask maker 'borrowing' the same mask from one to the next to the next, Oneail had several that we had never seen anything like. How refreshing is that!? That's just one of Oneail FX Studios 'competitive advantages'.

When you visit most mask companies you find, well, lots of masks... and you'll fin lots of masks at Oneail as well. In fact you will find some extremely cool and original masks. However, in addition to haunted house masks owner/operator and creative guy, Jeremy Oneail also does props, some very interesting props by the way. As you wander through his inventory, suddenly you find an animatronic, not just a simple animatronic, but an 8 foot tall dragon, with exceptional detail and flow. And you continue to find several other props and animatronics, with the same attention to detail as Oneail's masks.

This very realistic Oneail FX Studios Gargoyle Mask is not just different, it has been produced with serious attention to detail right down the to look of concrete

At Oneail we're story tellers,
we help our customers tell their stories in a creative and exciting way. Our job is to make their stories better by giving them the right tools to do that. JEREMY ONEAIL

Jeremy talks about creative and design and believes if you can make haunted house masks you can make haunted house props, animatronics and many other products that enhance these attractions. He feels the same way about Amusement Parks and other Entertainment Venues. However, as he creates, regardless of the product Oneail always keeps in mind that his job is to help the owners of these entertainment establishments tell their stories even better. "At Oneail we're story tellers,we help our customers tell their stories in a creative and exciting way. Our job is to make their stories better by giving them the right tools to do that."

  • Oneail FX Studios Special FX Human-Like Latex Mask
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  • Oneail FX Studios Special FX Demonic Latex Masks
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  • Oneail FX Studios Special FX Latex Creative Design Masks
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  • Oneail Special FX Latex Monster Masks
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    Talk about a veritile clown mask... Oneail steals the show

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    28 Daniel Plummer Road
    Unit #4
    Goffstown, New Hampshire, 03045



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