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Val's Auto Network
Best Prices On Quality Used Cars...

Everyone wants a great deal on a used car... yet everyone wants a quality used car. The problem is... how do you get a quality used vehicle an affordable price? That's where Val Gruzdov comes in. This savvy entrepreneur has spent years figuring out exactly how to deliver the best quality used cars to Michiana consumers... for the lowest prices possible. According to Val it all comes down to where you purchase, how you purchase and what you purchase. According to feedback from Val's customers, he's found out just how to do it.

Val and Tanya came to the United States from Russia over 30 years ago. They are indeed one of the success stories that you read about where a hard working immigrant couple persevered through the toughest of times to have a comfortable life in their new country. Val realized early on that to be successful the couple would have to work extremely hard, put in long hours and figure out a way to provide a better product and better service for less money... and that's what they did.

Val works meticulously searching for the right vehicles, usually cars, trucks and SUVs. He most often finds them at large national auctions (sometimes police or law enforcement auctions) and more often than not the vehicles are wrecked or severely damaged. Val then has the cars delivered to his used auto dealership in Osceola, Indiana from all over the country. In fact, sometimes he gets the used/like-new cars from other countries.

He spent years learning the ins and outs of taking the wrecked or damaged cars apart, one piece at a time, repairing them with new parts and putting them back together so they are just like new cars. However, the magic is that Val has a hell of a lot less money invested into these vehicles. So the real magic is that he sells them for a fraction of what you would pay normally. Val's answer, "We sell the highest quality used cars for the lowest possible prices. That's what has helped us grow for many years."


Val & Tanya Gruzdov, owners of Val's Auto Network, have earned their way to success through providing exceptional vehicles at affordable costs in the Michiana area. The couple focuses on return customers to keep their business going and to do that they offer their customers excellent quality, great prices before the purchase and extraordinary customer service after the purchase.

Val's Auto Network... The Very Best Prices on Used Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs
Here's how they do it.

There is typically just so much room to mark up a used car and stay competitive with the other used auto dealers, unless of course you have another method of purchasing cars cheaper. That's what Val's Auto Network was built on, purchasing damaged used cars for much, much less money and then, by using the best new parts, rebuilding and repainting the car so that it's just like new when the car is finished. According to Val you can still maintain smaller margins, yet the used car buyers get the best deals possible.


Val Gruzdov of Val's Auto Network (pictured above) claims that the number one advantage that they have over other used car dealers is their ability to purchase damaged or repossessed vehicles at auctions and then repair the car to its original state. Due to their purchasing power they are able to buy the cars inexpensively and pass the savings on to their used auto, truck, van and SUV buyers

  • Val's Auto Network
    Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs
    that are just like new
    but sells them
    cheaper than other auto dealers.
    It's not magic...
    it's really good business!

    Val Gruzdov
    Val's Auto Network

    It's not really a difficult formula to figure out says Val's wife Tanya Gruzdov, Val's Auto Network was established with the simple mission of selling the highest quality vehicles at the lowest prices. We are not interested in selling cheap used cars, we provide our customers the best vehicles, cars, trucks or SUVs cheaper than they will find a comparable vehicle anywhere else. You've got to make your business about the buyer. Make them happy and you'll be happy."

    Tanya handles the administrative duties for the Val's Auto Network. She has worked hand in hand with Val every since they got into the used car business. "We sell all types of vehicles to our customers." Tanya says with a sense of pride. "Val's is here to sell used cars, true, but we realize there is a lot of competition in the used car market in South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger and surrounding areas. Even in the Elkhart and Goshen markets there are many used car dealers. That's one reason we know we have to be different. So we set out to have that competitive edge by offering better used cars and trucks... cheaper than the other used auto dealers."

    However, according to Tanya, you won't find the $300 used cars or used trucks on the Val's Auto Network lots. They are interested in cars and other vehicles that look, feel and drive like they're brand new. In fac, when visiting one of the Val's used car lots you will automatically realize the difference. Many of the used cars look just like brand new... but the prices on the windows read more like inexpensive used cars.


    Val and his wife Tanya have made a business out of caring for others and putting them first. That's quite different than most other people in the used car business. They not only provide inexpensive cars, SUVs, trucks and vans but their products are always high quality. Safety is another important aspect for Val's Auto Network customers.

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  • Inside and Out, Val's Auto Network Covers Every Detail

    When repairing an auto, van, truck or even SUV for resale and getting it ready for the lot, Val ensures that his "Repairables" are road worthy and eye candy ready. That's not just the case with the outside or shell of the used car that will be redone, it's true of the engine and all mechanical parts as well as the interior, wheels, trunk and all of the trim. There is nothing that isn't "like-new" when Val is finished with a "Repairable".





    Above are samples of the type of attention to detail that every Val's Auto Network used vehicle is given

    To see Val's Used Auto Network "Repairables" click here

    Val's Auto Network Bringing Used & Damaged Cars to Like-New Condition

    Understanding how to take a damaged car and make it like new is a vital part of Val's Auto Network. It starts with talented people who are passionate about what they do. Obviously these folks have years of experience as well as their individual talents. From auto body workers to painters, from mechanics to detail specialists... Val's Auto Network has some of the best used car specialists anywhere.






    Talent and experience make the difference on used vehicles from Val's Auto Network

    Val's Auto Network Sample Inventory

    Toyota SUV

    Hyundai Utility

    Kia Rio

    Mercedes A-Class

    Hyundai SUV

  • Val's Auto Network
    The Best Used Cars, Used Trucks, Used Vans & Used SUVs at the Very Best Prices!

    30586 Old U.S. 20 • Elkhart, IN 46514

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    The Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana
    The Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois
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    Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan
    Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets in Michigan City, Indiana
    Smokin' D BBQ in Niles, Michigan
    National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, Indiana
    Hall of Heroes in Elkhart, Indiana
    Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana
    Island Park in Elkhart, Indiana
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