Gore Galore
the Haunted House Prop Giant...
For Creating Giant Halloween Props

If you want attention whisper or scream... if you want attention make something unusually small or unusually big. Gore Galore, the Halloween and Haunted House Industry leader for making Giant Props gets that. Kevin Alvey, owner, operator and founder of Gore Galore gets his kicks from designing, creating and manufacturing gigantic haunted house props. His reputation is unmatched in the Haunt Industry when it comes to making these oversize puppets, Halloween costumes and a myriad of other huge gory props.

Kevin and his Gore Galore team are long standing members of the haunted house industry and are considered leaders in this unusual business. When Kevin first started creating these giant props, over 20 years ago, he was on a mission to not only create custom, unique, quality props for his customers but to have a blast doing it. Alley justifies his mission by saying, “If you're not having fun, seriously, why are you in business? We're certainly not here to get rich.”

His attitude has not only helped him get through tough times in the beginning, but has helped him keep a positive attitude all along the way, which has directly affected his demeanor... and that is what makes him adorable; in a gory sort of way.


Gore Galore's Giant Actormatronics are produced in many different styles... and even sizes.Regardless of size or type, they're all effective for scaring the living hell out of haunted house visitors

At Gore Galore
We don't think
Bigger is Better...
We think
Bigger is Best



As the Industry leader in Giant Haunted House Props, Giant Costumes, Giant Puppets and Giant Actormatronics, it's no wonder that the Gore Galore team has developed an affection for (maybe even an infection) for " Big, Scary Stuff". In fact, it's been such a huge success for them that the vast majority of everything they design and manufacture is BIG! While they do have haunted house props that are not necessarily oversize (like their masks and hand held weapons lines) the majority is just huge and scary!

One of the areas that these cool giant props work so well is in Queue-lines (or e-lines). These are where entertainers at haunts, theme parks, hayrides and other family entertainment venues can have a huge impact on guests as they wander around these establishments interacting with guests. However, that is not the only area that Gore Galore props make an impact. "You'll see Gore Galore products inside and outside of these amusement venues." says Kevin. "They are effective as you come around dark corners, make your way down corridors and hallways or even at the entrance of any place where a great scare will set the stage for the rest of a tour. Gore Galore has products, props, puppets and Actormatronics for all of that."

If you are wondering what Alvey is referring to when he talks about "Actormatronics", he is alluding to his props which are somewhat hybrids of animatronics and oversize puppets. These Actormatronics are worked mechanically by actors strategically hidden behind the creature they are controlling. Gore Galore started making these cool creatures a few years ago and they have since really taken off for the company.

"Actormatronics are one of our newer toys," Kevin states with a sense of pride, "They're awesome because they're both versatile and extremely effective for a great scare."


Slither, a giant Actormatronic created by Gore Galore, has a huge impact on an unexpecting visitor of Hauntsville Haunted House in Elyria, Ohio. This particular Slither Actormatronic is painted with a custom 3D paint which Gore Galore offers customers.

Why Gore Galore?

To be successful in business a company has to have "competitive advantages". Gore Galore obviously realizes that and they certainly have an abundance of those edges.
Kevin’s advantages begin with his attitude about the his business. "We honestly love what we do. We have no intention of trying to get filthy rich. Filthy we get, but not filthy rich. Our goal is to have fun doing something we really love doing. We have very fulfilled lives here at Gore Galore. We have great customers, great products and a great team. That builds honor in a business and it keeps us and our customers feeling good about this company."

When Kevin is asked what the biggest difference is between Gore Galore products and other Haunted House props he claims it comes down to two words, Wow Factor! “We build cool stuff that, for the most part, happens to be really big. Between the size and the designs of the props we create, it sets Gore Galore props apart from everyone else. Bigger gets more attention. Bigger is better. Actually bigger isn’t just better, bigger is best!"

However there’s more to Gore Galore’s competitive advantages- Gore Galore has an outstanding reputation, has vast experience (after 20 years in business), is known for building dependable and innovative props; and delivers exceptional customer service. Finally, on top of everything else, they offer very reasonable prices when you consider what you get. That equates to great value and every buyer wants that.

If that’s not enough, Kevin and his Gore crew are just good guys to do business with. Those are pretty convincing reasons why Gore Galore is a good investment for most entertainment venues.


The Mortuary Haunted House featuring Gore Galore Props. Outstanding creative mixed with quality prop making.

Gore Galore costumes are perfect for the aforementioned, Haunted Houses and Theme Parks. However, they are also great for promoting events. For maximum impact Gore Galore suggests you take your Gore Props to County and State Fairs, to Festivals, Parades and even Sporting Events. If you want attention from the masses, these are excellent places to promote with a Gore Galore Costume.

Another great way to use Gore Galore Props is in Social Media. This can keep an effective message out in front of your customers all year long. In addition to Social Media exposure, Gore Galore Props are also perfect for using in television commercials, on brochures, posters, flyers and for "Fear Cams". Several haunt owners say that this has helped them their name and brand in front of customers in the off season.

While Queue-line entertainment is an exceptional way to get the most out of Gore Galore Props, using them for Photo Ops is not only effective for keeping guests entertained but for an additional revenue stream.


The versatile props designed and built by Gore Galore enhance many haunted houses around the world including these outlandish props for the popular Fright Nights

Gore Galore offers an impressive line of haunt products and Halloween props. Everything from Halloween decorations, oversized professional costumes, barrel toppers, gore piles and handheld actor weapons to Gore Galore complete Haunted House scene packages, their Scream Cube, My Pet Zombies... they even offer Halloween Music, and scary sound effects. Check out some of their products here:

Gore Galore Giant Costumes
Nothing is quite as effective in a haunted house, corn maze or haunted hayride as a Giant Costume from Gore Galore. These Goliath costumes stand 9 feet, 10 feet... even taller for the maximum impact on visitors of dark attractions everywhere. Add to that the unique freakiness that Gore Galore puts into everyone of their products and you get an actor costume that is absolutely unbeatable. Check out some of their popular Gigantic Halloween costumes below.


The Banshee Giant Costume By Gore Galore
The Banshee giant costume from Gore Galore has great head movement without a helmet. She also has intense LED eyes which compliment her already evil look. Add to that Fingernails that look like knives and you have a 9 foot tall, extremely scary costume that your customers will not soon forget.


The Oversized Goblin Giant Costume By Gore Galore
This oversized Goblin costume is a one of a kind Halloween type costume. It's head and arm movements are amazing plus it has an actual working jaw which compliments the effect. Standing 9 foot tall the Oversized Goblin is an excellent addition to any Halloween event.


Below is a video featuring the Oversized Goblin costume.

The Scare "O" Jack Giant Costume By Gore Galore
It's kinda like a big ass scarecrow with oversized Jack O Lantern head. The difference is that this Gore Galore giant costume brings another dimension with its mammoth size, long-reaching, gnarly emaciated vine hands (with long sharp fingers) and its spooky LED lighted eyes. Add to that the fact that this guy towers over guests at an incredible 10′ tall and boasts an arm span of over 10 foot as well. The large pumpkin head turns both left and right adding yet another sense of credibility to the costume. Imagine this costume standing stationary in a corn maze or on a hayride trail... until suddenly it lunges at the customers when they get too close. This wonderfully distressed, light-weight and breathable cGore Galore costume also features fiberglass shoulders and proprietary Steel armature / aluminum shoulder harness.


Check out the Giant Scare "O" Jack video below

The Gas Mask Maniac Giant Costume By Gore Galore
Oversized GAS MASK MANIAC costume. Head and arm movement is amazing, perfect for an industrial or mine scene. We can also do a Steampunk Style paint to give it that retro techno look. 9’tall and includes stand for easy in and easy out. LED eyes included.


To see other great Gore Galore Giant Costumes click this link:

Gore Galore Actormatronics
Gore Galore is the originator of Actormatronics- huge, behind the scenes actor operated props that act like animatronics without the high ticket. These highly effective scare props come out of nowhere... in a big way. And they not only give your guests that initial startle but they also continue with the scare by biting at their feet, hands and any other body part that gets in the way. If you have a room for these amazing actor-animated props you need to get one. If you don't have e room for one you need to design one.


The Ghoul Grabber Actormatronic By Gore Galore
The Ghoul Grabber is an evil Demon Actormatronic with huge hands that can grab your customers and they will feel like he is attempting to bite their heads off... and that can be a pretty darn good scare!


The Ancient Evil Actormatronic By Gore Galore
This very cool prehistoric creature, named the Ancient Evil Actormatronic by Gore Galore is enough to scare haunted house visitors to death... and that's before you add an actor working the huge head back and forth as the giant reptile-like creature screams and chomps at them. This Actormatronic is carefully constructed to be mounted on a track with full X and Y rotation. It is indeed one of the best Actormatronics ever produced!


The video below illustrates how a special effects person can make the Ancient Evil Actormatronic become alive!

The Crocosaurus Actormatronic By Gore Galore
This Croc will strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest haunt goers. The realistic crocodile that has morphed into a giant dinosaur reptile is so believable that the steam will quickly rise from the area you place it in. It is loud and it is vicious... it's also extremely effective if you demand great scares.


This video gives a great example of just how effective Gore Galore's Crocosaurus really is:

The Small Goat Actormatronic By Gore Galore
Gore Galore's Small Goat Actormatronic is not really all that small, it just happen to be smaller than the creatures in their giant line of Actormatronics. This fun Gore Galore Goat comes complete with control arm, throttle style jaw movement, LED eyes and mounting equipment, plus, a control board with fantastic Gore Galore audio. If you don't think you can afford one of Gore Galore's large Actormatronics, check out their line of smaller ones. They are effective and affordable!


See Gore Galore's Small Goat Actormatronic in action below

Small Viper Actormatronic by Gore Galore
Gore Glore's Viper is another great effect in it's line of "Small Actormatronics". It is realistic, easy to use and affordable. More important is it will give visitors an incredible scare. This giant viper is perfectly painted for an extremely effective look. It comes with a control arm, throttle style jaw movement, LED eyes and most everything you need for hanging. As always it also has a Gore Galore control board for awesome audio.


See the complete line of amazing Gore Galore Actormatronics here:

What Gore Galore Customers Say...


These guys are a little off... in a great way! They build the most unique stuff in the industry.


When our Gore Galore Costumes come out, so do the screams.


Gore Galore ALWAYS delivers the Goodies
Zombie Army


Gore Galore Props make a statement like no one else
Dent Schoolhouse


We have a dozen Gore Galore Props, Costumes & Actormatronics...
We plan on getting a lot more... because they work!

Fear Itself at Legend Park


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The WOW FACTOR for the Haunt Industry!

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